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A Human Life is Priceless

Name: Ahjamu Kahlifah baruti Slave Name: Richard lee Carter Hostage # 178539 Topic: My personal thoughts on the trial of Derek Chauvin; and if I think justice was given to George Floyd? The guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial triggered an out pouring of emotions and a sense of relief among Afrikan (Black […]


By: Darren Cross The primary objective of meditation is to strengthen awareness. The natural extension of meditation in daily life is “mindfulness”. Very often in daily life our consciousness drifts to conversations and events of the past or hopes and fears of the future. Mindfulness in my estimation is a steadfast effort to remain in […]

Food for Thought – What is the Point of Mass Incarceration?

Two pitbulls face to face, full aggression, but on a chain. It’s the sound of a correction officer arguing with an inmate. This is what I wake up to. Is this normal? Is this the teachings of how we are to conduct ourselves in our community? Please tell me….. What is the point of this […]

Food for Thought – MDOC Visits & Chauvin Trial

“Food For Thought” “I Thought Natural Life Would Kill My Soul it did the Opposite!” Current MDOC Visiting My thoughts on MDOC visiting: it has been a very long year since we have had the opportunity to have a contact visit, and me having a sentence where visiting is necessary I am thankful. But there […]


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