This morning I read this inscription on the inside cover of The International Yoga Guide, and I am urged to share this with you for this MommaMonday moment….. song: ”Spirit” by Beyonce’
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Yoga Research Foundation
Miami Florida, USA
”Blessed Self,
Live to be united with God! Bask in the sunshine of satsanga(the company of the truth/good). Be good. Do good. Exercise your self-effort. Enjoy the shower of Divine Grace and flow on to God-realization! 
Be lofty in your wisdom, sublime in your thoughts, Divine in your feelings and gracious in of good deeds.
Live to serve and adore God. Enjoy the Nectar of Divine Love. Be immersed in the ocean of Love! Light! &Bliss!! Hari Om!
May God shower His choicest blessings on you!
with Prem and Om”
Swami Jyotirmayananda
*************HAPPY MOMMA MONDAY**************
Noble’Ju. sheldonroyce

A B e a u t i f u l A l o n e

There is such a place, such a state of being where, you can, and really experience the omnipotence of being absolutely blessed in being yourself! Oh the magnificence of being so emblazed with the divinity of the universe all on you and through you! The contentment structures assurance with so much momentum. In just being yourself, in just being everything that has given you the time and space to continuously refine this You you have beautifully become.

As you become more and more filled full of that same breath of God particle, the same aura and the same energy flowing through and sustaining you as is maintaining life itself, the more beautiful you see, feel, and live it. All that I am saying is, the peace that sets you free from the past and present ills of the world is so exhilarating. That feeling of being secure, of being content, of truly being at peace with and within yourself is magical. Wanting to give what is permeating from you to every one of your loved ones to experience for themselves, is a dynamic punctuation of reality.

Clearly realizing that everyone has to complete their own journey within themselves onto this euphoria. Even in all of the alone time and space you find yourself in, you find that, it is the most beautiful discovery, this, finding of your self. This ambience affords you peace in the midst of the circus, the parades, the quakes of challenges and/or anything that could possibly coax you to participate instead of truly resonating in peace. This place of peace, this serenity, stipulates that it’s yours, and yours alone. This is a beautiful alone indeed. Where just being you, just being yourself is good…is great enough to fulfill the capacity of any moment. Feeling so grand that, you know what the power of God actually means, is and articulates because every molecule of your being has God in it. So awe inspired by the strength and the delicate resolve that encompasses your ideas, thoughts, and actions. It begins being less than necessary, but an innate ability to be honored with the opportunity of solace, in your own space of universe.

Being the sole proprietor, you live comfortably unapologetic for residing here, finally. Be thankful. Keep living according to your ideal self. Everything that you have willed yourself through has prepared you for this piece of peace. This is a sanctuary that you have afforded yourself by being yourself. It is so powerful standing on, and walking on, your own. Discover and keep rediscovering a beautiful alone.
n o b l e f i l e s ****** r e a l l a j o u r n a l s

keep your eyes wide mind wise & ball thru it all
Mstr.SheldonRoyceMarch. scroll:.09.06.2021

Petition Michigan Parole Board!!

Dear Family, Friends, Supporters & Well Wishers, my name is Archie Lee Thomas, I am preparing to petition the Michigan parole board and governor for a commutation. I have been incarcerated for nearly three (3) decades. I was given a parolable life sentence, 35 to 60yrs and 30 to 50yrs. I am a changed man. I definitely do not have the same mindset nor do I view life as I did in my teens and 20s now that I am in my 50s. I have been on a course of Self-Improvement as I have gained the discipline to control my actions and thoughts. I am ready to get out and live an honest life. I am constantly preparing myself to transition back into society as a law abiding citizen. I have been educated and earned certificates in Food Technology, Custodial Maintenance Training and a few more areas that has been useful to me. I have maintained a work assignment (job) throughout the years in which has allowed me to develop a grit and grind type type of work ethic. I am currently studying the CDL manual to increase my chances of employment. I know that the job market is wide open for people like me who want to work. I’m ready to get out and live my life and justify my existence. No one has become successful without the assistance and help from someone else. I am facing an uphill battle, but with your support I can make it. If you are willing to support my efforts in being released from prison you can log onto my “link tree” at: ( On my. “link tree” you can do one or two things for me: 1. Click a link to sign a petition for my sentence to be commuted. 2. Click a link to fill out a form with all the information needed to create a professional support letter for my commutation. I have a “Reunification Strategist” (Jennifer Szenay) a.k.a. Jenn, that will help critique your letter if you choose to write a support letter on my behalf. PLEASE share this information with all of your followers on Facebook, Instagram, and any media outlet that’s used. I made some bad decisions when I was younger and I live with those regrets. I take full responsibility for my actions. I have served enough time, my perception of reality is totally different then it use to be. With the remaining years of my life I want my good deeds to outweigh my bad deeds. Thank you for your time and support. Archie

Happy Momma Monday!

