Another Chance at Life!

My name is Jerome Lamont Walker, most people knows me as D.J.

I am very grateful and thankful to have air in my body, to have a strong support system, and that I was given this platform to express myself and my deepest feelings.

His a story about myself that most people probably don’t know. I was sentenced to life in prison back in 1998. I was only 17. Today I am a 40 year old man.

I could’ve been gave up on life, or came in here as if I had a chip on my shoulders, and began doing some evil things. Instead I put it in my head that one day, I’m gone return home.

After being denied on all of my appeals, back in 2008 I received a letter from Ms. Labelle from ACLU talking about how she is working on a way to give all of us juveniles lifers who was sentenced to life without parole, a second chance at life. As sentencing us to life was a violation of our 8th amendment and we should all be resentenced to a term of years instead of life.

This was back in ’08. As the years went on, we fought and fought until the Supreme courts said that it was unconstitutional to have us juvenile lifers to do the rest of our life in prison for something we had done when we were juveniles.

Twice the prosecutors had filed on me and asked the courts to keep the life sentenced on me. The last time they filed on me was earlier in January.

I was hurt and disappointed and couldn’t understand why did they filed for me to continue to do life when the courts said that it was cruel and unusual punishment?

Instead of once again, giving up I decided to stay humble.

Two weeks ago the prosecutor of Wayne County offered me a deal. 35+2 to 60. They said I only have a little wiggle room to counter.

Now 35+2 meaning that I only have 7 more years to go before I am release on parole. I decided to countered that offer with 30+2 which means, due to me having discipline credits, I would only have 2 and a half years to do.

Late Thursday night, my lawyer emailed me a message on JPay saying that they accepted my offer of 30+2. Meaning after serving approximately of 25 years, I’ll be returning back to society.

I’m grateful and still humble for them excepting my offer and giving me another chance at life, I’m grateful for having a strong support system, and for the air I have in my lungs.

Most importantly, I am thankful for the learning experience. Back in ’98 I don’t think I would had lived to see past it. Now, I am a thinking man and I have goals and ambition to be somebody great. Most important I can now leave behind an everlasting Legacy.

Jerome Walker (D.J.)