Breast Cancer Awareness

Peace To all The Queens In the World And The Readers On Thoughts Beyond The wall Who was either affected or Known Some One who was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer.

I First wanna Send Nothing But Peaceful Vibrations towards You all. I have a Mother and Sisters and Family Members Who are Women and I Would Be Hurt To know ever hear about any of them having to go through that Horrible Experience. So for the Strong, Powerful Women that have Overcome that condition I am sure there was a life style Change with the Things you put in your mind and in your Body.

So My words to all the Amazing Women is: take care of your health, watch what you put into your Body, Be Conscious of the things you eat because they Play a role in your Beauty, appearance and your Mental health. Try out Fasting Some time trust me I am Fasting as I write this. I have seen movies and TV shows Building On women With Breast Cancer and The challenges they Went Though and a lot of them always say they didn’t even know they had it so please Make sure you get Your Mammogram.

For The Women Who Just Finding Out about Breast Cancer and Are Being affected by it, Stay Strong Mentally, Spiritually, Physically, And Emotionally. You Can Over Come whatever is in Your Path!