“The System” / “Black Lives” / “Systemic Racism”

Under the America system of government, the title Black, according to the science behind its original application to people of Moorish descent, means death. This system of government functions according to the physicological philosphy under which it was concieved & designed and therefore, IT IS NOT BROKEN!

Under this system, inferior titles were given to those who experienced the institution of slavery. Under this system, the Nationality, Religion, Culture & Language was stripped from the would be slaves; leaving them nameLESS, shameLESS, aimLESS and mentally dead! With no knowledge of their true selves, National origin, or their God, they were thoroughly debased from the Human Family of Nations as: “Negros”, “Colored Folks” and “Black People”! This is the image Nations of the world see when you identify yourself as a Black, Colored of Negro Man/Woman! And you wonder why the world is un-sympathetic to your cries for Justice.

In this unconscious (dead) state of mind, “Black People” claim that the America System is broken because its not inclusive of those it never viewed or considered, as human beings. “But they freed us from slavery”, some would argue. True freedom would not only have been a total inclusion within their system of government, but the total restoration of those things stolen and stripped from the former slaves, e.g.: their Nationality & Divine Birth Rights as citizens of this Nation and further, the complete removal from ALL RECORDS, those demeaning/derogatory names/titles that delude to slavery (Negro, Black, Colored, etc.).

Despite all your best efforts to “Change their System” and redefine the name/title of Black s BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, or something to be PROUD of, evidence of The Systemic Racism, inherent in their system of government, is prevalent and consistently manifested thru overt acts of killing their “Black People”.

In their minds, they are justified in killing that which they created (and own), and that which they consider … already dead!!! Yes, 450 years later, their system still works … even better now, than originally intended. Why? Because you continue to accept and live under, the most derogatory title of all their slave names … “Black” … as your identity!

So yes, “BLACK LIVES” do matter … to those who created “Black People”!!! PICTURE THIS: Three men are protesting racial inequality. Each carry a sign. The first one reads: “Irish Lives Matter!” The second one reads: “Jewish Lives Matter!” And the last one reads: “Black Lives Matter!” Which one MATTERS LESS, and WHY!?

(“If a person is content to live a lie, be content to let them live it.” D. Ismel Newsome El #149982)

Note: Your level of contentment only comes after a diligent effort to convey to them, the Truth.

New Year – Deon Taylor

Often times we bring in the new year with all kinds of what to do’s and or changes we’d like to make. For me this year i want to be more available to others sometimes a kind word in the right time can change someones day. I want to help those where ever God sees fit hoping that what i have to share may help motivate the next person, maybe even help to solve that problem one just can’t seem to get over. Its not expensive and has no negative come back so in this year of 2021 ill jus be a vessel…available for those who may need me most.

Yours Truely,


“Chains Concealed in our Thoughts”

These Fetters In our Minds Restrict us Of our Omnipotence, Our Omnipresent, And Our Omniscient. These Chains That Have Been Placed on Our Thoughts Keeps The Doors Of our Mind From Opening. From what We hear, From What We See, and From Our Past Blocking Us of our Future We have been Conditioned To Think of ourselves As Inferior. These Chains Hinder our progress As Vicegerents, On Earth These Chains Have Kept Our People Stagnated, Blind, Deaf, And Dumb. Straight up Handicap.

There is nothing more powerful than a made up mind of a black man. Our Thoughts are What Shaped Our Present Reality. What you Think about you Brings About The Power Of thought. Its what makes you God. Thought Creates Experience. Everything We see in Life Started With A Thought. That’s Why Evil thoughts are Not Good For self and they Also Weakens The immune System.

Your Imagination is more real Than the world you see because the world you see comes from what you imagine and believe! What you believe and feel to be true is what will be your life. So These Chains, These Fetters Must Be Removed And Casted Away because Once You open Your Mind You Can Be Truly Free. I am Held Hostage But This Calaboose Has Locked My Body But Freed My Mind.

I Now Understand The Mind Is A Powerful Force It Can Enslave us Or Empower us. It can Plunge Us Into The Depths Of Misery Or Take Us To The Heights Of Ecstasy. But We Must Learn To Use The Power Wisely.

