Inspired by Demetria


(Swahili for hello my beautiful people)

This time of the year is very difficult for men like myself. Not just because I’m incarcerated, but because i am a father. Fatherhood is something that i take very seriously. The role of a father in a child’s life is imperative to their growth and development. Therefore, the lack thereof can be detrimental. Let’s delve deeper into this subject matter and view it through the eyes of an incarcerated dad.

I am the proud father of two beautiful women. Demetria(31), and Jamyra who is now deceased(she would’ve turned 28 this year). The greatest of my creations in life thus far are these two beautiful creatures. I still remember the day Demetria was born. It was the best day of my life. I helped deliver her, and I cut the umbilical cord. We were inseparable for the first three years of her life. She was my first born, and only child at the time. I even named her after me(Demetrius/Demetria). She was my junior. When people saw us together, they couldn’t help but to bear witness to the bond, and undying love we have for one another.

I couldn’t have imagined that i would spend 28yrs and counting away from her, nor the impact it would have on the both of us. As for my daughter Jamyra, I discovered after 14 years of incarceration that she was my second child. That was also the best day of my life. Although I wasn’t present for her birth, or in her life for the first 14 years, I was there for the last three until her untimely death. I still feel robbed of the time i missed raising her, and the memories we would’ve created by now.

I spend many days kicking myself in the behind, for the decision I made that removed me from their lives. I’ve missed so many firsts with both of them. The birthdays, holidays, and teaching them how to do so many things. The daddy daughter dances, their proms, and most importantly, the quality time. A father’s role in his children lives is to give them the tools they’ll need to navigate life, and to be the example of what a man looks like. To his sons he should be their first idol. To his daughters he should be like their first boyfriend. He is the first man she falls in love with.

Therefore, he sets the standard on how she should be treated, and what characteristics to look for in the man she selects. My daughters received none of that from me. I gave it my best shot, but unfortunately, they suffered because of it. It’s painful watching your daughter’s go through heartbreaking, unfulfilling relationships trying to fill a void that is the size of you. Acting out sexually or violently and seeking to be validated. All because they yearn for your love and affection, your attention, and your time. It makes you feel like a failure.

There are many fathers who share my sentiments concerning this topic. In spite of all the limitations and restrictions, we do everything within our means to stay relevant in our children’s lives. I would like to give an honorable mention to an organization called, ‘One Day with God’. They pick approved Prisoner’s children up and bring them into the prison to spend an entire day with them. The day before, they’ll call the fathers out to put together gift bags of toys, games, and clothes which were purchased by the organization to give their children. It’s extremely difficult to parent from behind bars. I would like to encourage all incarcerated fathers to stay strong and never give up on your children. They cherish every letter, phone call, jpay email, and every hand maid card or gift you’ve ever sent them. Don’t get discouraged if they don’t write back or say thank you daddy.

Statistics have shown the impact that the absence of a father in a home has on his children (drug use, promiscuity, teenage pregnancy, school dropout, crime, prison). Therefore, there should be more of an incentive from the criminal justice system, and the department of corrections to institute programs that strengthens the bonds between a father and his children instead of tearing them apart. My daughter Demetria calls me her best friend and thinks I’m the greatest man who ever walked the face of this planet. It hasn’t been peaches and cream on this journey, but she knows how much love her, and that I’ll never stop fighting for this relationship.

I can’t express enough how much I regret the decisions i made that separated me from my children. To every father out there taking penitentiary chances to provide for your child/children, i won’t you think about what’s at risk once you either get killed or go to prison. This is an email that my daughter sent me conveying her thoughts and inner most feelings.

{Hi Daddy, I miss you so much! I would usually say that I need you, but I’ve become so immune to life without you. I either think I will not be okay until you are home, or I just need to stop thinking that I am nothing without you. But how am I to do that when I am you… just not the strong version. That irks me dad! It’s the thing that I struggle with. I’m thirty-one years old now, and I still feel you are such a high part of my heart. When I can’t talk to you, I’m lost. For my whole life I’ve been lost, but here are the things I’m sure of. I am the better version of you, so I will get there one day. You are the only person I trust literally besides my mom and my son. Twenty-eight years without you dad has been tough. I need help! Because, at the end of the day, ‘I DON’T KNOW ME!}

In closing I’d like to say that it’s true when they say there is nothing like a mother’s love. But it’s also true that there is nothing like a father’s love too.

