Michigan Prisons are Intentional Death Traps

By: Jerry Metcalf

(A contributing writer for both the Marshal Project and PrisonWriters)

Well, we managed to go three weeks without a prisoner being infected with Covid-19 at our Michigan correctional facility, which was a milestone. Though, there were several guards who tested positive in that time period. And, of course, half of the guards refused to take the vaccine, so what do you think happened next? You got it: Today 17 prisoners at our facility tested positive (many for the second time) for Covid-19 with several tests still pending.

What a surprise, eh?

Does no one in authority see how stupid this is? Where is our Governor or our Attorney General? Where is the President of the United States or his Attorney General? Where are the people in authority who care about us, the most vulnerable population in America?

Do we prisoners no longer have rights? And if this is the case, how long do you–the American People–think it will be before they abolish your rights as well?

How absurdly wrong is this? If the prison guards refuse to take the damn test, then keep them from coming to work and killing us. Trust me when I say we prisoners aren’t going out for a stroll in the neighboring towns and lugging this horrible virus back into our extremely-overcrowded and closed community to infect ourselves. No, the only way Covid-19 enters this facility is through its employees. And if the State does not have the political courage to stop these non-vaccinated carriers-of-death from entering my cage, then the least they can do is quick-test them every day before work.

Hell, if the NFL was able to test entire stadiums full of people before football games, then the State of Michigan–in all its glory–ought to be able to figure out how to test a few of its prison employees instead of allowing them to infect tens of thousands of prisoners. According to The Marshal Project, 2/3 of the incarcerated individuals being held by the Michigan Department of Corrections have already been infected.

What’s the problem, are our lives not worth the money?

And here’s a little more food for thought: If the vast majority of men and women locked away in American and Michigan prisons are black, wouldn’t that mean that black lives DO NOT matter to our government? It sure looks that way.

My name is Jerry Metcalf, and I wish to make the world a better place. If you do too, please join me @ Facebook.com/jerryametcalf.jr or @ Twitter.com/JerryMetcalfJr1. And please join the fight to help bring a “good time” law to Michigan, one of the last States still holding out against the idea of good behavior equaling less time in prison @ mijustice.org, and @ Facebook.com/MichiganUnited. Or you may email me directly @Jpay.com. My prison # is 251141. Thank you for your time.


Name: Ahjamu Khalifah Baruti
Slave Name: Richard Lee Carter
Hostage no#:178539

Life is—-about making decisions, and the more knowledge (information) that we obtain the better decisions we will make.
Life is a—-gift—accept it.
Life is a challenge—-meet it.
Life is an adventure—-dare it.
Life is a duty—-perform it.
Life is a sorrow—overcome it.
Life is a tragedy—-face it.
Life is a mystery—-unfold it.
Life is an everyday struggle—-fight it because it will strengthen you!
Life is a goal—-achieve it.
Most of all life is a puzzle, and we solve it by using our God given minds to the best of our abilities.

Historic Black Leaders

By: Charles X

To say that I’ve been influenced by just one of our Historic Black Leaders would be an incorrect statement. All of them have played intimate roles in inspiring me and shaping me into the man that I am today. Each Leader led in his own way and fashion. Even though the message may have been mostly the same, he or she still had his/her own way of speaking, moving and thinking.

Harriett Tubman was Powerful in her aggressive pursuit of Freedom and Justice.

Frederick Douglas spoke eloquently and passionately about the Civil Rights of our Beautiful Black People.

Noble Drew Ali brought Islam to this Western Hemisphere and Marcus Garvey instilled within us the Knowledge that we were more than just slaves, we are Men and Women of great power and Divine Spirit.

Elijah Muhammad gave to us a way by which we can obtain a true and complete Freedom from all exterior enemies as well as interior ones. He didn’t just leave us either, for he left in our midst he who would continuously Remind us and Guide us away from all temptations.

So there is no one who inspired or influenced me. I am inspired and influenced by them all. I am all of them compiled into one——ME. I am the sum total of them all and I am proud to be able to represent them. I grow and evolve because of their teachings.