For every Physical Reality There is A Similar Spiritual Reality. Unlock Essence of The God Within Take the Chains off that Society Has Placed on You True Self. Submit your mind to Divine control and work To raise it to a higher state, Or you will be the cause of your own demise. No Matter How Heavy The Chains. In the darkest mind there is a spark of light. You are the Michelangelo of your own life. The David you are sculpting is you and it All Start With Getting Those Chains That have Concealed In our thoughts.

So continue to exercise & practice control of Your thoughts And Forever maintain External Vigilance of your Mind As A a brother Of Mine a once Told me.

Darius Lewis #781780

Facebook Darius Marvin Dlou

2021 Predictions Article; What Might This State Do To Better Serve The Public In The Coming New Year?

by J.C. Riley #288310

Ahh, a New Year. Everything can start over. The madness of 2020 is behind us and a rejuvenated sense of New Beginnings can inspire us to strive for all we hope for.

A New Year always starts with a litany of Top 10 Lists and Predictions; this article is no different. It is a list of Predictions I hope to come true in 2021.

Let’s count them down from 5 to 1; #5. Michigan will be the first State to require the same Legal Resources for the Accused that are available to the Prosecution.

One of the biggest Injustices in America’s “Justice System” is the disparity in resources available to Prosecutors compared the Accused. Prosecutors spend vast amounts of public funds on experts who testify to every detail of a Prosecutor’s theory. They spend a truck load of money on investigators who track down witnesses, no matter where in the world they might be.

However, if you are poor and accused of a crime, you might be lucky to get a Public Defender with less than 10 trials scheduled for the month. Most Public Defenders don’t investigate witnesses, not even the ones the Prosecutor offers. This is the #1 cause of false convictions and why the “Justice System” is under the scrutiny it is today.

In 2021 Defendants will be afforded the same resources as Prosecutors to secure experts and witnesses and will be allowed to pursue their innocence without worry of expense in doing so.

#4, Michigan’s Felony Murder Statute will be struck down.

Murder by any name is an unspeakable wrong. These wrongs are divided into Degrees as the level of culpability rises or falls based on Intent. Most of the people I know convicted of a Murder Charge in Michigan were found guilty under the Felony Murder Statute, a statute that doesn’t require an Intentional killing to be found guilty of 1st Degree Murder (A crime that requires intent). In fact, the Jury Instruction for 2nd Degree Murder and 1st Degree Felony Murder is exactly the same, but the degree of proof is much different, while the penalty for Felony Murder is a Mandatory Life Sentence with no consideration to the role an Accused played in the crime.

Prosecutors in Michigan charge Felony Murder more than any other Murder Charge to force people into confessions and plea deals. Plea deals used to flip witnesses out of codefendants who may or may not be truthful or trying to curry favor with a Prosecutor by sacrificing a codefendant. This is yet another practice that has led to countless false convictions, and confessions over the years.

In 2021 Prosecutors will be required to prove every element of the Charged Offense. 2nd Degree Murder will remain a charge for crimes that haven’t risen to the level of 1st Degree by actions of the Defendant. Any underlining charges will remain underlining charges for which a defendant will be sentenced if found guilty of that crime.

#3, Michigan Prisons will become Reformatories instead of Warehouses.

Over the past 20 years Michigan has become a leader in Prison Industry. This was done by removing Education from Incarceration and requiring prisoners to nearly complete their sentence before offering any type of programming, as an afterthought. In 2021 Michigan will no longer classify prisoners for programming based on their Earliest Release Date, or ERD. Instead, Prisoners will begin programming immediately upon incarceration.

An equal opportunity for programming will be offered to all prisoners regardless of sentence. Completion of all programming will be considered in a prisoner’s pursuit of parole eligibility. Thus, Michigan Prisons will become Reformatories.

#2, Gov. Whitmer will End Mandatory Minimum Sentences.

In the 80s and 90s Michigan instituted sweeping changes to sentencing laws with Proposal B (No Good Time) and Truth in Sentencing. These laws eliminated incentives for prisoners to reform by incarcerating people for extended periods of time, up to 100% of their maximum sentences and well beyond their earliest release dates. The laws had a devastating effect on prisoners working to improve themselves and ignited a population surge in prisons over the last 20 years. A period that saw no decline in crime rates.