Good morning beautiful! Life is so much better with your presence. You make the experience in life a treasured event, from just being you. I can see how much God has given life when I see the world with one single word in it: Mother. You are the bounty of life; you are the glory that man seeks; you are the worth in living. Thank you. real/love

Noble’Ju sheldonroyce

Faith is the Foundation

FAITH IS THE FOUNDATION By: Joseph Green “DON’T LET WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH MAKE YOU THINK GOD DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU. HE DOES. GOD IS NOT THROUGH WITH YOU YET, SO NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM. CERTAIN THINGS HAVE TO FALL APART, SO BETTER THINGS CAN COME TOGETHER. NEVER LET YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES SILENCE YOUR PRAISE. GOD GOT YOU! – TRENT SHELTON If you know me then you know i love quotes of substance. This quote spoke to me because in the beginning of this ordeal I thought God didnt care about my injustice. I couldnt wrap my mind around the fact that a person could come to court and unapologetically lie on me. How could God allow this? This environment has a way of making you think that God has abandon or forgotten about you. It will make you think that your family and friends have abandon or forgotten about you. You will equate this to God punishing you for something you didnt get caught for in the past. Day after day i asked the question WHY? And WHY ME? I thought in my mind what did i do to deserve something of this magnitude. Today I see that this was apart of my journey that he had for me. I can honestly say I needed this time of reflection and self discovery. I thought i knew something….I thought i knew myself but I didnt. God had to destroy the parts of me that was holding me back from growth in my spiritual,mental and emotional development. Apart of me had to die so apart of me could live. I have so much gratitude for the journey allah has embarked upon me. Granted its been tough but the lessons and knowledge ive been given has made me a better man for my family and for my community. Look back on the journey of all the great fighters of justice. They had to endure much to cultivate and bring out what God placed within them. For anyone reading this I want to encourage you to trust the journey and process that God placed on you. No matter what your going through God has a plan. There is lessons that we must learn by experiencing certain things. We must be able to see the good in the midst of the tragedy. I trust the process now more then ever. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. More coming soon!!

Is The Hood a Killer of Dreams?


BY: TOBY R. DAVIS #234179

I RECALL THE time when I was about 9 years of age and I found myself in a physical confrontation with my friend, Kareem, who at the time was around the same age as me, but happened to be bigger than me in size. In my mind however none of that even mattered to me because I had the real advantage over him with my imagined super power! After we both wrestled and rolled around on the grass grappling each other, we then stood back up to face-off when he decided to deliver me a rock-solid punch straight to my gut that caused me to double over in excruciating pain.
Then suddenly, it happened in broad daylight in front of everyone without warning. My eyes turned a bright, fluorescent red and my muscles began bulging out causing my clothes to rip apart off my body as I slowly transitioned from the humbled David Banner to now the huge formidable green-skinned beast known only as the Incredible Hulk!
”Aarrghh! Aarrghh!” I roared loudly, as the tears streamed down my cheeks. I was hotter than fish grease inside Hell’s kitchen.
With all my teeth clenched tightly together and my face shivering ferociously, I squeezed every muscle in my bony body; even my small pectoral muscles with both fist balled up tightly as I glanced around menacingly at the un-threatened spectators. I was now imitating the Hulk as I had seen him many times before on the TV screen. 
Looking back at that incident I couldn’t help but laugh at myself as did everyone else who stood nearby at the time watching me do my best impersonation of the Incredible Hulk that had failed to have the same effect as it did on the actual TV show where everyone immediately turned around and hightailed it to safety.
I shared that story with you from my childhood for a reason — not just for mere kicks. That particular occurrence marked a special period in my life when I was still innocent. It was a time when I felt completely free to dream and use my vivid imagination to take me anywhere in the world; or better yet, to be any of my favorite superheroes such as: Superman, Batman, He-man, and even Popeye the Sailor Man who my mother often used to coax me into eating my portion of green spinach at dinner when I was younger.
”You do want to be like Popeye, don’t you? Well then, you better eat your spinach, boy!” she encouraged me.
I would then demolish it.
But sadly as time went on I gradually stopped using my vivid imagination. I stopped believing in my super power that I once believed I was in possession of and allowed my will to be thwarted by the loud and negative voices on the outside of me; instead of remaining faithful to the still, small voice inside of me that once convinced me that all my goals were attainable and possible if only I believed in myself and my ability to achieve them. In Genesis 11:6 affirms that nothing they have imagined they could do would be impossible for them.
That I could in fact conquer my biggest fears and materialize my wildest dreams and aspirations until that still, small voice inside me began to be drowned out by the loud and unruly voices outside of me. It eventually overpowered my conviction and coerced me to yield to the belief that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, or even strong enough to be a superhero and save the world. In Proverbs 4:20 affirms, listen to my words; and tune your ears to my voice. We should never underestimate how brilliant we are and that we are only limited by how we see ourselves.
As a young boy I had no idea that God was speaking to me through that small, still voice inside me. The voice that would become completely inaudible after rendering me one last and final warning that ultimately fail on deaf ears. 
”Take heed, my dear son, before ye can set out to safe the world from all the villains, ye must first save thyself from becoming one.”