This article was inspired by my daughter Demetria. Nakupenda Sana Me-Me (Swahili for I. love you very much)


Respectfully Submitted by: Demetrius Brasher 234214

A.K.A. Muhammad The God!

Mpaka Halafu

(Swahili for until next time)

Good News – Isaac Bowling

Isaac Bowling #292438

I just wanted to write to say that I finally got some good news from the Michigan Supreme Court. They vacated my 12-to-20-year sentence for conspiracy to commit first degree home invasion and remanded me back to the trial court to conduct a juvenile sentencing hearing pursuant to MCL 769.1(3)/MCR 6.931(A).

The trial court never conducted this hearing before incorrectly sentencing me as an adult when I was 16, for a non-capital offense. At the hearing, the court has to determine if it is in the best interest of the community and me to sentence me as a juvenile or as an adult. If they deem that I should be sentenced as a juvenile I would be remanded to state wardship until I’m 21 (either juvenile probation or juvenile detention).

If they deem, I should be sentenced as an adult, they have to correct my previous minimum guideline range which was 87 to 145 months and adjust them to be 36 to 60 months based off of various PRV and OV points that were originally miss-cored. I will have served 60 months in May 2021. So no matter which outcome, 2021 is looking like the year I will be coming home! It is very much a blessing to finally get action from an appellate court, especially from a pro-per motion. Also, hopefully this encourages more of my fellow inmates to keep at the fight! They are listening to us! They will never get away with the injustices that occur in many if not all cases. Keep fighting and keep learning!

How do I plan to make a positive impact in the lives of others this year?

By: Joseph Green

How do I plan to make a positive impact in the lives of others this year?

“We must educate ourselves and our children to the rich power of knowledge which has elevated every people who have sought and used it. We must give the benefit of our knowledge to the elevation of our people.” – Hon Elijah Muhammad

I started my post with this quote from a great and powerful man because I wanted to reinforce the importance of obtaining knowledge. As well as the power you obtain once you acquire it. It’s impossible to make a positive impact in the lives of others if you lack knowledge. What could you share that’s conducive and productive?

Our actions are guided by either ignorance or wisdom. The consequences produced are either negative or positive. If I lack the knowledge of SELF, God, devil, economics to name a few, how can I provide or make a positive impact in the lives of anyone. Ignorance produces negative consequences. Knowledge produces positive consequences. If we don’t provide the youth and those leaving prison with opportunities to succeed by giving them the knowledge of self and economic stability. How can we ever expect them to be positive lights in the community.

This past year of 2020 we witnessed the lack of knowledge and awareness people possess. Ignorance was seen on our TV’s, computers, and daily in our communities. We witnessed the blatant murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor played over and over. Racial and social injustices came to the forefront only to be met with opposition. This opposition has been seen and spearheaded by the highest position held by any man in this country. His ignorance and unwillingness to deal with covid 19, racial and social injustice, criminal reform has caused the death, imprisonment, chaos, division, and distrust of an entire country. His ignorance produced negative results. Time after time he refused to follow the wisdom and knowledge of those before him.

Sadly, the black communities’ ignorance is at an all-time high. With the constant shootings and murders in multiple city’s we have to ask if Black Lives Truly matter? If so to who? These murders happen for what, land that you don’t own, women you don’t know, and something called pride and ego.

I give all praise to Allah (God) for his intervention in my life. My experience and journey although tough were much needed. It provided me with the opportunity to truly educate myself. Today I’m equipped with the wisdom to produce positive consequences. I must continue to strengthen my spiritual foundation as I continue to educate myself. In hopes that I may one day help others.

In 2021 I plan to positively impact others by being an example through actions not words and lip service. We will continue to help the writers at T.B.T.W have a voice outside these walls. Their stories provide wisdom gifted to them through the many years of experience. Which has provided them with a positive perspective on life. I plan to raise money for multiple organizations and worthy causes. Remember freedom is a mental state. I’m going to be an active member of my community despite my current circumstances.

