Cold, Hard, Naked Truth

To start with I would like to take a moment to answer question number 2.IN WHAT WAY HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRISON SYSTEM TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PRISONERS GETTING STIMULUS MONEY?

2. Framed as it is, the question is fairly suggestive that there is some type of extortion or misuse of prisoners by the ”prison system”. Being a long term resident of the MDOC of 31 years I want to make clear 1st that while my opinions may appear contradictory to this answer I am about to give to this question. Please keep in mind, for all people I stand on the side of RIGHT, that being (whatever my moral compass and lifes journey has brought me to believe is RIGHT) I am no fan of any injustice of any kind. Nor am I a friend of the MDOC I can confidently say I’m sure the feelings are completely mutual. However I am also neither a fan of big government, although I would be remiss to not acknowledge that this stimulus money is in fact a product of our government functioning as it should.

My personal position clear, let me go back and address what I respectfully consider may be a tough question depending on the audience or gender of prison facility you are asking.  

Being a female I can only address what I observe here in the women’s facility which we all know is only one facility compared to the many male facilities throughout Michigan. I do not speak for that portion of my family in the struggle in the answer I am about to give. Lack of any first hand personal knowledge & information excludes me from being able to speak to what may or may not be taking place in male facilities. I clearly and readily acknowledge that the answer that comes from a mans prison and a male perspective very probably will be entirely different from the answer I will give from my perspective in a women’s prison.  

In this prison the administration is the entity I will assume your question has labeled ”The Prison System” for the purposes of this question. 

****** ********************************************
And it is my opinion that to the contrary, this prison administration here at WHVC did nothing to take advantage of prisoners getting the stimulus money. 

Unless of course you are a person who feels like paying your own bills is a form of victimization inflicted upon you by the state. By allowing the MDOC to collect the monies owed to it by the incarcerated person in my opinion is not, was not, nor will ever be a form of taking advantage of the prisoner. For these reasons; 

1. We as prisoners never in a million years would have ever believed that the stimulus packages would apply to us under any circumstances. This is what I call an unexpected blessing. Therefore…

2. Since you did absolutely NOTHING to earn this money except be a person incarcerated, to receive it is free. You may have spent it in commissary, put in catalog orders, put it on your jpay media account or gambled it all away playing tunk. At the end of the day the money gets spent and you get something for it. Even if it is but a fleeting moment of pleasure from your uncontrollable gambling addiction.

3. Perhaps you were one of the many inmates who the state took the stimulus money from to pay for court cost, maybe restitution or the child support you owed. Possibly they took it for that window you kicked out a few years ago, you thought they forgot about ,because YOU forgot about it. (Was that you?) Might it have been a charge for an ambulance ride you had to take because you hurt yourself trying to shoot a move and get your cell switched? 

No matter the reason they took the money here is the cold hard naked truth.  

It was free money and you owed someone something and you HAVE to pay your debts in THIS LIFE.  

Wouldn’t you rather pay the debts with free money vs. money you work for when you get out? Look at it like this, you wouldn’t want to be at the bank with that check in hand and have to decide ”do I pay for the” car/or my tether Fee’s?  

Just keeping it 100, I’ve met enough of you complaining about how hard it is to make it out there financially. So logically the state is not taking advantage of any one here in the women’s prison, not in that respect. Its trying to help people. 

4. To answer this question in its entirety just the opposite I am of the opinion that the prison system is trying to lessen your burdens upon release. And it would be advantageous of everyone to at least attempt to see the good that can come out of this possibility. 

You can’t miss some money you never had, but you can most certainly get locked back up for some bills you failed to pay off from the good old state of Michigan. That advice was for free. Because I love all my ppl.

√√Try just once to offer an alternative way of thinking. Where your mind goes the rest of you follows.√√

–Amy Lee Black 8-2-21

Mental Struggles

By: Joseph Green

In this post I want to be honest and transparent about my own personal mental struggles in hopes of shining the light on the struggles that so many others endure in my situation and even those who are not incarcerated. Yet they are apprehensive to talk about it. Prison is a very dangerous place but it’s main objective and design is to break the mental mindset of everyone that enters its doors.