For that reason Gov. Whitmer will use her Power to Commute Sentences to place any Prisoner who qualified under former Good Time laws on “Model Prisoner Status”. She will go down as the most compassionate Governor in history by further ending Mandatory Minimum Sentences. She will instruct the Michigan Parole Board to abandon their Life Means Life Philosophy and in 2021 the Parole Board will immediately and seriously begin considering the eligibility of Prisoners serving Life Sentences after 25 years.

#1, Michigan will End the Draconian practice of sentencing Teenage Offenders to Life in Prison.

In 2012 Courts held that it was wrong to sentence a Juvenile to Life in prison who wasn’t directly responsible for Murder. In 2015 the Courts extended that ruling to Juvenile Offenders capable of being reformed. Since then, Courts have acknowledged the diminished culpability of adolescents, yet have declined to extend protection from Life Imprisonment to all adolescents, or Teenage Offenders (age 18-21).

In Michigan Teens cannot purchase alcohol, tobacco, or handguns because legislators understand that youth breeds immaturity. Yet, these same Teenage Offenders can serve dramatically longer sentences than their Mature Adult counterparts. In 2021Michigan will end the practice of incarcerating Teenage Offenders capable of reform to Life in prison, and the People of this State will lead the charge.

With the above changes put into action I predict the People of Michigan will be blessed beyond measure and lead the nation in prosperity. And with that said I wish all the TBTW Readers and Supporters a Happy and Blessed New Year

How Do you plan to make a positive impact in lives of others this year?

How Do you plan to make a positive impact in lives of others this year? How Do I Plan To Make A Positive Impact on Others? I will do unto to others As I would do to Myself and Be positive. Positivity Is First Showing By My Actions That I care for The Next Persons Essence, Thoughts, ideas, Time and Energy. I Know that Giving My time My Knowledge My Love is More important than anything. Having Positive Impacts On people Life Though your actions

Is Something That Will never be forgot.

I plan to make impacts in people’s life This year by being a better me.

Giving them the best of me. from my thoughts my ideas My plan is to try to Put a smile on everyone’s face I encounter.

Every person is surrounded by a magnetic field. Wherever you go, the magnetic field goes with you. You attract

Everything though the magnetism of your field is positive or negative at any time, Every single time you give love, though your feelings, words or actions, you add more love to the field around you so making an impact on others is making an impact on self wouldn’t you agree.

Making A Positive impact on Others is One of the Greatest commandments: Do unto others as you would do to self, So Why not be positive? Negativity Just Brings Failure, and Who wants to fail In life I sure in the hell don’t.

When you See only Love, Hear Only Love, Speak Only love, And Feel love with All Your Heart, There Is No Limit, No Ceiling, to them amount of love you can feel and give and it is all inside you. You Are made of love. Tell The higher self what you love every day by singling Out the things You love and feeling them This will make big impacts on others.

Change the way you feel, or to lift good feelings higher, make a mental list of everything you love and adore! Your job is To love as Much as possible every day, Make A Conscientious effort to notice as many things around you that you love, as much as you can each day Every time you feel grateful you are giving love And when you are

doing this you are being a positive example.

Sincerely Darius (Lewis) #781780 Facebook “Darius Marvin Dlou”


By: Charles A. Jackson Bey

As we start 2021, we are hoping for change and things to be better than they were last year. For most people things will eventually change for the best and for the rest that’s incarcerated within Michigan Prisons we will have to live under the mandatory new norm, with the same rules of the plantations we reside.

For those that have been following thoughts beyond the wall blogs, might recall a post I did called: Funding Our Own Incarceration. And I urge you all to read it again especially since we have seen another hike in prison store prices! while prison wages have yet to go up! nor will they if we keep buying into their corruption at the expense of our love one’s financial means & our labor for pennies off dollars! within the institutional setting.

Since the passing of the stimulus Cares Act package which allowed every U.S. citizen to receive $1,200 hundred dollars. The people in power over the Incarceration Plantations throughout the United States didn’t expect prisoners their (slaves) to reap any of those benefits. But a Federal court ruled in (Scholl v. Mnuchin) that qualifying incarcerated people were now eligible to receive the federal stimulus check.