I consume knowledge filtered through what they have given to me and the World. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is the Jesus of today doing the same things today that Jesus of 2000 years ago did.

Why would just one of these great Blackmen influence us, when all of them should always and consistently inspire each and every one of us? Right or wrong?

Thank you for this opportunity to share my understanding with all who read this. My name is Charles X.

COVID-19 vs. Killer Joe

By: D. Ismel Newsome El #149982

I’ve stomped prison yards,

For over 43 years;

Made my bones,

Thru blood, sweat and tears.

I’ve seen the baddest S.O.B.s,

Come and go;

But the meanest M.F.,

Was Killer Joe.

I saw Joe take down six,

They all had knives;

Notices sent out,

To next of kin and wives.

“Hey Joe!” I yelled,

To give him the news;

“There’s a new killer in town,

And he don’t wear blues.”

“They say he’s a virus,

And doesn’t bar none;

He’s killed over 50,000,

And didn’t need a gun.”

“Take this mask,

And wash your hands;

Protect yourself Joe,

As best you can.”

Old Joe was defiant,

Took everything to task;

“I’m a natural born killer,

I ain’t wearing no mask!”

“Only a fool fears,

What he don’t understand;

I ain’t scared of no virus;

And I ain’t washin’ my hands!”

When Joe entered his room,

He touched the door knob;

His hand came in contact,

With a microscopic glob.


Had made its mark;

And when Joe rubbed his eyes,

It attacked his heart.

Old Joe took ill,

And was laid to rest;

With his last dying breath,

Admitted he’d been best.

Yeah, killed Joe was a beast,

The coldest I’ve seen;

Until he ran across the one,


[This poem was written from solitary confinement May 1, 2020, three days after I was diagnosed with Covid-19.]

Inspiration From the Lives of Two Black Literary Giants

By: J.C. Riley #288310

This Black History Month I would like to direct our attention to two people whose work helped mold my perception of myself and where I fit in the world around me. These two wonderful Black Authors are Dr. Yosef A.A. Ben-Jochannon, lovingly called Doc Ben, and the beautifully expressive spirit, Octavia E. Butler.

Both of these brilliant Black Writers were masters of their craft and unafraid to step outside of the box of societal norms to show people a world other writer’s in their field couldn’t see. One writer, a Historical Genius who exposed the true depth of Black World Power that gave birth to the Classical Civilizations taught of today. The other writer, a Divine Seer, who wrote of a future for Black People that put our Destiny in the Stars, while most writers couldn’t imagine a Black Person being the next President.

When you think of Black Historical Writers many names come up. Many of them hold a dear place in my heart, but of them all Doc Ben holds a particular place above them all. He was the one who detailed the lives of our distant fathers and their place in the world, and gave me an image of who I actually am at the core of my being.

One year during Black History Month, I posed a question to my peers: Name 5 Black Leaders who lived Before Slavery in America. I dread to say there weren’t many who were successful in naming any. This is because Black People aren’t taught that we led the Nations, gave birth to Cultures, and created the World’s Religions. Instead, we’re taught about the first “Black Sky Diver” or the first “Black Burger Flipper” today.

Before I read the tremendously detailed works of Doc Ben I could have never told you about Black Civilization Builders such as King Narmer, Queen Hapshepsut, Imhoptep the Visor, Queen N’Zinga of Matamba (Angola), or the Great General Hannibal Barca of Carthage. Thanks to Doc Ben we know the debt that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam owes to its African Origins, something we aren’t taught openly.

As a young Black Male, incarcerated, with no vision of a future, it was the work of female Science Fiction writer, Octivia E. Butler that opened the eyes of my mind. This dynamic inspirational woman, through works like Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Reaper, stretched my mind to understand that the world never looks the same from day to day. That tomorrow is always an opportunity to give birth to a newer, and better version of yourself… if you harness the force of Change.