Coming into this system I had no doubt that physically I could protect myself. I was equipped to handle whatever…so I thought. I didn’t know the amount of stress it would play on me mentally. I was tough on the outside but on the inside I was being mentally broken down. My reality was, I was falsely accused of a murder. I had to watch my beautiful black mother fall victim to her own mental illnesses and drug addiction. My younger brother was also serving a life sentence and it was a strong possibility we would never be face to face again. My niece was growing up without my physical presence. My grandmother was getting sick and had to watch her grandkids grow up in prison. And to top it all off my appeals kept getting denied.

These were my thoughts as the years, months, and days begin to pass for me in this prison system. And I was not prepared for this reality. As my appeals got denied I begin to see people in my life lose hope of my return, write less, visit lesser and financial support became non existent. I was now on my own to face this reality. Not because I wasn’t loved anymore but because when I got sentenced, my life was put on pause.

I never understood or even thought I could have a mental illness. I didn’t want to accept that I was dealing with anxiety,severe depression and PTSD. I tried to numb and mask my pain behind laughter and drugs. If you can relate then you know it only took me away for a moment but my reality was always present. For the first time in my life as a grown man I had to come face to face with Joseph. I had to acknowledge that I was not okay. I was hurting and I needed help. I had to regain control of my mental wellbeing and life.

I wanted and I knew I needed help but I couldn’t trust anyone. I made the decision to talk to a psychologist. This had to be done on the low because I didn’t want anyone to know my business. I knew that in order for me to grow and get better I had to face and address my illness.

Prison is filled with men who strive to keep their street image. Believing that their street rep is what defines them as a man. Yet many are wearing mask pretending to be something they not. Telling war stories and king pin stories trying to validate a image or enhance a ego to make themselves seem tougher, smarter and more important then the next man. And yet we all sit in the same unfortunate position here in prison.

Society forgets that we human beings that have emotions and feelings. I’m in love with a beautiful woman. Many believe that we are absent of such a intense and intimate yearning for another human being. Many men strive daily to express this emotion to their family, friends, children and the woman that sacrifices and supports him with her love and support. Everyone needs support now more then ever with all the stuff happening in today’s world.

Everyone is dealing with something that they may not speak about. If you have a love one or friend incarcerated they have moments of despair, loneliness and flat giving up. Your words of encouragement on any given day may be the spark needed to ignite change, hope, and optimism in a dark and demoralizing condition.

It is a huge stigma placed on mental illness so much so that it is rarely spoke about or addressed. Society tends to avoid or downplay the reality that many imprisoned men and women come from low income or impoverished communities. Where drugs, murder, and violence is a norm which causes us to become desensitized to these hardships and realities of life. We begin to accept these negative things as normal activities of the “hood” and ways of life. But none of these things are normal.
Many men are taught to be emotionless especially when your apart of the street life. Like the soldiers who fight for this country, they are taught to detach their feelings and emotions or risk death. No matter the race, culture, economical or social status we have all experienced some form of mental illness. We don’t have to allow ourselves to be controlled by it. Victor Frankle said,” Suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning such as the meaning of sacrifice.”
We suffer from our mental illnesses because we fail to acknowledge they exist. Being incarcerated and battling a mental illness has caused me much suffering but it has also guided me and allowed me to share my experiences and my story in hopes of helping others going through tough times. Your suffering has a purpose and meaning. Remember everyone is going through something. Be that positive light that helps guide them out of darkness. Listen to their voice and help bring about change. Remind them that they are not alone……Things will get better. Have a blessed and peaceful day.