How a slave master treats their slave…

By: Charles A. Jackson Bey

The question was posed in what ways have I seen the prison system take advantage of prisoners receiving stimulus money? And I would simply say: How a slave master treats their slave!!! unfair, cruel, and inhumane.

We all know that the slave master never wants to see the slave on equal footing! as them because this Intel’s that they recognized them as being accepted as human beings. When in reality they do not! because of the mentality of being superior to someone they label as inferior and beneath their feet and for prisoners we all are considered wild animals in the eyes of those who think we are unredeemable.

The prison plantation owners has not accepted the idea that we to are apart of the economy and have been tax paying individuals as well. Especially if they consider the facts of every prisoner who has been paying tax on items off the prisoner store such as for, Over the Counter Meds, Vitamin Supplements, and Hygiene Products etc.

Which is how we play apart of the economy, not to mention our $5.00 co pay we have to pay for every trip we take to health care, rather it be for dental, optimal or medical services. Since the former President Donald Trump issued every American Citizen $1,200 and then $600 along with the Biden administration issuing out another $1,400 hundred dollars. Price inflation took control to seize the funds back immediately!!! throughout America from every citizen who really needed the cares act relief.

Prisoners have already been getting fleeced! way before the pandemic took place! this just gave plantation owners an even greater excuse to capitalize on their selfish greed & cunning ways. This allowed them to raise prices! even higher on everything! prisoners buys the most! of off the prisoner store! along with them not even raising prison wages which has not increased over the last 30years!

Which the pay scale for kitchen workers was 17.5¢ for unskilled 23.5¢ for semiskilled & 32.5¢ for skilled prisoners per hour. Then they just added another half cent to justify price inflation.

Another way the prison system took advantage of prisoners getting stimulus money is seizing the funds for debt collection either institutional or for court cost & restitution that was owed or any other debt obligations. The only people who was fortunate to at least see the money was those who were not in debt.

The sad part is that the IRS contacted the Michigan Department Of Corrections (MDOC) informing them that on December 27, 2020, the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) of 2021 became law. This law provides for second round of stimulus payments up to $600 dollars per qualified individual to be issued by January 15, 2021 to most people. That incarcerated people are eligible for these payments, also that State Jails & Prisons are Not allowed to take portions of the (CAA) stimulus payments to pay off any debts.

Now due to the $600 dollars being exempt from debt collection MDOC didn’t process any of the debit cards the $600 came on and sent them back to the IRS. But if it came in check form the facility process the funds for these individuals which were very few! considering most funds came in debit cards.

Now this is the corruption aspect of everything on a greater scale! for every prisoner whose 1040 tax form was filed in a timely manner, the (IRS) was unable to process all claims in time. So prisoners who did not receive any of the funds had to file the Tax Rebate Recovery Credit.

