The prisons administration’s job is to keep us blissfully ignorant of who we are, what we think, and how will behave in a dense fog of reinforcement.

Our thoughts are shaped primarily by legacy hardware that evolved to assume that everyone else must be right.

Yet, even when the fog is pointed out, we’re no better at navigating through it. So, why, you may ask, do I go on talking, in here? Why go on year after year serving LIFE without parole?

It is because I pray I can save one person out of the thousands in the fog! That’s it! Now, I’m the heroine of my own story…I’m powerless to verify the “powers that be” in this private-gated community. As, they’ve created this fog for their profits.

However, my heart is as good and as worthy as wood. Even after the fire. Especially, when a convicted person can’t tap the brakes when they’re about to hit the brick wall.

It’s so simple, so obvious.

Exponential growth inside a finite system as prisons leads to collapse. Those in control refuse to see it…so the authority of those in control is “bankrupt” — Corrupt!

By this: numerous prisoners’ don’t make reality in here they evade it!

Those “powers that be” in prisons are looting capital from taxpayers and hiding the costs with profits. But, the bills are coming and they want be able to pay. When the injustice of wrongful convictions continue to be revealed.

In and of itself, a secret all Individuals in society needs to understand and grapple.

√√√ Sybil

Happy Momma Monday! (Part 3)

Your love is all love
Your love is enough
Your love is everything that is ever needed
Your love is God’s love
Your love is
Your love
Happy Momma Monday U- R- Greatness! real/love

Noble’Ju sheldonroyce

Happy Momma Monday! (Part 2)

To be special entails so much more than someone saying so. Being special has some special attachments which make being special not for everyone. The tests, trials and tribulation that must be undergone to become special are relentless in their application. The weight and pain, the new comprehension and understanding come with tolls. The juggling of so many lifetimes all at once, boggles the mind to/of “How did I ever get through that”. All which later signatures that, you are special. You realize, YES, I am special. This is that moment we appreciate who you are together. You are special. real/love
Noble’Ju sheldonroyce

Happy Momma Monday!

Appreciate the moments when you knew that the life inside of you became greater than anything that you could imagine. Appreciate the moments when you knew that you would continue to be more than you ever knew with every breath that you take. Appreciate the moments when you knew you would take the steps that were So Painful to take, and you would always take them anyway. Appreciate the moments of not knowing how the day would end, but you carried on and carried on until you could finally rest your eyes, your body, your mind, and your soul, if just for the night. Appreciate the moments when you found the quiet and it was so inviting and so securing and so liberating that it felt as if you had your own piece of heaven. Appreciate those moments when you knew that you were the one, and realized in that moment, that you are absolutely enough. Appreciate your moments. Love you, and enjoy “YOURSELF”. real/love

Noble’Ju sheldonroyce


Michigan’s criminal law is one of the levers through which governments bring power to bear on their individual citizens. Moreover, the late 18th century, created laws that still remain on Michigan law books in the 21st Century.

Therefore, my crime and punishment? Imagine serving Life without parole (LWOP) for First Degree Murder, yet you have never killed another human being?

Even though, my Basic information sheet reflects the following codification:

* MCL 750.316(a) First Degree Murder.

* MCL 750.316(c) First Degree Murder / Conspiracy

However, upon researching my basic information sheet does not reflect the codification of controlling authorities of penal law that I’m incarcerated on:

MCL 769.39 Aiding and Abetting

MCL 750.157 Conspiracy

The strength of the idea of checks and balances was one of the factors that impelled penal law towards codification. The crime and punishment therefore shepherding M.C.L. 769.39 (Aiding & Abetting) I’ve discovered that my sentence is one based on one such 18th century law.

My firsthand experience with this criminal law, it’s hard to resist the conclusion there is certainly identified oppression with abuse of criminal law.

Furthermore, your codefendants played the blame game. On the advice of my public defender: “…remain silent and refuse a speedy trial.” This resulted in one year later, a codefendant with more involvement than you receiving a plea deal from prosecutor for a lesser sentence of 22 to 40 years to testify hearsay about you at your trial.

Punishment must be made in some cases less sanguinary, and in general more proportionate to the crimes. The legislature and future legislature has a duty to “reform” the “penal laws”. Especially, incarcerating a human being for LWOP.

Sybil Padgett, #325532
WHV Correctional Facility

Who’s the Real Criminal?