In certain districts the educational system is so underfunded that some teacher, and most certainly not all, because most educators extend for more value to the undertaking of their duties than they can ever be compensated for, but some teachers find themselves so overwhelmed by their workload, and unappreciated by their pay that they’re unmotivated to spend the extra time needed to teach just a few students out of a crowded classroom of many, the fundamentals that they should’ve been taught a few grades back in previous years. Now instead of being brought up to speed in his/her current grade, the student is again just streamlined through to the next grade without learning the prerequisites that qualify them as eligible for the next course of studies. So for the reasons that these students aren’t able to keep up with the rest of the class in their following grade, they’re often classified as slow and placed into remedial classes. But such a classification is not the proper remedy because these students aren’t mentally challenged. It’s just that you can’t reasonably expect for them to know how to apply formulas 3 and 4 if they’ve never been properly taught how to utilize formulas 1 and 2.

So without being able to keep up with what’s going on in their age appropriate grade these students are now categorized as disruptive, and “cast”ed into detention for the duration of the class period or even sometimes for the entire day — producing feelings of inadequacy and disparagement that give way to negative self identity complexes; which manifest themselves through behavioral issues that are often the result of repeated instances of isolation and feelings of rejection. Now since the student feels that he/she doesn’t really fit into the school setting they just may, and often times do find themselves searching for acceptance and identity within crowds that engage in attention seeking activities; that’ll usually land them inside of juvenile centers followed by eventual stints in county jails and ultimately prison. What’s most devastating is that upon their first felony conviction they’re given a dept. of corrections prison identification number, even if the case that they’re convicted of didn’t land them a prison sentence. And what’s even more alarming is that this Preschool To Prison Pipeline closely parallels something more telling, and I’ll give you the background on that next.


During the Civil War, in the year of 1863 Pres Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation against the Confederacy. It proclaimed that all slaves within states that had committed treason against the United States are all now free. However, Lincoln’s emancipation proved ineffective because the Confederacy refused to recognize his authority.

After a 5 year long war, the United States, aka the Union, proved victorious by running off the Confederacy and reuniting the south back into the Union. However, Lincoln and the Republican party feared that the Emancipation Proclamation would be viewed as a tool of war and only effective during that period, and for that reason producing no lasting impact on the issue of slavery. So in response they attempted to create an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would free all men and women forever forward. This amendment would be known as the 13th Amendment.

However, Lincoln would never see this amendment through, because during the period of Reconstruction he was assassinated in April of 1865 by an ideology that harbored deep hatred and resistance towards the emancipation, civil rights and advancements of black people.

But as paradoxical as it may be, his successor Pres. Johnson, who set forth extremely lenient terms for Confederate members’ readmission back into the U.S. political arena, somehow got the bill ratified in December of 1865. Followed by the 14th Amendment; which he had no hand in advancing might I add — only acts of obstructing its passage to the point of being one vote away from impeachment. The reason why Pres. Johnson opposed this bill so boldly is because it was the gateway to guaranteeing all citizens born or naturalized in this country equal protection and due process under the law; something that he despised to his core — and was most eerily echoed within the: “Send her back!” chant, directed at congresswomen: Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib. However, in spite of all of his disgusting rhetoric, it still passed in 1868, and was championed by the ratification of 15th Amendment succeeding his presidency — which enfranchised black men with the right to vote.


But how does all of this talk about slavery and the 1800’s relate to today and the Preschool To Prison Pipeline you may be wondering? It relates to today because the 13th Amendment states that:
“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT as a punishment for a crime whereof the party SHALL have been DULY CONVICTED, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Today’s prisons systems are modern plantations except inmates are not picking cotton. Rather than laboring the land, state and federal tax payers pay for our stay to the tune of approximately $34k a year for each prisoner. This can be likened to the amount of money each slave would produce had he/she worked the land.

How does this affect the American tax payer? It affects the American tax payer because speaking for myself, I haven’t used $34k worth of anything in a year. Hell, I doubt if I’ve charged up $34k worth of anything over the entire fifteen years I’ve been incarcerated: not on health care, dental cost, food, nor clothing. So who uses this tax money? Your money is being spread amongst DOC staff hourly wages and salaries.