Please continue to share this blog with family and friends. I’m showing that nothing can interfere, and nothing is more powerful than the made up mind of a black man. I truly encourage everyone to make a positive impact in the lives of someone this year. Positivity over negativity. Only by unity can we fight the powers that be….it starts with us………it’s starts with you; it starts with me.

Happy New Year

Part 5- Anthony X

Continue from last week this is part 5…

Once the strawman writes the Bill of Exchange by way of the banker’s acceptance against the BANK, there are two tasks remaining for the strawman to accomplish. One is to seek a proper third party to accomplish the collection of the funds, and secondly, to discharge the public liability for the funds created by way of the Bill of Exchange. The strawman needs a collecting bank to deal with the Bill of Exchange. This is accomplished by the use of the Secretary of the Treasury in his private side capacity. At point O on Chart 10A, the strawman has made a depositum of the Bill of Exchange with the Secretary of the Treasury into a private account. The Bill of Exchange is an asset to the strawman. It is like having a check made payable to the strawman that can be deposited, collected, and spent. The Secretary of the Treasury become a correspondent bank to the banking of the strawman.

A “correspondent bank” is: “A securities firm, bank or other financial organization which regularly performs services for another in a place of market to which the other does not have direct access. Securities firms may have correspondents in foreign countries or on exchanges of which they are not members. Bank which serves as an agent for another bank in performing services, e.g. carrying deposit balance or issuing letters of credit for bank in another city.”

Thus the Secretary of the Treasury is a correspondent bank to perform services and keep an account balance for the strawman as the transmitting utility. The Secretary of the Treasury has relationships with the BANK in that they are both members of the Federal Reserve system and the strawman is not. The Secretary of the Treasury has fiduciary relationships and control over the BANK and the strawman does not. The depositum made by the strawman to the Secretary of the Treasury is made to an account to be established under the control of the Secretary of the Treasury in his private side capacity. This account is numbered with the same number obtained from the Registered Mailing Label on the first letter of depositum made with the Secretary of the Treasury. This number identifies the bank account number maintained with the Secretary of the Treasury.

The “Private UCC Contract Trust Account” is your “Employer Identification Number (your SS# w/o dashes) recognized by the UNITED STATES TREASURY as the co-called Social Security Number (SSN) of the strawman.

However, the SSN number was created and granted to the strawman for public side benefits or private side registration of commercial accounts. The public or private use is up to the strawman depending upon how the strawman ownership is registered and used. The “Memory of Account” is the mirror image of the “Private UCC Contract Trust Account” that appears on the public side of the account with the Secretary of the Treasury. When the depositum is made at point “D” on the Chart, a mirror of the funds also appears at the Memory of Account. In other words, if the Bill of Exchange was made out for a value of ten thousand dollars, then a depositum of the Bill of Exchange would create a ten thousand dollar amount in the Private UCC Contract Trust Account and a ten thousand dollar amount in the Memory of Account.

The definition of “employer” in UNITED STATES CODE is given in Title 26 U.S.C.A. Sec. 3401(d)(1): “(d) Employer-For purposes of this chapter, the term “employer” means the person for whom an individual performs or performed any service, of whatever nature, as the employee of such person, except that (1) if the person for whom the individual performs or performed the services does not have control of the payment of the wages for such service, the term “employer” (except for purposes of subsection (a)) means the person having control of the payment of such wages”. When the strawman accepts for value the offer from the BANK of the public funds in the account of the strawman, then the strawman becomes the “person having control of the payment of such wages”, This control of the funds makes the strawman the head and not the tail. It makes the strawman the “employer” and not the “employee”. The public side now becomes the servants of the strawman “employer” since the strawman is in legal title control of the funds. The funds are now private.

The strawman has the capacity to direct the Secretary of the Treasury to release the private side funds from the Private UCC Contract Trust Account. This is shown at “E” on the Chart. The funds can be released by a money order that can be made by any non-negotiable draft accompanied with a corresponding UCC-3 partial release instrument registered with the Secretary of State in the State where the UCC-1 filing has been made.

