Breast Cancer Awareness – Not Just for October

Christopher Clark #511663

Breast cancer awareness:

First off I would like to apologize for the delay. So much has transpired during these last months. Especially dealing with legal work and constantly working on regaining my freedom.

I felt like shit not speaking on the topic in October so I believe that it is never too late to speak on something that’s is necessary.

This is not a race thing nor an age thing. Even though the odds are extremely low for men to catch it this is strictly for the Women who has fought and survived, the Women who had lost their lives, and the Women who are dealing with this sickness from a far.

Men will never know what the Woman goes through when this deadly disease enters the Woman body. All the stages, the treating, and chemotherapy. Some Women having to go through amputations which would make any Woman feel uncertain of themselves. It is the Man job to protect the Woman.

I strongly believe that if it can enter your body then it could leave your body. Believe in yourself. You’re not alone at all. I know this is short but sometimes the short ones mean more.

Continue to fight the good fight and never lose hope.

Peace and Love