Happy Momma Monday! (Part 7)


Let’s reflect
on everything that a Mother is.

Let’s honor
all of the things that a Mother has done.

Let’s appreciate
the capabilities that are impossible, that become possible through her… past&future.

Let’s live in the blessing of how much of a Gift of God she is.


Noble’Ju sheldonroyce

Happy Momma Monday! (Part 6)



It is not about what you deserve.

It’s a simple understanding of what you are worth.

Your every breath, your presence, your being is countless treasure.

Take the time to appreciate it.

Take the time to polish every portion.

Take the time to bask in yourself.

You are priceless, constantly exceeding in value.

Enjoy your interest… real/love

Noble’Ju sheldonroyce

Nothing Comes Easy That’s Worth Having

By: Charles A. Jackson Bey

A time that I succeeded but I thought I had failed was when I took my GED while incarcerated at a level 4 facility. In the past my first time taking the series of testing I was a young man enrolled in job core, and I had taken the GED a total of three times!

Each time was a dissatisfaction only because I had failed math every single time! As I passed other parts I had failed previously. Knowing the third time had to be a charm! I took it with complete confidence just to find out two weeks later I wouldn’t be getting my GED that year.

Now I gave up on obtaining my GED while in job core because I had to wait until the New Year started before I could test again! Which I thought was so dumb! But apparently you only can take the test three times a year and it was only July or August at that time. So I went through life brushing it off until I was left with no choice! And that was in level 4 St. Louis correctional facility.

I was told that if I didn’t have a GED I couldn’t work a prison job! So I demanded to be placed in school so I could take the test in order to provide for myself. I was sent GED practice books until I was able to be enrolled in class, which I studied to the best of my ability.

Now the last time I had seen a math book or any type of school book was 8 years prior to my incarceration! So I was beyond confused. When I finally was placed in class I was told my previous testing scores were not on file so I had to take the whole GED again! Which I raised hell about!

As I took these tests over again I ran into the same problem from my past! Passing part of the test and failing the math. The teacher wouldn’t let me retest right away so I had to study and be tutored which worked in my favor because my old test scores eventually got tracked down, which the parts I took over again boosted my GED original test score!

So that left me with just the math to worry about! I still had two attempts until my teacher broke the news: if we don’t get our GED for that year all of our scores would be erased because the GED is being changed to computer software. I couldn’t believe my ears! And knew that if I didn’t pass the math I would have to retest on everything that next year.

Results are in and I’m nervous like, it’s my third and final attempt! And I just know I got to go retake the math one more time because I didn’t feel like I did a good enough job. As he said my name in the class then calling out my GED score “you’ve passed Mr. Jackson, congratulations!” I thought he was joking around! As he seriously said “No, you actually passed! Your school days are over! You can go back to your unit and I’ll send you your GED certificate in the mail.”

I use that moment in my life today to help me with present situations and for future by remembering that nothing comes easy in life that’s worth having. That it will take several attempts to obtain the victory I’m truly looking for which is freedom and to become reunited with friends and family again. I used to think that if I didn’t obtain the results I was looking for in three attempts that I would just brush it off and move on with life. That’s not how success works! Because in order to know what victory feels like we have to understand what it means to fail before reaching that victory. And even then, it’s not a failure because it was a lesson for us to strive for the victory and refuse to be defeated! No matter how many times it took to reach that goal. I use this as an example of the success I know I have even though I appear to be in a failing situation.

Feel free to contact me by JPay or writing to:
Thumbs corr. facility
3225 John Conley Dr.
Lapeer, MI 48446

My Forever After

Roughly edged, yet fragile. Welcoming smile, a stare that slices to the core. A grown woman in all her glory, my baby. All at the same time….. It’s her Piscean nature.

She magnetized my heart….. Some would say, love at first sight. 2007 I was just passing through. She understood my plight. No hard feelings, right???

2011 The magnet activated her way. A bonding conversation about cats and puppies. Love magnified that day. She’s my forever after. Have you ever felt peace, happiness, and contentment in a dialogue?

Something happened to me that day in court, hearing 32-50 years for crimes I did not commit. She survived approximately 28 at that point. Sentenced 40-60 years…. I needed to know how to make it thru. Under her wings she nourished the best version I could possibly be. Advising me in a way that promoted peace. Showing me that focus, faith, and Hope gets me to the other side all while maintaining sobriety.

She cooks creatively, infused cuisine for the soul. Bringing together the community with a spork and a bowl. Those potato logs I’d never forget! Chicken, bacon, noodle bread is magnificent!

She skates with a glide so smooth, on the block she’s labeled the best. Visionary! If you ever seen her crafted journals you’d better understand. It’s amazing the crafts that come to life all by her hand. She’s so talented.

It was a blessing to have entangled with her 8 years and going strong. Lawanda Hollister you are the closest person to me and my bestest friend. I love you.

Tamerra Washington #486364

Happy Momma Monday! (Part 4)

To grieve for anything that has affected our life is to be in touch with our emotions. The aching for that piece of severance, awakens that great innate ability, to love again and again beyond understanding. The gift of this all began with the creation of you. The woman, the mother, the piece of God that fills every portion of life just the precise way with just the precise amount for life to know love more. Keep understanding this, keep realizing this so everyone else can indulge in another of your greatest gifts of strengths. Thank you, and you are Appreciated. real/love
Noble’Ju sheldonroyce


Anyways, question concerning is my situation – Life without Parole – a parole “ELIGIBLE” sentence?