Congress passed the corona virus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”) in March 2020, which provides emergency relief to eligible individuals through Economic Impact Payment (EIP). Although the IRS previously said that incarcerated people were not eligible, the law firm Lieff Cabraser and the Equal Justice Society filed a lawsuit, and on September 24 a Judge ruled that this was unlawful. The Court Ordered the IRS to stop denying payments to people solely because they are incarcerated, and to make payments to people who were previously denied one because of their incarcerated status.

Now knowing this was Law, the prison administration couldn’t do nothing! but honor the payments that was soon to be in prisoners accounts. So a plan was created to gain those checks from the accounts of prisoners, by making sure Restitution that was owed is paid with all of the 1,200 hundred or at least half and raising store prices on all items! being order weekly by prisoners.

Knowing for those who don’t owe any court cost! or restitution wouldn’t escape without paying their just due either, so raising prisoners store prices would ensure the prison administration get their cut & hands deeper! in everyone pockets and would have the checks we received one way or the other.

Which their plan is working!!! and theirs nothing! they feel anyone can do about it! because they have been doing it! for years!!! But I Encourage you to get involved by contacting the Governor of Michigan, State Senators, the director of Lansing, Hedi Washington to address these issues on the behalf of those you know incarcerated within these walls.

Especially when covid is on the rise! throughout Michigan prisons and we are subject to a Death Sentence!!! if we are less fortunate to overcome this virus. Which the MDOC can care less about! and only concerns themselves with financial gain! by any means necessary!

When safety should be their top priority! for those within their earliest release date & those who has medical & underline health conditions with over 20 to 30 years! in should be up for strong considerable commutations or out on parole. But instead, it’s all about the number game! and we are nothing but another pay day.

So while the new norm for us is to wear mask! or we risk being wrote a ticket! told to practice social distance and we lock in a housing unit that holds 96 prisoners. Not to mention we all use the same bathrooms, the same phones, the same microwaves, and share the same TV rooms etc. Go to breakfast, lunch, & dinner together! it’s practically impossible!!! to social distances among each other.

But the root of the problem is staff & C.O’s coming in from society! after being around God knows who! asking for shakedowns! and going from cell to cell potentially spreading and infecting us with covid! this week I might be negative but next week I could be positive. All because correctional officers! and administrative staff members could care less whether we live or die.

So the rules remain the same for us who reside within the incarceration system! which is being treated like we are less than human. Along with being subject to anything they force upon us because long as they think we remain voiceless! and have No outside support the prison system they will continue to get away with murder! and highway robbery! with no gun.

If we don’t stand for something! then we will continue to fall for any and everything! so the time is now we need the support of those who believe in change to speak out on the injustice that’s being done to us. Remember United We Stand! & Divided We Fall! and that Nothing Comes to a Sleeper but a Dream so make this a Reality!!!

Feel free to contact me through j-pay .com or write:

Charles A. Jackson Bey #600271

Thumbs Correctional Facility

3225 John Conley Drive Lapeer, Michigan 48446

“MY FIRST (& Last) DAY”

The blistering hot sun hung high in the mid-day sky of early June (1977) as we drove through the streets of Detroit. As I gazed through the window, I noticed parents watching their children playing and running under an opened fire hydrant, relieving themselves from the 90-degree heat. I shifted in my seat as we pulled into an intersection. The sound of music broke the silence, as a little red convertible pulled alongside of us with four beautiful women inside, rocking their heads to the beat. When they noticed us staring at them, their faces saddened and, hunching their shoulders with upturned hands, showed they understood our collective plights. At that moment, I wondered when I would ever have the opportunity to touch another woman.

The pain in my wrist snapped me out of my daydream as we drove off. I readjusted the handcuffs and focused my attention on the State Prison Bus that contained myself and nineteen other men.

“What do you think it’s going to be like?”, the man chained next to me asked.

“I have no idea”, I responded, hoping that my mannerism and tone of voice showed that I didn’t want to talk. I took my last look at the city and closed my eyes as the prison bus headed down the I-75 service ramp … destination, The State Prison of Southern Michigan (Jackson).

“Wake up bro., wake up! We’re here.” I had dozed off, thinking about all the horror stories I’d heard about Jackson’s State Penitentiary. For the first time since boarding the bus, I really took notice of the man sitting next to me. He was probably a couple years younger than I; light skinned, with an Afro hair style. I could see the fear in his eyes. I looked out the window at what was billed “The tallest walled prison in the world.” The barred windows and red, four- storied brick structure made my stomach turn, I hoped I was doing a better job at hiding my fear than the man next to me.