It was Ms. Butler who took my mind out of the ‘hood and away from the small concept of Nationalism. Ms. Butler said we are all Earthseed, and our Destiny is in the Stars. She brilliantly expressed that mastery of the World is only our launching pad, and the Universe is our destination.

Thanks to these two great writers, my love for studying and writing about my culture has a rock solid foundation. Doc Ben gave me roots that reach deep into my distant past as a Creator and Nurturer of Nations. Octavia E. Butler provided me with the courage and foresight to write about a glorious future, and see myself in it. I believe we all owe a debt of gratitude to both of these two great Ancestors, and I offer them to anyone who reads these words as pinnacles of Black Excellence, and a source of Inspiration for us all.

My Grandfather

By: Frank L. Adams #427391

My Grandfather Smith Milfred Moore was born in Hazlehurst, Mississippi on March 8th, 1921 and he passed away on December 5th, 2007. He was the perfect example of what a man is supposed to be. He moved from down south to Saginaw, Michigan when he was like 16 and he immediately started working in the plant. He spent most of his life taking care of the family and always being there for all of us whenever there was a need.

I can remember when I was a child watching him fix cars and tell stories of all the things that he had experienced. You asked him for a dollar he would tell you the value of working hard to get your own, then tell you a story for you to remember about something he went through to get to where he was. If my mother didn’t have the money to get her seven children anything for Christmas he became our Santa Clause, showing up with gifts just to put a smile on our faces.

I never heard him use profanity, and he was a very awesome cook even though I wouldn’t tell my Grandma that. He took care of my Grandma and she never had to worry about anything. He is the best man that I ever met in my entire life and I will always try to be my best because of the fingerprints that he left behind. I celebrate my Granddad this black history month and every other month because he was awesome, and I thank God for him.


By: D. Newsome El #149982

***July 22, 2022***


Vaccine Skepticism Kills Millions!

Millions of African Americans die after refusing Vaccines that would have prevented the onset and spread of Covid-19.

Fear and vaccine skepticism among African Americans was by no means unjustified. In the early 1930’s, hundreds of African American men were inoculated with the most virulent strand of syphilis (a contagious venereal disease). Known as: “The Tuskegee Experiment”, these men (600 in total) were denied treatment, then returned to their respective communities to cohabit, mingle and spread this disease. Hundreds died as they were unconsciously being used as guinea pigs for vicious European experiments!

European settlers treaded “blankets” with Native American Indians, infected with the “Small-pox Disease”, killing thousands in an attempt to steal their land.

From the mid-1960s (to this present day), the U.S. Government flooded African American communities with drugs. Thousands were addicted, died and imprisoned; countless lives were destroyed under the false labels of “War on Crime” and the “War on Drugs.”

While skepticism among African Americans was justified; it was wrongly incorporated to refuse a lifesaving vaccine. Covid-19 crossed ALL borderlines! It considered neither religion, race, politics, age nor social status … IT BARRED NONE!

Had the Government stated only African Americans were required to take Covid-19 vaccines, because Europeans were somehow immune or had a very low infection rate, red flags and skepticism would have been warranted.

African American skepticism, inherently appropriate, placed them in a modern day Catch-22. On the one hand, they died from Covid-19. On the other hand, they died from Covid-19. Sadly, the only beneficiaries behind these senseless death, are those who harbor ill will for African Americans and delight in their suffering. If only they had made a more informed decision, this tragic amount of deaths could have been avoided.

[Note: ***This futuristic article was written with hopes of motivating my Brothers & Sisters to take the Covid-19 Vaccine. I DID!]

{“Small minded men make small arguments; while those in positions of power create conditions that propagate them.” D. Ismel Newsome El #149982}

Knowledge About Marcus M. Garvey

By: Charles A. Jackson Bey #600271

Marcus Garvey was a man who had a vision to see the Asiatic race operating at our fullest potential, he was born August 17th in the year 1887 in St. Ann’s Bay on the Island of Jamaica. As a young man growing up in Jamaica, he left school at the age of 15 to work as a fulltime printer.

