A B e a u t i f u l A l o n e

There is such a place, such a state of being where, you can, and really experience the omnipotence of being absolutely blessed in being yourself! Oh the magnificence of being so emblazed with the divinity of the universe all on you and through you! The contentment structures assurance with so much momentum. In just being yourself, in just being everything that has given you the time and space to continuously refine this You you have beautifully become.

As you become more and more filled full of that same breath of God particle, the same aura and the same energy flowing through and sustaining you as is maintaining life itself, the more beautiful you see, feel, and live it. All that I am saying is, the peace that sets you free from the past and present ills of the world is so exhilarating. That feeling of being secure, of being content, of truly being at peace with and within yourself is magical. Wanting to give what is permeating from you to every one of your loved ones to experience for themselves, is a dynamic punctuation of reality.

Clearly realizing that everyone has to complete their own journey within themselves onto this euphoria. Even in all of the alone time and space you find yourself in, you find that, it is the most beautiful discovery, this, finding of your self. This ambience affords you peace in the midst of the circus, the parades, the quakes of challenges and/or anything that could possibly coax you to participate instead of truly resonating in peace. This place of peace, this serenity, stipulates that it’s yours, and yours alone. This is a beautiful alone indeed. Where just being you, just being yourself is good…is great enough to fulfill the capacity of any moment. Feeling so grand that, you know what the power of God actually means, is and articulates because every molecule of your being has God in it. So awe inspired by the strength and the delicate resolve that encompasses your ideas, thoughts, and actions. It begins being less than necessary, but an innate ability to be honored with the opportunity of solace, in your own space of universe.

Being the sole proprietor, you live comfortably unapologetic for residing here, finally. Be thankful. Keep living according to your ideal self. Everything that you have willed yourself through has prepared you for this piece of peace. This is a sanctuary that you have afforded yourself by being yourself. It is so powerful standing on, and walking on, your own. Discover and keep rediscovering a beautiful alone.
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keep your eyes wide mind wise & ball thru it all
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