“When I call your name and County Jail I.D. number, step off the bus, keep your mouths shut, and stand in a single file outside. Newsome, 900761!” Fighting the urge to complain about the belly-chains & leg-irons being too tight, I silently arose, and made my way off the bus. Once outside, the prison looked like a giant, window barred, apartment complex. That’s when it started. Slowly at first, then it picked up until a torrent of voices poured from the barred windows facing the bus.

“Welcome to hell motherf*@kers …” one man shouted.

“”Fresh meat”, shouted another.

“I see my new girlfriend, the light-skinned bitch with the Afro, yeah you!” one shouted. And I stood there, wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into. As the rest of the men lined up behind me, I looked back and saw the petrified look of fear on many of their faces (especially ole ‘light-skin) and hoped again that I was better at dissimulation.

The guard who called off the names led the way to a door marked “Processing.” Once inside, we were all un- chained, and I rubbed my wrist until the feelings came back. Processing consisted of having your first name officially changed to a number [149982, Newsome], being stripped naked, sprayed with a fire hose, and doused with a white powder. After we were cleaned, dressed in prison blues, given a bedroll, we were led down a short tunnel, up a small flight of stairs to what was called: “7-Block, Quarantine.”

We entered on the base-level, where looking up, I saw four galleries of barred cells on either side of the building. The noise of hundreds of men yelling and moving about, rushed my ears like a shot-gun blast. My heart pounded in my chess as I was given a door-card that read,149982, Newsome /55 forth, and told to take the stair to forth gallery. By this time the noise level had dropped, and all the attention was focused on the new “Fish” on base, which added to the uneasiness I felt.

As I walked up the steel steps, I felt as if I would fall through their hollowed checkered frames. “Where you from Young Blood?”, a voice questioned as I reached 4th gallery. I looked up at an Older brother, with what I would learn later, was a doo-rag tied around his head.

“Detroit”, I replied. I paused, then asked, “Why!?”

He looked at me, sized me up and stated: “Easy Young Blood. and lose the attitude. This yo’ first day, don’t get off on the wrong foot. How much time you got?”

I didn’t detect a threat, so I eased up. “Two life bits. Murder I & Armed Robbery”, I added as if I was proud of it.

As we reached my cell, he asked: “What they call you Young Blood, and what side of the city you from?”

“My name is Sput-Nick and I’m off the Westside, 12th & Pingree.” This information seemed to impress him more than my crimes. Then a somber look appeared on his face.

“I’m off Blain & 12th, and I ain’t seen the ‘hood in 26 years.”

Twenty-six years! My mind couldn’t even process the thought. I looked at him again, closer this time, trying to see what 26 years of time looked like on a man. I couldn’t see it. I was 19 years old, and he looked to be in better shape than I was.

“ATTENTION! ATTENTON! IT IS NOW COUNT TIME! ALL PRISONERS REPORT TO YOUR CELLS AND LOCK DOWN, NOW!” The booming voice over the P.A. took me off guard, the speaker was directly in front of my cell.

The cell door opened and I stepped inside. “Dig little homie” …

“Sput-Nick”, I interjected.

“Okay, Sput-Nick, my name is Mo Mo, and I’ll see you after count clears.” With that he walked to his cell, and the doors closed. I looked around; a worn-out mattress lay folded on a poorly spring bed frame; a sink mounted next to a toilet, both stained with caked up orange rust; and the roaches were everywhere. I smashed a few before making my bunk and laying down. My thoughts drifted from My Last Day of freedom, to My First Day of incarceration, and the day was still young.

“The closest thing to making up for lost time, is using wisely the time you have now.” (D. Newsome El #49982)

Self Improvement Is The Basis For Community Development.

By J.C. Riley #288310

I once read it in a book some years ago, You Can Change The World. Making an Impact on the world around you is such a lofty goal, and a noble one if the impact you seek to make is positive on the world as a Whole.

As I read the book, I don’t remember the author, I did notice it gave several examples of people who had made what seemed to be small or minor contributions in the form of ideas, inventions, or interventions. However, on a grand scale, these small, seemingly minor accomplishments turned out to be contributions that transformed the world as we know it today.

