Blessed and Highly Favored

Name: Ahjamu Kalifah Baruti (a.k.a.-slave name: Richard Lee Carter)

Hostage No: #178539

Address: Saginaw Correctional Facility

9625 Pierce Road

Freeland, Michigan 48623

As briefly ponder upon what is the things in my 66-years of life to have gratitude for, I can truly say I AM and have been Blessed and Highly Favored!

Half of my adult life have been incarcerated here in the Belly of the Beast (prison). 37-straight years of incarceration. I am doing a virtual life sentence (life in numbers/years). I am still “Grateful” for my life. Life consists of making decisions and evolving to a higher level of consciousness. The more knowledge (information) that I’ve been obtaining through my avid reading and studying in my 37-years of incarceration is preparing me to make better life decisions upon my release back into society (being fully matured).

I am “Grateful” to have this Quality time to intensely read and study daily in my classroom (cell) by becoming a student of life.

I am most “Grateful” that the Creator have bestowed his favors and blessings upon my Beloved Mother and Baba (father) that they both are still living giving me the opportunity during my incarceration to “Atone” for my wrongs that I’ve done in life and to others, and the shame that I’ve bestowed upon my Beloved parents and the hurt that I’ve caused them by coming to prison—because they did not raise a criminal, I just made poor decisions in my life.

I am “Grateful” for the opportunity to see another day. The “root” word for Gratitude is humbleness of the heart to appreciate every little thing that is done to advance us in our growth and development as human beings. I am “Grateful” for everything that life has to offer to breathe fresh oxygen to sustain our lives, water to replenish and nourish our bodies, sunshine, etc… That the Creator gives to each one of us freely.

If we begin to count our Blessings, then we would see there is so much abundance to be “Grateful” for, and we would not allow ourselves to feel emotionally down.

When we truly begin to Love the Creator with a sincere heart we begin to be “Grateful”.

I am “Grateful” for my four sons and one daughter, my 13 grandchildren, and one great grandchild. I am “Grateful” after a night rest (sleep) to have replenish my body with the energy it needs to start another day of living.

I am “Grateful” for life to make a better life for myself and others. I am “Grateful” just to be able to witness and marvel over the Creators Creation. Gratefulness is the Love of the Creator!