How the money loop is complete. Public funds were initially released to the corporations (at location “”A” on the Chart) from the Federal Reserve System to finance public industrial and commercial creation of goods and services. These public funds found their way from the Federal Reserve to the corporations and into the strawman’s bank account. From here the funds were privatized by non-negotiable acceptance and chargeback and the non-negotiable Bill of Exchange which was the basis of a depositum with the Federal Reserve by way of the Secretary of the Treasury. The funds were then released out of the private side of the Federal Reserve. This is a mirror event. The funds first were released out of the public side to the corporations and then out of the private side to the strawman owned by the flesh and blood man. The remaining task is to discharge the public funds with the private.


The depositum of the Bill of Exchange requires a collection.

Will continue next week. Remember this is a puzzle and has many pieces to it. Collect all the pieces and then put them together.

Anthony X

My plan for 2021

Shukur Brown # 945408.

My plan for 2021. I plan on being a positive voice and motivation for my family and people around me. I want to give support and drive to be better and to want more from life. I want to show the world my growth and achievements in order to build them up. I hope that my struggle and life experiences can be some sort of help to others. If we can change the way we think, we can change the way we act. If we are tired of being tired, then why are we always asleep. Wake Up sleepy head. We gotta get up and do something great, every day is a new day, so if u don’t succeed today there’s always tomorrow. Motivation. 2020 was an unforgettable year but 2021 is gonna be an undeniable amazing year.

My Voice

I was raised by my mother with six other siblings. We didn’t have a lot growing up, at times no heat, no lights, or food, but we still made it through all those times together. The first time that I saw violence was inside my home and at first, I was scared because I was only like six or seven years old. But I got used to it because it started happening all the time. My mother would have her friends over all the time drinking and smoking so the crazy became the norm. Then a few years later I watched my mother get abused by her boyfriend and for a child that is very traumatizing. No one talked to me or my siblings we just had to witness it and hope for the best. One time I tried to go and help her, but it didn’t turn out good for me, her boyfriend ended up slapping me to the ground, so I ran out the back door and got my mother some help.

With no father and living in the conditions that I lived in, I was an angry child with so much hurt in my heart. By the time I turned 13 I ran away only to find myself getting involved in a gang. It seemed like they cared, so I was very loyal to them and did whatever just to let them know I was down. I thought that I was grown, and no one could tell me anything because I was getting my own money and buying my own clothes, but I was so lost. I grew into that lifestyle and every piece of hurt, anger, and frustration that I felt I took it out on everybody else. The more I stayed in the streets the worst I became, and I felt like I had no one. I wasn’t trying to find help I was just existing. Then I started robbing people and that led to me coming to prison. So, in the past I was a broken child that wanted help but didn’t know how to open my mouth because I thought that meant that I was weak.

Today, I am Frank Lewis Adams Junior, a free-spirited warrior that is one of a kind. I am creative, passionate, driven, strong spiritually, a leader, a person that never gives up, a Father, a protector, a teacher, an Author, a good friend, and a man that stands for the right thing. I no longer live like I used to because I recognize how I grew up wasn’t right. My favorite thing to do today is encourage people because when you encourage someone with truth it has a lasting effect.

In the future I would like to get a degree in communication so that I can have a career as a motivational speaker. I also plan to be a best-selling Author in the future. I believe that if you can see it in mind then you can do it in time. Well, I hope that I have given you enough about my life that will motivate you in some type of way. Have a good day and use your voice to bless.


Frank L. Adams Jr. #427391

Intro: Frank Adams

My name is Frank L. Adams

I have been incarcerated for almost 18yrs and since I’ve been incarcerated all I have seen is the void of the type of help needed for those of us who sit behind these walls. It is not easy doing time, living with the crimes that have been committed and those we have hurt in the process. What I feel would help those of us that get caught up in the system is truly some HELP and what I mean by that is instead of throwing a guy in a cell for years, learn about that person and figure out what he needs in order to become a productive citizen. Those of us who are incarcerated, we are not given any proper evaluation about how we think, how we were raised or what we live by instead we walk around with the weight of our decisions which for a lot of us it’s too much.

If a person is not being given any tools to change or rectify their behavior, most likely they will stay the same because it’s all they know. We need to be educated and evaluated instead of JUST being incarcerated.

