Last month I lost a great friend and brother. Andre (Dreno) Finley tragically lost his life in a car accident July 22 2021. This completely caught me off guard as I just spoke to him days prior. I recently told him about the great things happening with my case.

Its never easy getting that jpay to call home because someone you know has passed. It is very hard to pay your respect from a distance. I’m going to use my platform to show my respect to a great friend.

Dreno will be missed tremendously by his family and friends. He was such a positive guy to talk to. May your music live on and your legacy never be forgotten. Salute to my brother.

In his honor I will be donating to a local music program in his honor. Rest In Paradise

By. Joseph Green

Treating People More Fairly

By: Charles A. Jackson Bey

Treating people more fairly has so many perspectives when it comes to the ideology of others, and this topic could be discussed well beyond the surface. In regards to my perspective of treating people more fairly has to start within the root of a person’s heart. We tend to lean on the saying: Do unto others as you want to be done! But in reality, how many people live by that?

Yes, you might say “I treat people with respect” or “I’m polite to everyone”, but to treat people more fairly has a deeper meaning. Which is to extend more help to those you really don’t want to help, or to take time to understand instead of rushing to judgment when it comes to others we may fail to learn about.

It’s easy to respect those you choose to respect, or to be polite because a person might seem people friendly and has a nice smile. But what about the trouble teen who has to steal to feed himself because his parents are on drugs? Or the homeless woman who turn dates just to provide herself an income? Or the young lady who has been molested by family her entire childhood and is told it’s her fault for not saying anything?

What about the people who served a significant amount of time in prison and have turned their life around? But looking solely at the charges of their past you see just another criminal. So now my question is: who’s willing to treat these individuals more fairly? Which to start is how we mend the broken wires to help repair lives of others as a whole and how we begin to see a better community.

For me, to treat people more justly is sharing the knowledge I have obtained as a rehabilitated Man. Because I would be doing an unjust deed to just up and turn a blind eye to the many problems that need to be addressed. When I know the solution is Unity along with many other factors. I know that knowledge is the key that unlocks many doors for people! But as long as those who know keep the ignorant ‘Death, Dumb & Blind’ we’ll keep entering into revolving doors! As the saying goes: “History Repeats Itself”, only because we refuse to break the cycle in this present moment as we proceed into our future.

Education is my way of changing the lives in schools, because as we know, certain knowledge can’t be obtained in classrooms simply because it is not taught. Which could save so many potential students from dropping out or continuing their schooling well after receiving their high school diploma. If only they were actually taught a curriculum that dealt with real life issues.

As I know, this is how the community is affected on a positive level when you have more children that are properly educated. When it is proven that communities are run down by those who have no proper education, jobs, or any additional outlets to obtain resources to help better themselves. So to be humane is doing better for those who don’t know better! And not just saving those you desire, but those individuals who you really don’t want to acknowledge as being worthy of your helping hand.

Feel free to contact me through jpay.com or write to:

Thumb Correctional Facility

3225 John Conley Drive

Lapeer, MI 48446


Name: Ahjamu Kalifah Baruti

Slave Name: Richard Lee Carter

Hostage #: 178539

The best piece of advice that I can give to someone I’ve placed in this Poem entitled: “Life”

Life is a challenge—-meet it.

Life is a gift—accept it.

Life is an adventure—dare it.

Life is a duty—perform it.

Life is a sorrow—overcome it.

Life is a tragedy—face it.

Life is a mystery—unfold it.

Life is an everyday struggle—fight it because it will strengthen you.

Life is a goal—achieve it

Life is about making decisions—obtain all the knowledge (information) you can it will assist you in making better Life decisions.

Most of all Life is a puzzle—we solve it by using our God given minds to the fullest of our abilities. A mind is a terrible thing to waste! If you do use your own mind—then someone else will use it for you, and the outcome might not be to your liking.

Happy Momma Monday! (Part 10)

A modern author once said:

“What we do on some great occasion will probably depend on what we already are, and what we already are will be the result of previous years of self-discipline”.

This is the regular life of a mother. So when something great needs to be performed, she is never out of character…just something else that must be done.


Noble’Ju sheldonroyce

Happy Momma Monday! (Part 9)

If only for this day…

If only for this moment

I want you to realize

I want you to believe

I want you to know

I want you to understand


I want you to live in that this instant. Because you are exactly the perfect you that God has made. Appreciate yourself in all of your perfection. I DO.


Noble’Ju sheldonroyce

Your Actions

Name: Ahjamu Kalifah Baruti
Slave Name: Richard Lee Carter
Hostage # 178539

Dig deep to identify and explain how you personally can treat people more justly:

Response: By treating the people how you would like to be treated, with Love, Respect, Kindness, Understanding and Balance it with Justice.

Describe what treating people fairly and humanity looks like to you.

Response: No matter what a person’s race, religion, etc. may be, treat them as a human being first and foremost. This is what humanity looks like to me.

How might your actions make a difference in schools and communities?

Response: We as people have been lied to by politicians, etc. for so long. We have to be real (truthful) in our words and actions when dealing with the children in the schools, and the people in the communities. We must lead by “example”; Also being active and going out and engaging in certain economic activities, which would develop the communities and schools.


Name: Ahjamu Kalifah Baruti
Slave Name: Richard Lee Carter
Hostage #: 178539

The closet person to me in my life without a doubt would have to be my Beloved Mother.