This wouldn’t be his career job, as he eventually moved to Kingston, Jamaica at 18 and by the time he was 22 years of age he had become active in Kingston’s intellectual circle. He left Kingston in the year 1910 to examine the conditions of his people in other parts of the world due to the fact that he saw a lack of so-called black persons in positions of power and authority.

The questions that he asked were: where is the black man’s government? Where is His President, His Country, His Ambassador, His Army, His Navy, and His Men of big Affairs? Because during the 19th century he saw European Nations such as Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal and Italy dominating the continent of Africa.

Many might not know that there was a conference held for these Europeans powers to meet, which was at the Berlin Conference of 1884-85. The purpose of this conference was to establish the boundaries of their colonial states. Now, during their domination of Africa, the purpose of it was to bring Civilization and Christianity to a Godless and Backward People! Heathens and savages of the Dark Continent.

Marcus Garvey traveled to other Nations such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela and other Latin American Nations. While in Panama he helped build the Panama Canal.

In the year 1914, on August 1st the U.N.I.A was formed by Garvey, which is the United Negroes Improvement Association. The purpose of the U.N.I.A was to unite Jamaica’s Black population behind a spirit of Racial Pride and have programs of Educational and Economical opportunity, and to establish an independent Black-ruled Nation in Africa.

Marcus Garvey flew a flag that we all are familiar with that has the colors red, green and black. Red is for the blood, black is for the skin color and green for the lush African forest. Now Marcus Garvey came to America on March 23rd, 1916 and the city he settled in was Harlem, New York. Marcus Garvey’s initial reason for coming to the U.S. was to have a few thousand African Americans to move to Africa to establish an Independent Nation committed to fighting for the rights of blacks everywhere, and also to get help with opening up trade schools.

While in Harlem, he established the first UNIA chapter known in this country but didn’t have much success due to the fact that the people didn’t like his speeches.

After the attempt to assassinate Garvey, he raised ten million dollars. Garvey was blessed to escape serious injuries because he was only struck in the leg and one bullet grazed his forehead.

Marcus Garvey started other known organizations other than the Universal Negro Improvement Association, such as the African Communities League, African Legions, Women’s Auxiliary, Negro Factory, Eagle Flyings and African Motor.

Garvey started many black owned businesses in and around Harlem, from a chain of grocery stores, laundries, clothing stores, restaurants, a doll factory and a publishing house.

He told a crowd in Chicago, “I have seen Negro Banks in Washington and Chicago. Stores, cafés, restaurants, theaters, and real estate agencies that fill my heart with joy to realize that his purpose of race have sufficient pride to do things for themselves”. He also told one audience, “I came from surroundings not better than many of you, but my mind lifted me out of my surroundings. Nobody helped me toward that objective, except my own mind and God’s will”.

Sadly, Marcus Garvey was harassed by the FBI and the Department of Justice and got framed for mail fraud which led to his arrest in January 1922. Then he was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on February 15, 1922, went on trial May 18, 1923 and was found guilty of the charge on June 21, 1923. Garvey was granted Executive Clemency by President Calvin Coolidge, but the condition of that pardon was that he never set foot on U.S. soil again, and then he was deported back to Jamaica.

Marcus Garvey had a following of two million in the year 1919 and the U.S. knew in those times that was too much power for a so-called black man! Because our race could rise up and be Free, Proud and Powerful!

In closing, Marcus Garvey said, “when I am dead wrap the mantle of the red, black and green around me, look for me in the whirlwind of the storm, look for me all around you, for with me countless millions of black slaves who have died in America and the West Indies and the millions in Africa to aid you in the fight for Liberty, Freedom and Life”.

This is one of the many prominent so-called black individuals who has had a big influence on me, and I encourage the readers of this to read philosophy and opinions of Marcus Garvey to learn more about him and his life’s work.