From march of 2011 until the summer of 2016, I was given the opportunity to teach incarcerated youth from the ages of 15 to 23 and during that time of sharing my life and learning theirs, I realized how many of them were just good young men taught wrong. A lot of them didn’t know how to express their pain except through violence or some type of drug. Many of them didn’t even know how to spell but I tried my best to help them and I couldn’t help them all, but I did notice that once they saw that someone cared some of them started to put forth the effort to change.

We need people involved in the process of the criminal justice system that care more about the lives of the broken then a conviction. And I don’t say any of this to take away from the many people who have been hurt by the hand of those who are doing time. But I do know that hurt people hurt people and those hurt people need help.

If you have read this thank you for sharing a piece of me. Have a good day. Sincerely, Frank (FLAJ)

Joseph X – Jan 2021

I need your help, please help me spread this message to the world.

Hi everyone.

I hope your day is going well. Mine is definitely not. Fear is clawing at my insides, and stress has my neck muscles twitching and tugging on my head. Back in March, I, and 80% of the prison I am housed at contracted covid-19. We were told not to worry, that we cannot catch it twice, that we have an immunity. Well, for the last few months we’ve been tested every Wed, and yesterday our tests began to return and showed that many of the people who caught it back in March have now contracted it again.

My unit is back in quarantine. 5 of my friends have been re-infected. So, for those of you who talk to me on the phone, if you do not hear from me for a while, that means that my test also came back positive and I too have been reinfected. There is nowhere for me to run. Nowhere for me to hide. The state refuses to let any of us out. I’ve spent 25 years in prison and that is still not enough time for them. Like I predicted back when this all started, they are going to leave us all in here to keep being reinfected by this horrible virus until it kills us. And for me, someone with Kidney disease and Asthma, I’m still dealing with side-effects from my last battle. I don’t think I deserve to be tortured–because that’s what it amounts to at this point–with covid again. God bless you all. Stay safe. I hope the government treats you better than us, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

As Salaam Alikum Joseph X,

Intro: Lawrence Dantzler-Bey

Hello Readers of My Thoughts,

My name is Lawrence Dantzler-Bey #181647. This is my first writing. I will inform you of who I use to be, who I am today, and who I plan to become in the future. So, let’s dive right into our first order of business.

The vision I’ve had of myself has evolved over the years from bad to good, but greatness is in my destiny. The first day of my life began 35 years ago when I became incarcerated at 18 years of age and was sent to the Michigan Reformatory. I knew nothing of the world or myself, but in my way of thinking, I knew everything before my eye-opening experience.

In my adolescent years, I have hurt members in my society (in more ways than one) and not to mention my family. When I began to grow as an individual, I start owning up to the things I’ve done. I stopped making the victim a victim. I quit saying, “I did this because of that. Or I would not have done this if this would not have happened.” For the first time in my life, I now could see the world for what it is and where I stood in it. I had to accept the fact that I was ignorant and knew nothing. Then I was able to learn how to walk upright. This way of thinking transformed this boy into a man child with a purpose in life. I could not have evolved without being introduced to a man named NOBLE DREW ALI. This man is an Angel to me who saved me from myself. I could not take credit for my successes without giving him honors.

I am now 54 years old. Along this journey, I decided to learn as much as I could, so whenever I return to society, I would have the greatest chance to succeed. I am a Moorish-American Asiatic Moslem, a pianist, bilingual in Spanish, an artist, a youth mentor and educator, and less than a year from receiving my associate degree in business management. I am truly a people’s person. In my spare time I like to play bridge, pinochle, and chess. I also invest time in equities every day. And last but not least, my family means the world to me.

My future life is to show the world that no matter what hand life has dealt you, you can still become everything that Heaven intended for you to become. Before I leave this plane of flesh, I want to try and save as many young minds like mine as I can from traveling the rode I have.

My vision and evolution from bad to good can only leave me in the arms of Greatness. I now want you to walk with me as we journey this destined road together.

Until we meet again. Peace!