She gave birth to me at a very early age, 15-years old, in Mound Bayou, Mississippi on July 18, 1955.

My father was 17-years old at the time of my birth, and my Beloved Mother and he got married a couple years later.

I am the oldest of three other siblings. I am my Beloved Mother’s first born.

My Beloved Mother is not only my mother, but my friend who I grew up having conversations about life, etc…

My Beloved Mother has a caring heart with people in need and very loving towards all her children, and other people that come into her life.

To share a brief story about my Beloved Mother: I recall her telling me if I ever run from a fight home after a bully is harassing me at school, then I would have to deal with her. This gave me the “courage” to stand my ground at school when I encounter a bully at school. I rather fight a bully than deal with my Beloved Mother.

I still have that same “courage” as a grown man today to continue to be a fighter when an obstacle enters my life to fight (struggle) through it. Never let it defeat me!

A Positive Example

There is a lesson in everything we do, and the people we let into our circle are very important because birds of a feather flock together.

No matter where you are there is always a positive example around you showing you what you need to be doing for yourself to be better in this life we have. If only you would pay attention to the living angels in your midst. Me, I’ve been blessed to have a positive example. A beautiful brother who encourages me and pushes me mentally to keep fighting for my freedom and setting a positive example for me. How can be taught except a teacher be sent. God places great people in your life for you to see the potential that’s within you.

Being around my brother JX helps me to stay focused on the goal, which is freedom, justice and equality. It’s funny how you meet some of your lifelong friends and brothers in some unique and difficult circumstances in your life. Being incarcerated, most would think it’s just men in here who are gang bangers and thugs and men who don’t want better for themselves, but I am here to tell you there are amazing minds within this calaboose. I personally can say they had a positive effect on my life. I wouldn’t be who I am today if It wasn’t for The Nation of Islam and these teachings of Elijah Muhammad bringing these positive examples into my life, showing me I can reach a frequency of thought I never dreamed of. Positively, creating and bringing into existence the things I desire the most. Brothers like that showed me there’s more to life. It’s a better way of living, thinking, eating right, being disciplined and having consistency. Love for self and others. I was taught by a wise man to do unto others as you would do unto yourself, so I live by those principles.

That leads me to the next question: how do you treat people? By being truthful with them regardless of the circumstances and having love and respect for that individual’s own uniqueness? There is a difficulty factor attached to everything of value. The greater the value, the greater the difficulty of attaining that which we desire. This is true in every aspect of life. So it may be difficult for some of us to do because we have been treated unfairly by our oppressors, but don’t let someone else’s negative energy be passed on to you. Fair dealings with each other will produce better and more positive interactions. I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

As the wonderful Maya Angelou said, and I am a firm believer of, people will never forget how you made them feel. So be the creator of the light that people see in you, because men and women can reflect God or animal!

Peace and Love… Darius Lewis

Michigan Justice Advocacy Proposal Concerns

TO: All Concerned
FROM: Michigan Lifers
SUBJECT: Michigan Justice Advocacy

I’m writing on behalf of many lifers (with and without parole) who are very concerned and disappointed after finding out that the Michigan Justice Advocacy (MJA) organization has decided not to include caps for lifers in its bill proposal for prison reform and to focus only on good time for indeterminate sentences. MJA will present this proposal to the public next year and attempt to gather 340,000 signatures in order to place the proposed bill in the ballet for the upcoming election. (MJA) believes it will succeed in passing the good time bill if caps for lifers are not mentioned for now to the public and focus on lifers in some future date.

Are you all aware of MJA proposal?

MJA’s belief is based not on facts but merely speculations that will have detrimental effects on all lifers. You all know, specifically those who have served time that it will be impossible to convince the public or the legislatures to pass a bill that focuses only on lifers. To remind you, how many years it took to abolish life sentences for juveniles, and despite the Supreme Court ruling on this subject, the states continue to fight tooth and nail and refuse to grant relief to many juveniles. We were also promised that after the passing of the juvenile law, the focus will be on caps for lifers, but so far not a single initiative has been made on that subject. The bottom line is that it will be impossible to achieve any reform for lifers if they are not included with the good time bill.

We have put our faith and trust on you all. We also believe that prison reform is for everyone and not for a certain group. Why does MJA attempt to discriminate towards lifers, a group that continue to suffer the most since the truth in sentencing was implemented? Perhaps MJA is driven by conflict of interest, maybe one of its advocates who has a family member incarcerated is desperate in passing the good time and thinking that by leaving lifers out the public will vote for the bill? I can speculate in thousands of ways how to make it easier for the public to be convinced on the prison reform. Will advocates of MJA would have liked that the prison reform would be for first time felons or not violent offenders? I’m pretty sure the public will be easy convinced with only those proposals. But will that be fair to the rest of prison population? I’m pretty sure MJA advocates would not want that because it doesn’t benefit them or their family members!

The prison sentences, not crime, is the reason for mass incarceration. MJA prison reform bill proposal doesn’t take this into consideration. A Prison Reform Bill must include all sentences and look at prisoner’s individual current conduct and who are no longer a menace to society. That’s what prison reform should be about!

To conclude, we lifers ask all organizations to prevent MJA bill proposal and to include caps for lifers in all bills for prison reform. We are also instructing our families and friends to not support any bill that will exclude us.

I greatly appreciate you for taking the time on this matter and hope you will understand and voice our concerns.