I also fail to remember the names of some of the individuals. The names are unimportant compared to what they did. A simple fact that supports the idea that You and I, no matter who we are, or where we are located, can indeed Change the World.

One of the people in the book (and you can probably Google this) was the guy that came up with the device that transfers power on the power lines to allow people to plug in common appliances at home without an electrical overload. His devices changed not only the lives of people across the globe, but how modern society functions, at a fundamental level.

Another person was a woman in the British Military some time at the turn of the 20th Century who created a field manual for cleaning battlefield hospitals. Her use of alcohol as a cleaning agent for wounds and surgical tools revolutionized battlefield medicine and saved countless lives since being used Universally.

But the question is, what can I do to make an impact on the lives of the people around me? How can making an impact on the lives of the people around me help me?

In religious circles, no matter what your denomination is, you find what we call Blessings. In some African Traditions you find what we call Ashe (pronounced Ash-shay). Whatever you call it, our circumstance in life is largely dependent on how we interact with the world and the energy we bring to it. If you bring negative energy, you get negativity. If you bless other people, you receive blessings in response. As a result of putting our hands to positive works we build up a Spiritual Capital, Ashe, which can be used to bring success in other undertakings we pursue.

Which leads us back to the title of this article, Self Improvement Is The Basis For Community Development. A wise man said it long ago and it still holds true today. There are so many problems in this world, Viruses, Vaccines, Villains, and Vampires. All of these problems in the world begin with You and Me.

(Did he just say Vampires???)

How can a person claim to make an impact on the world around them without first making foundational improvements in their own personal lives? On the other hand, by solving some of the problems I have in my own personal life I can become an instant inspiration to the people around me. If I address the demons of alcohol, drugs, violence, arrogance in my own life, how many people might it inspire around me?

Making an impact on the world around you isn’t as simple as “Thinking Positive” or writing out your intentions. Real Work has to be done on the Real Heart inside our Real Minds. A Real Effort has to be made see our Real Reflection for who we are.

(There goes that Vampire again, smile.)

By examining who we are and what we are capable of, we’re soon to find out what or who we can also become -to ourselves and to the world around us. And this is what I plan to do to make an impact on the world around me.

Positive Impact – Charles A. Jackson Bey

By: Charles A. Jackson Bey

The question was posed how do I plan to make a positive impact in lives of others this year? And as I contemplated my frame, I reflected in the wilderness on all I have been doing and what I should be doing.

-Which is making sure my seeds have been deeply planted in the minds & hearts of those who are blessed to hear & read my words. Too often do we say things to individuals of substance, not being aware if they actually took in the words that was being buried upon their hearts & minds.

I have learned that one word can be the blessing to change and save a life! just as we know words have the ability to destroy & create problems! so instead I want to ensure I plant seeds that build, saves, & creates! becoming deeply rooted!!! and springs forth life!!! to reach its full potential, in the hearts & minds of many men and women.

But in order to do this I have to make sure they are taking time to water what has been sown or else it would be considered casting my pearls upon swine! allowing my words to fall upon deaf ears! so I will not only continue to plant seeds of wisdom upon the multitude of many individuals but try my best to help them keep water upon those seeds.

Until they are able to see the flowers of life starting to sprout! and can tend to their own garden without the aid of my water. I don’t believe in the saying of: “All I Can Do Is Plant the Seed! It’s Up To Them To Water It!” if that were true then how could plants grow if we never watered them after planting our own seeds in real life landscaping? because it doesn’t rain every day!

After Allah created the earth and brought forth the trees which he planted by the way! just didn’t up and say! someone else got to water what I’ve planted he also brought forth the rain to help nourish those trees in the garden of Eden.

What about being a parent? the loving and caring parents or parent just didn’t have a child and never fed them! they gave them food & water to make sure they grow to be big and strong. Along with planting truth! (seeds) about the do’s & don’t of life by constantly (watering) advising us when we were in error! but often were those seeds deeply planted from our parents or parent and we never grew into our full potential.

It wasn’t until we saw someone else with a beautiful garden of life! that we rediscovered the seeds that was planted in our own garden, in order for us to appreciate what was planted from the very beginning! which were the seeds of truth.

