By: Joseph Green

Gratitude – the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.

I want to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to everyone who has supported me through my journey. This hasnt been a easy journey by far. To my family who has supported me, THANK YOU!! To my new extended family and friends that I have met along the journey, THANK YOU!!

Your words of encouragement has allowed me to strive forward each and every day. Your passing along of knowledge has allowed me to grow. Your advice given to me on the days I felt like I couldn’t keep going has brought me to this point. Your support of this blog and all my endeavors has given me the strength to keep going.

This journey has taught me to appreciate the small things in life that we take for granted. I have lost many friends and family members along this journey. And to be honest many haven’t really cared to even join me. That doesn’t alter my mindset I know that I’m loved by so many so I don’t waste my time thinking about those that is not here. I simply strive to be a beacon of light for those in my life.

As we continue to evolve and grow we realize how short life really is. I don’t take for granted the opportunities that have been provided to me to be active in my community. I don’t take for granted the assistance that has been given to me to prove my innocence. Again I take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!! See you all soon

A Poem: “Man to Man”

Never been a lying king, too much of a man for that… this lion king is too much a man for cats… I understand the blight of being right against an institution… my intelligence causing anger, disdain and confusion… distorting reality to fit their narrative… just because they said it doesn’t make it truly real… the reels of this old motion picture will not end the same… the old white men’s club will not end my name… so sitting in your chamber in anger because I’m fighting back… proves that you’re not for Justice, but for fighting blacks… your ego has nothing to do with my guilt nor innocence… but you attack me, instead of the evidence, in vengeance… lynching’s without a tree nor a rope… but my strength and thick neck won’t let me choke… forcing me into legal slavery until I’m useless… die of old age or by a cellmate who’s ruthless… this is your entertainment, pastime, guilty pleasure… if only the integrity of a man was actually measured… but that is exactly why you’re angry now, falling short… your hatred for my black skin is what you judge in court…. do my intelligence surprise you, or that I’m such a force… it isn’t my commanding presence and confidence of course… why would it be with little ol’ me under your feet… your thinking, not mines, That’s so deep… oaths that’s equivalent to the promise of equality… I guess for everyone that isn’t 3/5th of a human being… no 20/20 needed to see that much… even black blind citizens played pianos and such… I expect more out of God like superior beings… I guess your 3D delusions is Martin Luther King’s dreaming…

By Reginald D. Walker #516125

“A Feeling of Appreciation or Thanks”

Gratitude. Webster defines it as “a feeling of appreciation or thanks”. Seems pretty straightforward, simple, right? But when trying to express to an audience what I have gratitude for it seems a difficult undertaking, as the numerous things I am grateful for is quite extensive. I am grateful for many things in my life. The more basic things that one might take for granted in an everyday busy life, things like shelter from the elements, heat, lights, clothing, food. I also have gratitude for my health, intelligence, the ability to learn, the ability to work, my family. Those things that allow me to have the life I desire. I am so very grateful for my mom. My life would not be possible if not for her. She is my rock, my foundation. She is love incarnate. But, I am grateful, grateful so that my heart is sore and breaking, that in this rough life I have felt such tenderness as the love I have for my children. I could never wrest from myself the same emotion for another being. In the whole world, I love Lyla and John the most. The children I always dreamed of. I alone am allowed to hold them at length. They are the only two people who know what my heartbeat sounds like from inside of me. We enjoy a special sympathy, communion, a dependence that goes deeper even than the unsounded depths of mother and child. They are never out of my imagination, when I envision myself somewhere or doing something they are always with me. And it is quite a damn shame that they must be punished by my supposed bad choices and the decisions of the justice system that they have to be separated from me and are deprived of this love. I am grateful they have another parent who also holds this deep love for them who can take care of them until my return. I am grateful that I worked as hard as I did to build a life I am proud of, one that my children can be raised in and reap the benefits of my hard work. I am grateful that my hard work will hopefully prevent Lyla and John from ever knowing the struggles I’ve known, the poverty I’ve known, the lovelessness that I’ve known. I am grateful God chose me to be their mother. Gratitude, a feeling, one of appreciation or thanks. It is quite difficult to express just how much appreciation I have for these things.

Always Be Thankful

Peace To All. The Thoughts Beyond The Wall writers and readers, I pray when you all Read This Post You are all at Peace Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically. This Month Is So Important Because Most People Don’t recognize the small things to be Thankful For. So with that being Said, I wanna show my Gratitude First to this Platform for Giving Men Like Me and others who Society sees as Useless and unredeemable. So thank you for the Men and women Who help with this platform to tell and share our story’s thoughts outside these barbed wires and brick walls. I Thank you.

