Things I Have Gratitude For

There are so many things I can list that I have gratitude for, but I will simplify it by starting with the one thing that needs to happen to make everything else possible, and that’s waking up. Being able to continue this purpose driven life is a blessing even while incarcerated. There are so many people I know or know about who have tragically lost their lives these past few years alone and it’s sad. So I am definitely grateful for life.

My support system is something else I am grateful for. They are so valuable to me. Not only for what they can do for me but we do for each other. I was the type of person who didn’t like asking people for any help, but being in the position I’m in there really is no choice. I NEED people and they have been there for me without me even having to ask for support. I really don’t know how my mindset would be if I didn’t have them there. Knowing that people are actually waiting for me to get out of prison, are routing for me and truly loves me, helps me to stay focused and do all that I can to advance in life while keeping my head up. It’s not just about me like I thought it was before, when I was a kid. It’s about us.

I’m also thankful for my God given ability to create. With that realization, I have created many forms of art, including poetry and music, but the one thing I create that really gets me going is opportunity. To sum it all up, life, love and creativity are the things I am most grateful for and that’s only to name a few.

Nathaniel Gilbert #618518