Upon the third round stimulus payments coming from the Biden administration the Michigan Department Of Corruption issued out messages, the first stated:

MDOC is currently receiving tax refund checks for prisoners who filed a 2020 IRS tax form and are eligible to receive Rebate Recovery Credit The (IRS) advised the MDOC that all tax refund checks are subject to debt collection, including all Rebate Recovery Credit funds.

Legislation exempting the $600 Second Economic Impact Payment does not extend to tax refunds.

Then the second message stated: MDOC is currently receiving (EIP) funds for third round stimulus payment to prisoners. Some payments are being received from the IRS in the form of a check and some as a (debit card). EIP (debit cards) received for the 3rd stimulus payment will be (activated), (processed) through the (GTL kiosk) and deposited to prisoners accounts.

Which could of been done for the $600 that came on debit cards but since it was (exempt from debt collection) MDOC didn’t process them out of their selfish greed & hate for prisoners. Which was a discrimination act towards all prisoners who had to refile under the tax rebate recovery credit. Simply because some prisoners did get funds unmolested into their accounts & others didn’t and the IRS is a key factor to this discrimination. 

So when you take into account the price inflation that has took place and the prisoners who can’t afford these items from a lack of financial means. Due to penny earned prison wages & not receiving a dime! of any of the stimulus payments. We suffer from not being able to provide ourselves with basic necessities such as hygiene products, over the counter medicine, vitamins, as well as nutrition foods etc. 

This is how I saw the prison system take of advantage of me and many other prisoners, not realizing many of us intended to send money home to help our love ones in need and to survive in this crisis just like everyone else! but yet we continue to witness the rich get rich! while the poor stay poor, suffer & die!!!

Feel free to contact me through or write me at:
Thumb Corr. Facility
3225 John Conley Drive
Lapeer, MI 48446

An Inspirational Quote

An Inspirational Quote From J.C. Riley
by J.C. Riley #288310


What a man Loves
is Displayed by how
his Time is spent.

A man who loves to Lie
will speak Falsehood
in the simplest of Conversations,
and will deny the Truth,
even in the face of Fact.

A man who loves Chaos
will spread Disorder
in the most serene of atmospheres,
and will fan the flames of Panic,
even where there is nothing to Fear.

A man who loves to Steal
will Take from whatever
his fingers can Touch,
and will rob even the Blind
of whatever he can see.

For what a man Loves
he does even in his Sleep.
While his mind sows the Seeds,
the Deeds his hands will Reap.

Lack of Physical Connection Pt 2-Amy Black

Then covid 19 hit. And his cancer spread to his brain. my court hearing was March , 2021 by zoom of course because life as we know it has not been the same since Covid 19 hit. My dad died two days before my hearing. He never even got to know I was going to actually be getting out or that the judge would write a wonderful decision in my behalf. When I went to pick up the legal mail telling me the judge had ruled in my favor and I was going to go home after 31 years of having a natural life sentence! The first and only thing I wanted to do was hug both my parents and look into their eyes and see the genuine happiness that I know had never truly come from me or any thing I ever did before coming here. It was because of Covid that I never got to see my dad in person again. He continued to ask me if he could come see me again up until the last week before he passed when he was strictly bed ridden. That’s something I have no idea how I will ever be able to get out of my head. Those visions of him leaving while I looked at the picture tickets in my hand, tears dropped onto the picture tickets and smeared the black marker they at the store wrote my name on them with. Today I still have 20 picture tickets that I will never use. Every time I see them in my property it just reminds me again of another life lost, during a time In the world when a pandemic separated us from ppl we love so much. its taken so much from so many ppl so many firsts and just like for me, so many lasts. This leaves an emptiness that just cannot be put into words. Its something only kindred spirits can feel. Unless you have actually been affected in this way on a personal level that simple loss of physical contact can mean literally the difference between life and death. There are not enough words available to express that feeling. They can only be found inside the tears shed and the prayers sent up.
pray for my pain.
Amy l. Black 8-3-21 2:39a.m.

Lack of Physical Connections-Amy Black

In this question I would like to attempt to answer question # 1. Which reads:  

How has the lack of physical connections with friends and family affected you over the last year?

Personally, in a word ”painfully!!” in 3 words: Unbelievably incomprehensibly suffocating.