I encourage the readers of this to do the same! not only for yourselves but those you choose to invest in or plant your seeds. Because even though we cannot save the whole world we can save a life! through the concept each one teach one, which is the plant you have to help water.

As we know the famous saying: “United We Stand Divided We Fall” so be mindful we all must Stand For Something! or Else We Will Fall For Anything! so as we put 2020 behind us let’s stop worrying on how far we got to go! but instead look at how far we have come.

So as I make sure I deeply plant my seeds upon you all! I want you to consider this, Adversity is the purifier! as gold is purified of its dross and impurities by fire, so are we purified by the fire of adversities, problems, and difficult conditions.

Allah ordained struggle for mankind, to make our will perfected. All that we go through in life, therefore serves a higher purpose. In every adversity lies a gift! so whenever you are going through a problem or some other difficulty, PAUSE!!! have Faith, and ask yourself: what is the lesson to be learned?

To help you keep water upon the see I’ve planted in your life! feel free to write me through j-pay or mail.

Charles A. Jackson Bey


Thumbs Correctional Facility

3225 John Conley Drive Lapeer,MI 48446

The true value of Human Life …

“The true value of Human Life …

Love it not selfishly,

But for the good it may be of to others.”

(D. Newsome El #149982)

Greetings from the inside!

This month topic is special to me because it reflects something I’ve dedicated myself too, and that’s “Making a Positive Impact” on those with whom I deal. The former First Lady, Michell Obama, often stated: “To whom much is given, much is required.” I believe this to be true, especially during times of adversity.

Prison provides a perfect atmosphere for those blessed with the ability to uplift a brother (or sister). However, in here, one must be careful and choose his words and opportunities with discretion. I was once asked by a “Gang Leader” to write something that would assist him in recruiting younger men join his particular “Group”. Naturally I refused the suggestion, but I offered one of my own. I agreed to write “something” for him and if he liked it, he could give it to members of his “Group” as a test of loyalty & dedication. He agreed … and I did. The following is a complete transcription of that paper.

Manhood and “THE GROUP”

[Expectations & Obligations]

Too many young men take their self-obligations for granted and thus fall short of those expectations that would ultimately distinguish them as Men and not boys. This short work will not attempt to cover all the misconceptions of Manhood; and will only reflect (briefly) on the Obligations & Expectations of true Manhood as they relate to “The Group”.

In any given situation a Man will seek out, and foster, that which will bring out the best within himself and those with whom he deals. In prison, Men are faced with (and placed under) very unique conditions that constantly challenge their Manhood within various “Group” like settings. For those that are part and partial of a structured organization (“Group”), the challenge is huge! While remaining true to the structure and principles of “The Group”, he must find a balance with his individuality and be true also, to himself. This, to the uninitiated, might seem contradictory, but the two actually go hand and hand. If Man loves “The Group” he has dedicated himself too, then showing love [f]or “The Group” is nothing more (in his mind) then a reflection of the love he has for himself!

Thus, if the organization (“Group”) is worthy of his time and attendance, then meeting its Expectations & Obligations will be as natural as honey to a bee. Honor, respect and loyalty in “The Group” are not givens, they are a must! Hidden within all three of these is: SACRIFICE! He who is willing to sacrifice finds himself rising through the ranks and respected by all. Most young Men of this day have dedicated themselves to one “Group” or another. Most join seeing their Manhood, while others join for a sense of family & commonalty. There are a few, however, who join because they sincerely believe the “Growth and Development” concept expressed by the leadership thereof.

The main attraction to “The Group” is, however, security … strength through numbers. One who commits to “The Group” is instructed that BOYS can only become MEN therein by committing themselves to the goals and principles of its structure and fulfilling the Expectations & Obligations therein … Self-Sacrifice!

Remember, a Man will seek out and foster the best within himself as well as others. You have to ask yourself: “Is ‘The Group’ of which I belong for the right thing(s)?” If not, you must be Man enough only to recognize that it’s not, but also realizes that the secret to Manhood was never inside “The Group”! That if you are going to unfold into a state of true Manhood, then you must have the courage, as a Man, to … SPLIT the GROUP … GRO / UP!!! And take your rightful place in the affairs of MEN!!!

Please … Think for a change!

By: D. Ismel Newsome El #149982