As a juvenile lifer I have realized that the MDOC has nothing to offer but a kitchen job, cleaning bathrooms, or cutting grass.

Inmates with long indeterminate sentences or Life sentences don’t stand a chance trying to rehabilitate themselves because the MDOC only allow individuals that are close to going home to enter these trades.

Inmates have now found corresponding courses and self-help programs to better themselves since the MDOC has eliminated trades out of most facilities.

These courses have helped us tremendously. Giving us hope on going home instead of sitting in here waiting on the MDOC to offer us some self-help class run by an inmate, and not saying I would not take it, but how many times does a person want to take the same class over and over?

Recently the MDOC had denied any and all correspondence courses. If the college or university is not offering college credits then we are not allowed to take the course. This policy just took in effect in March.

Me personally, I have taken two courses from Stratford Career Institution. The courses ranged from $500.00-$800.00. Not bad for a guy in prison when you can set up a payment plan or have family members help to pay for the course as well.

Now, by the MDOC forcing inmates to pay thousands of dollars for degrees doesn’t even sound logical when we can barely pay our restitution for clothes, shoes, and our food because the food that is made by the prisoners is not edible at all.

One of the major reasons for the MDOC denying these institutions is drugs being smuggled in. Somehow a correctional officer found drugs in an inmate’s book and now they believe that is how drugs are being smuggled in.

The problem is that we shouldn’t be punished as a whole for someone who can’t follow the rules, and that the MDOC is quick to blame someone else for their mishaps but the real problem lies within the MDOC.

The MDOC has been quarantined for over a year due to Covid. So that means no contact visits. Our incoming mail is copied and then disposed of due to drugs entering the facilities. Still somehow drugs are ending up inside.

Now, you tell me how. One of the main reasons that drugs enter the facilities is through staff. Same way Covid enters.

They’ll never admit that the MDOC is corrupt because their reputation is on the line, money is involved, and why not blame the inmates? They’re already criminals.

Not all staff members are corrupt, same as not all inmates have changed for the better, but in their eyes inmates are all the same.

Corruption doesn’t just mean bringing drugs in. It could just be setting up an inmate or lying, or even stealing money. These things happen all the time but what can we do about it when we have to still go through one of their superiors who’s going to side with them and shoot our claims down?

We have no help in here or out there. We need voices out there that are going to fight for us. The MDOC needs to be investigated immediately due to all the corruption.

Thank you, respectively submitted,

Christopher Clark #511663


We have just witnessed the trial and conviction of the officer who executed motorist George Floyd while he lay unarmed and in full restraints. Hard on the heels of this came the first anniversary of his death and there was much made of the apparent progress America has achieved in the wake of this event. Just as there was much made of the event itself. People all around the world were horrified as they watched the slow-motion murder replayed over and over again. As admirable as their sentiments are, they missed the truly monstrous aspect of this event. Which lay in the utterly mundane, routine nature of the actions the police took that day. It is revealed in the boiler-plate language of the police reports which record only that “… suspect died as a result of a medical incident.” as though they were all standing around and he had a sudden heart attack! The reports read like a set-piece with Floyd as the villain, but when they are read side by side with a viewing of the video available from the event, we can see that they are diametrically opposed to the reality that played out that day. Yet not a single officer was censured for, or charged with “Falsification of official records.” which is a crime in all jurisdictions within the United States. Their superiors were so accustomed to this blatant pattern of fabricating facts around the use of force involving black men, that it occasioned little or no comment, and definitely no “official” notice. Is this not evidence of a culture hostile to the health and well-being of people of color in the custody of law enforcement?

In watching the trial of this one officer who was only partially responsible for the execution of Mr. Floyd, a lot of attention was paid to language. They were very careful how they referred to the defendant. They never called him a killer, murderer, criminal, coward etc. They never took a deep dive into his character or his past, his attitudes regarding race, politics, drug use or policing, all of which may have played their parts in how he approached the situation he found himself in that day. After all, his state of mind were supposed to be key to both sides. Was it strange that neither side pursued the personal connection between the two men? The fact that they worked as bouncers at the same bar at the same time suggests the potential for personal animus as a motivation for the officer’s actions.