All Praise is due to Allah (God). God is The Greatest. What else should a Man or Women Be Expressing and showing Gratitude for Beside The One Who Gives Life and Take it away? So the first thing Off Lips When I wake up every day Is: God is The Greatest. I’m Thankful for Allah (God) Giving Me 32 years. I’m Thankful for all the Ups and Downs. I am Thankful For him Sending All the Gods and Goddess I’ve Encountered who Had his Essence within them and helped me Become the man I am today. I’m Thankful for The Sun, I am Thankful For The Moon, I am Thankful for The Stars, I am Thankful For The creator for sending the thought to My Father to Find my Mother attractive, Mentally Spiritually and Physically, to wanna reproduce. Most Of all, I am 3 times Appreciative of The Queen Womb Who Carried me and went through A pain that’s the closest thing to death to deliver me and Give me life. I Can’t thank her enough, But I always make sure I give that Praise to the One Who Created The Sperm and egg for me to be Here. God is The real Author.

I’m Grateful for The ancestors Who Paved the way for me to be able to have the desire to wanna Be the Best. I’m Thankful for My siblings, who all have their own uniqueness. I am thankful for My Nieces and Nephews, you are the future of a people who has No beginning Nor ending. I am thankful For all The Friends Who I had the Opportunity to build with And get to know. I spent a lot of time with Friends coming up in my Life, and the People I was around shaped me into being the man I am today. I received so much love and Favors from you all, and if I never expressed it to the ones that’s gone back to the essence then I wanna let you know I am Grateful and appreciate your Sacrifices and love and time we spent together.

So in Closing, Always Be Conscious of Who is The True Life Giver, and Give Him Your Will and Your Praise because he is the One who Should be Honored and praised. Because without That God That’s Within you, There is None of this. I Leave You all in Peace.

Darius M Lewis #781780

Having Gratitude

November is the month to recognize the things you have gratitude for.

What is it to have gratitude, and/or to be gratuitous?

When one is waited on in a restaurant, a waiter or waitress will look for a tip after services have been rendered. The person being served should automatically want to give or offer a tip. This action would signify gratitude for services rendered.

However, to be gratuitous implies offering compensation (whatever that compensation may be) without any services being rendered to you. When gratitude is defined in the Greek it is synonymous with thankfulness… it also means to; give and grant favor.

I believe favor has been granted and freely given to me, and what has been freely given, I give back for free.
Therefore, I’m grateful I’m conscious of Gratitude’s true meaning, because it stirs me up to thank my creator for what I didn’t get that I deserve. I’m grateful for the accident that missed my family and friends today. I’m also thankful today for every opportunity that presents itself to affect change in my community.

Lastly, I have so much gratitude toward God for my ability to move, live and have my being, because without it…I can’t have gratitude for it.

Stay Prayed Up!
Bro. Albert Townsend Jr.


I AM grateful for all the love and support over the course of this 10 year wrongful conviction. Each and every person I’ve encountered has been a great teacher, and this is a shout out to those that forever impacts.

Lawanda Hollister has been one of the greats for me. She showed me how to make it through the incarceration in sound mind. Reminding me to stay focused on what’s important. Cooking all them creative, delicious cook ups. I can hear her saying “not this one!” in reference to me, adamant that this experience didn’t have to dim my light. After 34 years she made it out. Thriving beyond this place. I’m thankful for the time Lawanda invested in me.

There’s a big gap cause for many years it was only her pouring into the best of me.

Ena Stokes, a childhood friend, family, sister. Showed up and showed out being my #1 advocate and supporter. Coming thru for me in ways no one has or will. Opened her door to my partner off the love for me. That’s huge! God send. I’m grateful!

My day one, Tomorrow Young came through briefly, but was essential to my shift. At the precise time…. in the only moment, she located Aaron Salter. Had she not did that when she did…. I would have missed the opportunity for Ena to be present at Aaron’s event and meet Valerie Newman. The day Tomorrow made the connection was the night of the conference. Dig the synchronicity of it all….. Ena took it a step further and looked at Aaron Facebook page and that’s how she knew where to be. I’m grateful for the willingness of so many great people putting forth the effort to go that extra mile on my behalf.

Willis X Harris at Cure Life-Long, I’m thankful for the outlet to write. The submission of my story to this publication facilitated my case being compared to Aaron’s in an article on false witness testimony that led to his exoneration. That put Aaron in my mind’s eye as one to contact.

Aaron Salter at Innocence Maintained, my exoneree brother. The first to show me love and support in the process. Just having someone to talk to that understands the struggle. Going that extra mile during the pandemic… I thank you.

Aaron connects me to Mrs. Zieva Konvisser who’s my guru. An Angel. She’s been there to encourage and uplift me. She never judged my crazy when I’m all over the place seeking my way out. A light in this darkness.

Jennifer Gross my advocate and Earth sister. Synchronizing events led to our encounter. I have no doubts you are instrumental on this journey. I’m grateful.

Karen Boler, my sister in the struggle…. one day watching the news I see Larry Smith. I speak out loud that I’ve been wanting to locate him since his exoneration and release. Karen, in ear shot of my moment of thinking out loud, gently says I know how to contact him and shares her knowledge with me. Something we all need to do more of….share. Thank you for that!