Education is key in rehabilitating prisoners back into society. There is a high percentage of incarcerated men and women that are woefully uneducated. I believe help comes in the form of education. Without education, a man cannot properly prepare and apply himself. If a man is educated, he can help himself with the proper resources and assistance needed to prepare himself in this journey we call life. However, with the lack of knowledge and education, that journey will be filled with many obstacles along the way. The fact of the matter is better reentry programs are needed because these individuals are returning back into some of the same neighborhoods that you currently live in.

Most of these programs provided by the M.D.O.C. are not at all beneficial or useful to the product (The Prisoner) reentering back into society. These programs are required or recommended by the parole board. I believe the healing begins within self- Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul in the form of self-educating, self-rehabilitating, and being accountable for past actions. A person should not have to be close to their release date to receive the necessary reentry programs provided. The Michigan criminal justice system is a well-constructed business, which punishes its product (The Prisoner) and pretends to rehabilitate the product with frivolous programs. As a result, many men and women return back to prison on parole violations or new cases before their parole is completed.

Educational programs are desperately needed and should be available and provided for all prisoners, not just those who are doing short time. These programs are obviously needed throughout the prison system, rather it be law (paralegal training), reentry job training (acquiring a trade), academic schooling (college degrees), business 101, or parenting and family classes for all men and women that are incarcerated. There is vast number of incarcerated men and women that are basically stuck in the era they were convicted, and they are clearly lost in the sauce. A lot has changed in five years, a lot has changed in ten years, a lot has changed in twenty years, a lot has changed in thirty years and most prisoners are so out of touch when it comes to the current technology that is being use on a daily basis in society.

The access to education in the M.D.O.C. is not offered to all. In some cases, certain individuals want to attend beneficial programs such as college courses but are being turned away because they do not fit the quote on quote criteria, rather it be life sentences, E.R.A.’s (earliest release dates), disciplinary reasons, or the lack of religious beliefs in the sponsored programs that are offered. How can prisoners in Michigan focus on rehabilitation when their being treated other than human? Every day we’re faced with different obstacles and distractions that come along with being incarcerated. We’re constantly being relocated further and further away from our families. Years go by without seeing family, and on top of all that we’re forced to lock with total strangers. The list goes on. To add insult to injury, we endure physical and verbal abuse from correctional officers, fellow prisoners and other staff members, which is also mentally challenging. However, most men and women that are incarcerated are able to avoid these distractions with the help of outside programming, faith, religious beliefs, self-discipline, and the support of family and friends.

A lot of time is being wasted on frivolous recreational activities such as board games, card games, checkers, and dominos. I remember playing cards for eight hours, and I thought to myself, “I just wasted all that time doing nothing productive towards my freedom or the betterment of self. At that moment, I realized that I could have read a few chapters in a book or studied for those hours that were wasted. That was the last time I played cards and began to self-educate myself by studying and reading more. I took the time to educate myself and be a part of different study groups in my unit because certain classes and programs were not available for me to attend. How is it we only get 6 hours of law library a week and even then, we still have to wait on other prisoners to finish using the 10 computers that are available? But we receive more hours in three days to exercise, play basketball, play video games, play floor hockey, attend big yard, and gym call outs .It just does not add up.

“Our thoughts become our words, our words become our beliefs ,our beliefs become our actions, our actions become our habits and our habits become our reality” (Jen Sincero).

Clearly, the Michigan criminal justice system does not truly focus on rehabilitation or keeping prisoners connected with their love ones. Their business and focus are on convictions as well as the amount of money received for housing the convicted. I believe there should be programs that will allow families to reconnect with family members that are being release back into their lives and living conditions. Many men and women are being released back into situations that they are no longer familiar. With the proper reentry programs such as parenting, family connection, and real job training courses, the transition back into the free world would be simplified because educating the uneducated is the key to rehabilitation. As the African proverbs states, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far then go together.” I wrote this article because the help we need comes in the form of education that is provided through the proper reentry programs.

(REMEMBER 2 REMEMBER) REDEMPTION,REBUILDING,RESTORING,REWRITING,REWARDING,AND REMINDING society that we can change and become REHABILITATED by REESTABLISHING ourselves back into society with the proper ASSISTANCE and RESOURCES provided along this journey.


(For more info contact)