Feel free to contact me at jpay.com or write:

Charles A. Jackson Bey #600271

Thumb Correctional Facility

3225 John Conley Dr.

Lapeer, MI 48446

Master Fard Muhammad

By: Darius-X (Lewis)

First I would like to start my letter off by saying peace be upon you all. Writing on this blog has really given me confidence in my expression and writing.

The African people who have inspired or influenced my change and growth are none other than Master Fard Muhammad “God in Person”, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad his Exalted Christ, and The Rock and Reminder, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I picked these 3 great men because of the works, deeds and sacrifices they have brought to America and our human family, and my life-giving teaching.

Before I came into the teaching I had no knowledge of myself. I was blind, deaf and dumb. I had eyes but I couldn’t see, ears but I couldn’t hear, a mouth but I couldn’t speak. My deepest thoughts until I got introduced to the teaching and that blindfold was taken off my eyes, those ear plugs were pulled out of my ears, and the knot had been untied on my tongue, where I can speak. So I give thanks and praise to these men who taught me to love myself and others of all races, creeds or class. These men taught me that God is and always has been a man, and that spirit does not exist outside of our physical bodies, not anywhere in space.

On July 4, 1930 the long awaited “Messiah” of the Christians and “Mahdai” of the Muslims came and blessed us, and taught one from among us, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, a knowledge that will destroy this wicked world and bring in a new Heaven. In 1931 it all began in Detroit when “Allah” met Elijah and taught a man with a 4th grade education the knowledge and wisdom that no scholars can trump.

These are the two men who taught me the total area of land and water of the Planet Earth: 196,940,000. These are the men who taught me the circumference of our planet: 24,896 miles. These great men taught me the diameter of our planet: 7,926. The land is 57,255,000 square miles. The water is 139,685,000 square miles. These great men taught us the speed of thought, which is 24 billion miles per second. These are the men, The Gods, who have influenced me to change though self-examination.

Being introduced to these teachings in prison, where it’s brutal circumstances, being away from your loved ones, not being treated like a human being and being subjugated every day. I was blessed to be in the classroom of God, and still studying in the classroom of God. Since being in this classroom I’ve met beautiful brothers who have studied for 5, 10, 15, 25 years, and in a place such as prison still manage to use their force and power and turn nothing into something.

So I thank Master Fard Muhammad for coming for the Lost and Found. The so-called Negro, AKA Nigga. Because without his coming and raising up Elijah, and “Elijah” raising up The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, I don’t know where I would be mentally, morally and spiritually.

So there would be no Darius X, no Malcom X and no Muhammad Ali of the world. There would be no Nation of Islam, there would be no Messenger of Allah (God), and there would be no Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan were it not for one man: Master Fard Muhammad. He is the foundation upon which the Nation of Islam was built, and he is the foundation upon which a universal government of peace will eventually be established!


Darius-X (Lewis)

Black History – Who Influenced My Growth and Change?

By: Deshawn Crenshaw #270497


Kidnapped from Africa at 6 years of age, brought west, and placed on the auction block, the family that purchased her was The Wheatleys. Despite the hate, Phillis went on to thrive, became educated and began writing poetry.

With only the above information on my Dear Sister, Known as Phillis, I began writing poetry. I found power in knowing that, although captive, my mind remains free! I often think of Sister Phillis, and I am currently working on a beautiful poem for her.

Phillis began to fall in love with a faith that she understood was different from where she had been taken from. Embracing the path that God allowed her to travel, inspires me to continue to press forward no matter what life may bring. Reader, I leave you with a poem from Phillis expressing her faith.


‘Twas mercy brought me from my pagan land,

Taught my benighted soul to understand

That there’s a God, and there’s a savior too,

Once I redemption neither sought nor knew

Some view our sable race with scornful eye

“Their colour is a diabolic die.”

Remember Christians Negros as black as Cain,

May be refin’d, and join th’ angelic train.

Contact Info: Find me on JPay.com here in the state of Michigan under: Deshawn Crenshaw #270497. I’m located at the Muskegon Correctional Facility.