None of my friends or family understood why I sought out the exonerated men. For one…. they only release the men. Secondly….. I wanted to talk to those that’s achieved what I want most in life….. exoneration! I literally cried cause no one understood, as if I’ve lost Faith because I needed those connections.

Larry Smith…. my brother from another mother!! I love you! He’s something special for the world. I’m so grateful for you! He felt my pain. He never worried about etiquette or overstepping bounds…. this man put Kym Worthy on the phone for me! Others could have done that and didn’t, you did do that…. I’m eternally grateful. I was having a melt down after a court date where the prosecution said there were no police, prosecution, or FOIA files for me. In that moment, feeling defeated, feeling like the system threw me away, I called Larry and my Hope tank refilled. Not just that though…. he connected me to the whole National Organization of Exonerees. Represented me for the rally October 14th. Didn’t owe me anything and showed me mad love. I’m thankful.

Anthony Leigon at AceLaw. Extended resources to the women of WHV. Planted a seed in me that will change the course of my life. I’m grateful!

Natalie Holbrook at American Friends Service Committee. Held the women up during this pandemic. Donating books for our book club to promote trauma healing and self-help. To nurture and positively feed the mind of others is to change the world. I’m grateful!

Tashiena Combs my Spirit sister, Bees Keeping Bees, and bestie. I’m grateful for you. Daily feeding my mind and challenging my Spirit to explore new heights. We will make it out!

Susan Brown, my sister in the struggle. I’m thankful for this time together. My left hand and creative flow to my heart. I love you!

Amber Smith, my sister in the struggle. We don’t talk much, but the words spoken were meaningful. She plugged me to my T.B.T.W family. Life has a way of connecting us to everyone needed for the journey ahead. It’s up to each of us what we do with these connections. I’m grateful for this platform to express myself and be heard with presence felt in the community.

Last, but not least….. Mom. Showing me through tough love that this journey was mine alone. One between God and myself. I’m grateful! That space allowed me to cultivate my own relationship and discover I AM.

Tamerra Washington 486364


Breast Cancer Awareness – Not Just for October

Christopher Clark #511663

Breast cancer awareness:

First off I would like to apologize for the delay. So much has transpired during these last months. Especially dealing with legal work and constantly working on regaining my freedom.

I felt like shit not speaking on the topic in October so I believe that it is never too late to speak on something that’s is necessary.

This is not a race thing nor an age thing. Even though the odds are extremely low for men to catch it this is strictly for the Women who has fought and survived, the Women who had lost their lives, and the Women who are dealing with this sickness from a far.

Men will never know what the Woman goes through when this deadly disease enters the Woman body. All the stages, the treating, and chemotherapy. Some Women having to go through amputations which would make any Woman feel uncertain of themselves. It is the Man job to protect the Woman.

I strongly believe that if it can enter your body then it could leave your body. Believe in yourself. You’re not alone at all. I know this is short but sometimes the short ones mean more.

Continue to fight the good fight and never lose hope.

Peace and Love

Happy Momma Monday!

Song: “JustMe” – DJ Khaled/feat. Justin Timberlake

The will feel as though you can merge forward and emerge from whatever, is the consistent view, a continuum of permission, of a mother taking another breath taking another step, in just, being. You find the most miraculous vision of just being yourself in spite and despite it all, in a mother’s life. Not even the totality of her life, simply her moment to moment living. The will to be, is all that you see that permeates to through and from her. Thank you for being the catalyst for championing any and every thing. real/love

Noble’Ju sheldonroyce

Happy Momma Monday!

That smile. A mother’s smile means so much more than just the corners of a mouth upright and teeth showing. It entails, the warmth of the truth of what love is available, right now. That is what we all still search for…that is what we all still crave …that is what we all expect. No matter how heavy her heart is, no matter what else is going on in life; a mother smile indicates that, there is love in this world, a guarantee, that there is love in your life…A Mother’s Smile. r/l

Thank you for that. You are Appreciated. real/love

Noble’Ju sheldonroyce

Living NOW

Reflecting on whether my actions for freedom match my words… Absolutely!

From the moment I was wrongfully convicted, I vowed to conduct my days as if I’d be released tomorrow. No seg trips, no dysfunctional relationships, and minimal tickets. I don’t like to be locked down. I need to be free within this incarceration.

I do the internal work. I only read books to grow from. Rare entertainment reading. I prepare for a life of substance beyond this place.

For 10 years I’ve conducted myself in this manner. I recently read that the concept of time is a social agreement. That all we ever have is the moment of NOW. The past only exist in our head. The future is pre-sent from the moment of now…… the seeds we’ve sown.

I’m now thinking that I’ve ceased to fully thrive in my moments of now. What does living NOW look like for me???

I’m trying to figure that out cause all I see is relief, release…..EXONERATION.

Tamerra Washington 486364