The Thoughts


Written on 11-3-16 *Introduction* A lot of people say home is where the heart is, I agree. But home can also be where the pain are suffering are. Sometimes people forget that a lot of pieces play a part of the way a person is. In this piece I wanted to show the other side […]

Dark Freedom

Written on 3-17-16 *Introduction* Dark Freedom is the very first poem I wrote incarcerated. It took me a while to get out of the writer’s block I was in. Even though this is my first prison sentence, I was thinking about the times when I did county time and coming home to absolutely nothing and […]

HOUSE BILL 4489 – We Need Your Help!

Michigan is striving to reform its prison system, but this can’t be done if the state representatives don’t hear from you! Please take 5 minutes out of your day to call Representative Graham Filler at 877-859-8086 to show your support for House Bill 4489. This will allow those incarcerated an opportunity to earn disciplinary credit […]

Our Gardens

There was a man who planted a garden for the very first time. He got a book and followed all the instructions that were given in order to have the proper harvest. He bought all the seeds, he waited for the right season, he turned the soil and then he began to plant. After several […]


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