I also found it significant that throughout the trial, and all the media coverage leading up to it, the press referred to the defendant as a “former officer” seeming to imply in the subtext that he was not associated with the legitimate police force when he committed his crime. This was a new twist in how these cases are handled, perhaps it is an effort to give other officers a pretext by which they can disassociate themselves from the criminal actions of other police. To make a public distinction that the crime was committed by a “former officer” and is no reflection on the brave men and women who continue to serve.

I failed to find any such care given to how Mr. Floyd was portrayed. His past was mined for any negative tidbit that could then be displayed before the jury. His size was repeatedly emphasized, he was called aggressive, intimidating, thuggish, criminal, counterfeiter, drug addict, felon, liar, cheater etc… All in an effort to excuse, mitigate or expiate the cold-blooded acts of his murders. I thought we were done vilifying the victims when it became illegal to bring up a woman’s sexual history in a rape trial! There were many names which suit George Floyd; Son, brother, uncle, father, grandson, friend and yes MURDER VICTIM. I think the most telling name of all is the one that was never used by either the prosecution or the defense; Citizen. The culture of “otherism” is alive and well in America because even those who are sympathetic to us in government don’t see us as real Americans, as citizens fully participating in our franchise. An integral part of the group whom the police are sworn to “protect and serve”. But rather as an alien infestation from which the true citizens of this nation must be protected, despite all evidence to the contrary. How can you combat such deeply ingrained bias? Peace.

T. L. Thomas-Bey #194430

This Masquerade; What Does Justice Really Look Like?

By J.C. Riley #288310

As a Prisoner doing life, as a Teenage Offender doing a life sentence, it is really hard for me to wish Prison on anyone. I know, and I understand, what it is like to lose people close me, in a variety of ways, through violence, through drug use, through disease and sickness. Of course I know and understand the call for Justice. Justice for George Floyd, Justice against Derek Chauvin.

So let me ask this question; what is Justice? As a Black Man taken off the streets at 20 years old, honestly, I admit that I don’t know what Justice is. I know what Justice is supposed to be. The Scripture says that Justice is the Principle of Fair Dealing. But I myself have never experienced Justice. Surely one can never know what one hasn’t experienced, right?

A Wise Man once told me a story about Justice. He said one day Justice and Injustice both got in the pool for a swim. While Justice was swimming around having a good ole time, Injustice got out of the pool and put on the clothes of Justice. Ever since that day Injustice has had an easy time masquerading as Justice.

The last time that I checked, Officer Derek Chauvin was a Police Officer who was called to the scene to apprehend our Brother George. Derek Chauvin wasn’t a Vigilante, he wasn’t alone, he was a Tool connected to an Apparatus designed to do exactly what he did. Because our Brother George died, the Apparatus put its hands behind its back, and said the Tool malfunctioned.

Put another way Derek Chauvin was a bullet fired from an automatic rifle that’s been pointed at urban neighborhoods throughout America since I was born. And so, being that America leads the world in gun violence amongst its own citizens, when a gun is fired and a bullet strikes a victim, who gets the criminal charges? Is it the Gun Manufacturers who made the weapon? Does America place charges against the bullets that strike the victim? No. Charges are brought against the Person or Persons who brandished and employed the weapon that took the life of the victim.

Why would “Justice” look any different in the case of our Brother George? Are we going to pretend that because this Officer was removed from the Police Force, tried and convicted (Of an Unintentional Murder?) that the same people who empowered and employed him don’t have an entire clip full of Chauvin’s to fire at the Black Community?

Are we really going to pretend to be that Blind, with the murder of Daunte Wright only blocks from where the Chauvin Trial was taking place, at the hands of guess who…?

…Another bullet fired in the form of a murderous cop who claims they don’t know the difference between a big yellow taser and a service pistol. Let me give Officer Porter a hint, the Service Pistol would be the big black thing with the clip full of bullets that she supposedly learned to fire sometime within the previous 26 years of her Public Service Career. Again, the System that empowered Porter, trained her, loaded her up and aimed her at the Black Community gets to drop this woman and pretend to have no association with her actions.

In fact, it is the same people who prosecuted Chauvin, who will prosecute other officers who get dropped after their handlers can’t Justify their actions, are the same people who work officers every day until they’re caught doing something they can’t Justify. This is why Chauvin was only charged with an Unintentional killing, this is why the killer of Daunte Wright will only be charged with an Unintentional killing. If you or I had committed the very same act, we would be charged with 1st Degree Murder.