After losing my mother unexpectedly and very suddenly in October of 2016, I was sure my life couldn’t go on. Every thing I saw, heard, smelled, touched, imagined or I sensed with one of my senses reminded me of a memory of her that was fresh & new & had never floated through my mind before as fas as I remember.  

I was sitting on the side of the walk way inside these prison fences after having multiple seizures on the cement in front of dozens of people who, when I opened my eyes all looked like big alien bug eyed creatures I didn’t recognize. Sizing me up as if I were about to be served on a golden trimmed silver platter as every ones Sunday special! Special what? I’m not sure exactly. When I looked past them I was still in a slightly seated position and looking to the grass beyond the monsters (them) I saw a million dandelion’s in the grass and it sparked up this flash of memory that showed my little brother and myself picking every single yellow dandilion in the back yard of the trailer we lived in with the man named Larry Schoonbeck whom my mother had left her 2nd husband, (Raymond Thompson), an extreamly sadistic, physically abusive, heroin addict. In Larry she found security for herself and her children.  

Raymond ultimately lived up to his full potential and all the statistics society¿ { delivers/(piles) } ¿upon those of us who have ever struggled with that powerful soul sucking addiction and and physical war of mind and flesh against heroin . I know today that he expected that syringe to contain that one hit to end all his sorrows and internal pain which comprised all the many parts that probably made him the creature with no conscious or heart, he had become. He expected a few fleeting moments. He got what was his destiny determined he would have. Death!! At that young age I was just glad he was dead because then I was sure he wouldn’t kill my mom, my brother or me. I can’t say I was too terribly upset, when my mom asked me did I want to go to his funeral I declined, telling mom , only if I can pee on his grave!!! Even at 6\7 years old I always wanted to protect my mom and my brother. 

I wonder today what ever gave me (that little girl in me) the courage to feel like I was the one to protect people in my life.  

I can’t give you an exact number count of ppl who have reached back to me throughout these 31 years I have been incarcerated to let me know how I touched their lives in some type of positive or helpful way. 

From big to small things depending on what you value most in life I guess. Ranging from fighting off bullies for people not quite ready to deal with that ugly part of life yet, to buying Benzes for ppl I knew couldnt care less about me but stayimg true to myself i give it any way because in my heart I believe its GOD’S will for me to do this and so I do it unto My heavenly father. To helping mothers pay for cast’s after their childs athletic injuries. It would seem the simplest things go a long long (life time) kinda long way. 

Such as, believe it or not I have had ppl reach back into the prison upon going home just to thank me for the kind words or a smile and little bit of encouragement I offered them as a stranger in a new scarey place like maximum custody Where the most troubled and unmanageable prisoners are generally housed.  

When ppl remind me of each incident, I’m lucky if I can even remember what they look like, each person’s individuals memories they have of brief encounters with me. I don’t remember because I am not ever doing any thing for the mere recognition of man alone. Although it is warming to my heart to know that i was able to make such positive impression on ppl every now and then . I do all- I do Unto the glory of GOD. 

My daddy came to visit me last in 2018 . He came up to visit me so he could tell me face to face that he had Lung Cancer and it was terminal. On this Visit I had brought several photo tickets with me to the visit because since my mom had passed away I knew whoever was here was likely a family member. My father unfortunately was in a condition that I had never seen him in before. He was frail and skinny. His clothes hung off of him in a way that was unaccustomed to his normal very neat and dapper style. His beer belly was gone. the skin on his for arms was wrinkled up and had shrunken the mighty colorful bald eagle that once stood tall and strong on his right arm. A tattoo he got to symbolize his patriotism to the united states army where he served in the Vietnam war. And finally his hair had turned gray. 
that only took until he was like 75,76 years old and be going through chemotherapy.  

I was happy I had brought several photo tickets with me & asked the officer to call the prisoner photographer which he did do several times. No one ever came. My daddy couldn’t sit there any longer and he had said what he came to say. Watching me cry has never been one of the top ten things he liked to do. And I couldn’t stop crying. I have zero pictures of me and my daddy together and as I watched him walk out that door that time GOD let me know in my spirit that I wouldn’t see him alive again. I couldn’t hug him tight like I normally would because he was just that small and soft. I didn’t want to hurt him. However I was consciously aware right then that I would probably never hug my father again. And as it appeared I wouldn’t have any pictures of us together to remember this last visit either.