+ Yes I’m saying that my situation with my sentence of Life without Parole is clearly “ELIGIBLE” for parole under Michigan Complied Law (M.C.L.).

Therefore, we must get a CAP of 30 – 35 years on LIFE (letters).

As it’s the only solution to the numerous issues ongoing for us Michiganders serving LIFE with or without PAROLE.

I’m tired of hearing legislation and other organizations are working on making LIFE “eligible after 25 years.” Clearly, we are already “eligible”. It just isn’t working!!


The process is lengthy and cumbersome. Yet, prisoners are “ELIGIBLE” for parole based on: M.C.L. 741. 244, Sec. 1., Sec. 2., and Sec. 2.(d) if a medical issue and must be an approval with the Bureau of Health Care Services, too.

Those serving LWP & LWOP must serve 10 calendar years, then they are allowed to see a Parole Board member. (Yet, NEVER are paroled). We call this our “first interview”.

Then every 5 years after that a “Lifer Review” of your MDOC file by a Parole Board member.

We are called into the Counselor’s Office to fill out and sign the “Prisoners Eligibility Report” (PER) form: Must provide 2 Names, address and phone number of location if paroled? Do you need SS card, Driver License or Community Placement?

However, rarely does one get an interview. We receive a “NO INTEREST” form in mail with the next five year date for the next “LIFER REVIEW” of your MDOC file.

If a LWP OR LWOP get an “INTEREST” then there is a date and time to see a Parole Board member “face-to-face” and one family or friend can attend, too.

Then, if that gets further “INTEREST” the Parole Board notifies the Governor, prisoners Judge, Prosecutor and victims for their approval.

Then, only if “all of them” approve “INTEREST” a Public Hearing is scheduled with three Parole Board Members, the Attorney General or Asst. Attorney General, and the victims of your crime are notified of the Public Hearing date and time.

Also, we can have our side of the room with our supporters for our release. At the Public Hearing a LWP or LWOP prisoner is placed on trial all over, again. Then each side gets to speak on their view of you and if you should or shouldn’t receive a parole date.

Then, after that the LWP or LWOP can get a “NO INTEREST” in mail with another five year date.

For twenty years, I’ve witnessed first-hand numerous women prisoners cry from the psychological pain of being DENIED, again after 25 to 45 years of incarceration. At a frail age of 65 to 85 years old.

During this time, I’ve only witnessed a few get an “NO INTERST” with their LIFER REVIEW yet, then approximately 2 to 3 months get a notice for a Public Hearing to be conducted after all.

Then there is MCL 791.244, Section 2.
Any prisoner, family member or friend can file a Commutation form every 2 years for release from prison.


Pull up the new MDOC Operational Policy on Commutation Application Process – O.P. 06.05.104D (6-7-2021)
Approved: HEW 4/29/2021.

Another way to dehumanize us. Clearly, numerous prisoners voice that the PC and Rum is unapproachable, now! Yet, now the “powers that be” want us to ask for a commutation application from them? Whew!

Just as “ALL” Staff are unapproachable @ WHV. Talk about a severe mental anguish, anxiety, fear, etc.


Red Dawgs – Long Live Redford Huskies

When was a time I succeeded and I thought I might fail? Good question. There were a few times where I succeeded when I thought, “Naw, it might not work.”

My first time is when I tried out for Redford’s basketball team and I didn’t make the cut. I kept showing up, I kept working hard to show I could make the team, and when the roster came out I made the team! I never thought I would play 4 years of high school basketball with some real special individuals. That was a time where I succeeded because I thought I wasn’t going to make the team.

We had players like Manny Harris and many others who were helluva ball players and I made the cut! What it meant to me is nothing is impossible and I could do whatever my mind is set on. Thoughts are powerful. The moment I would have gave up I wouldn’t have made the team. Being in the program I learned so much about myself and others that I carry with me today.


The prisons administration’s job is to keep us blissfully ignorant of who we are, what we think, and how will behave in a dense fog of reinforcement.

Our thoughts are shaped primarily by legacy hardware that evolved to assume that everyone else must be right.

Yet, even when the fog is pointed out, we’re no better at navigating through it. So, why, you may ask, do I go on talking, in here? Why go on year after year serving LIFE without parole?

It is because I pray I can save one person out of the thousands in the fog! That’s it! Now, I’m the heroine of my own story…I’m powerless to verify the “powers that be” in this private-gated community. As, they’ve created this fog for their profits.

However, my heart is as good and as worthy as wood. Even after the fire. Especially, when a convicted person can’t tap the brakes when they’re about to hit the brick wall.

It’s so simple, so obvious.

Exponential growth inside a finite system as prisons leads to collapse. Those in control refuse to see it…so the authority of those in control is “bankrupt” — Corrupt!

By this: numerous prisoners’ don’t make reality in here they evade it!

Those “powers that be” in prisons are looting capital from taxpayers and hiding the costs with profits. But, the bills are coming and they want be able to pay. When the injustice of wrongful convictions continue to be revealed.

In and of itself, a secret all Individuals in society needs to understand and grapple.

√√√ Sybil

Happy Momma Monday! (Part 3)

Your love is all love
Your love is enough
Your love is everything that is ever needed
Your love is God’s love
Your love is
Your love
Happy Momma Monday U- R- Greatness! real/love

Noble’Ju sheldonroyce