So now that Chauvin has been prosecuted we can talk about Justice like we really know what Justice is. Like suddenly, because the World was watching and an obvious killer was slapped on the wrist (we don’t know that yet, either) that “Oh, you see, the Justice System does work!”

I may not know what Justice looks like in America, but I sure as hell can tell you what Injustice is. And as long as people refuse to address The Apparatus that put people like Chauvin on the streets to kill, to manufacture evidence against people, to keep Black and Poor people in line, Injustice will be able to masquerade as Justice, and we’ll never know the difference.

My Thoughts on the Derek Chauvin Trail

By: Charles A. Jackson Bey

The question was posed do I think George Floyd received Justice? And the answer is NO!!! And the reason I say this is due to the fact he is no longer alive! From his life coming to an end sooner than it should have. By a man who took an oath to Protect & Serve the community and the citizens that resides within that community.

The American people had to bear witness to a Ruthless Murder that was disputed by Chauvin’s defense Attorney as “Mr. Floyd having a bad heart”, “Mr. Floyd had drugs in his system that contributed to his death”! As the defense used every ploy they could to Discredit, Defame, and to Assassinate George Floyd’s character as if he was the criminal on trial. George Floyd was a man that had been a father, brother, and a son who called for his mother with the remaining breath in his body.

Justice would have been served if Mr. Floyd was alive & could have been treated with enough respect to be placed in custody & restrained in a proper police fashion without officer Chauvin leaving a knee on his neck for nearly ten minutes as he shows his disregard for human life.

Justice would have been served if the defense attorney would have never tried to defend such a man! But we all know that everyone has the right to a fair trial no matter how harsh a crime may be.

I don’t consider it Justice Served solely on the fact that the Jury found Derek Chauvin guilty on all charges! Because how many others were slain at the hands of a Police Officer within the last 20 years? And they never were even charged or even had all charges dismissed!

Which all Law Enforcement, Judges, Attorneys, & Prosecutors should and must be held to a higher standard when they violate the very oath they took. By receiving the highest charges or the maximum of a prison sentence due to the fact they are Government Officials that Govern Society and not let off so damn easy just because of their job description, title, or position.

That’s when Justice will be served! Until then we will keep witnessing senseless killings by Law Enforcement, Judges abuse of Discretion, Prosecutorial Misconduct, etc. Along with many other things that need to be addressed with America’s Justice System.

Because every time we see or hear in the media it’s Just Us not receiving Justice!!!

Feel free to contact me through or write to:

Thumbs Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Dr.
Lapeer, Michigan 48446

Power Within Us

We each have the ability to create, conquer, or give in to any thought that comes to our mind. And with each one of those abilities there is so much to consider. The mind is a beautiful place when it is filled with the right thoughts because what we think we tend to behave according to those thoughts. So I’m going to ask you this question that I always ask myself, “What are you telling yourself?” Are your thoughts uplifting, do they distract, make you want to keep going or are you telling yourself things that shred confidence? You may have never thought about these questions that I’m asking but it is vital that you do.

Words can influence a person’s progress, and be the very cause of a person making no strides at all. We see words more than anything else in one day and it is our choice what we take in and what we leave on the many screens of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or text. Have you ever thought about how the last words you read made you feel?
I used to believe that no one cared about me, that I was all by myself. No one said any of those words to me but I created them in my mind because it always seemed that way when that wasn’t the truth at all. I created those words and those words stopped me from letting people in who wanted to become a part of my life. I recognized that flaw in my thinking when I invited God into my world and asked Him to help me in every area of my life. When we stop trying to figure it all out and let God be God, He gives us new thoughts. Thoughts that first correct our person then He gives us the right tools in order to help us become better; think better.

If you are the person who has said while reading this, “I just don’t know how to change the way I think.” Then I want you to start with that very thought. When we think we can’t we don’t even look for a way, instead we give in to the way we have been processing which has been hindering so much of our life.

I want you to practice something, it’s something I do daily. When you feel like you are doing too much mentally I want you to STOP, regroup your thoughts then only let those thoughts that are positive or calming in. When we practice gaining control of how we think about real life stuff, we function better and it is in those moments that we will recognize the power that lives within us. The power over our thought life which plays one of the greatest roles in all of our days on this earth.

I want to leave you with this, (Prov 16:3) NKJV reads: Commit your works to the LORD, And your thoughts will be established.

Written By: Frank L. Adams Jr