Embrace Your Kids

When I was young I was introduced to violence like most kids are to cartoons. One of my earliest memories is one that has scarred me both mentally and physically. I still have nightmares about it 23 years later. When I was seven years old I was shot on New Years Eve. I almost died because of a stray bullet that found its way into my bedroom window due to the traditional gunfire celebrating the beginning of a new year. Which lead to a fear of guns, It sounds absurd saying that because pretty much since the age of twelve I’ve had one of my own. I watched silently and helplessly as domestic violence riddled my household almost every single day. Alcohol played a big role in this, and I’ve had several family members that were and still are addicted to the bottle. Which lead to a fear of alcohol, again its ironic because I myself partook in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. By the age of thirteen I was a full fledge weed head who dabbled in liquid courage.
My whole life I’ve been provided every opportunity to make something of myself. I could of took several different routes than the one I ended up traveling. Yet I still and knowingly sabotaged my life like a terrorist hellbent on proving his self to a cause he doesn’t truly believe in. I knew what would happen to me If I continued down the road I was on. It terrified me that I might end up dead or in prison, but I couldn’t quite escape the persona and lifestyle that had be glamorized my entire childhood.
To often people are their own worst enemy, I know I was. I’ve earned this 15year prison sentence. Its no one else’s fault but my own that I’ve had to watch my beautiful daughter grow up from behind bars.
I’ve lost so much because I chose not to use all the talent God gave me, because I felt the need to be a follower instead of a leader. I’ve learned so much about myself and life since I been in prison. God has saved me yet again, and It must be for a good reason. Now I’m determined to use this second chance for good. I want to help young adults learn from my mistakes instead of them suffering and stumbling along learning as they go. Because our criminal justice system isn’t fair and it doesn’t care about our children making mistakes. The first chance they get they’ll lock them up and throw away the key. Innocent until proven guilty is a myth.

If our children are the future we must invest an give all of ourselves so that they’ll have the brightest future possible.
Embrace your kids, show them you love them endlessly. Be role model worthy even when they’re not watching because guess what….they’re always watching, learning, and emulating us. We are our children’s first example of what to be like. Be the very thing you want them to be…or as close to it as possible. They won’t be far behind…

Christopher Lewis #828689


“Take a quick second to think about the last ten years of your life. In that period of time, so many things have changed. Your body through the aging process, your surroundings, your relationships, thoughts, weather, things too many to list have all changed. Yet in the midst of everything that changes, What doesn’t???
What remains eternally the same???
Throughout your entire existence, the only thing that has NEVER changed or deviated one bit is that you have ALWAYS been the WITNESS of this great life that you have been given. So sit back and enjoy the show, chances are in 10 more years you will be watching an entirely different movie”
With Love
Gordon Mitchell
MDOC’s# 264870
3224 John Conley
Lapeer, MI 48446

Finding a way out

By: Charles A. Jackson Bey

As I have grown into a deeper understanding about life while remaining in bondage throughout (MDOC) Michigan Department Of Corrections, real men or conscious individuals who are serving time or has served time do not want to be labeled or called criminal.

I would think no matter if you were from an urban neighborhood or suburban community one would disapprove with this title as well. It’s no different from any other undesirable name that serves as condescending, disrespectful or has a degrading nature towards a human being.

Crime Prevention is something we all wanted growing up! In some form or fashion if one would recall before they broke the law. To be the one who cleans up society! Making the world a safer place, from seeing our favorite super hero’s on television taking out the bad guys! To wanting to be just like them taking up their task of saving the world.

As we became older reality set in to know it was a fairy tale to be flying around in a cape having superpowers to fight crime. Just like when we learned Santa Clause wasn’t coming down chimneys many of us didn’t have. So young boys played cops & robbers! this was more the reality I lived in and most wanted to be the robber instead of the cop.

Why is that? The robber was considered the popular dude and the cop was the lame or should I say undesirable due to the fact they were not considered our super hero’s & more the villain. The robber was the patriarch who could save the day! Taking on the Robin Hood concept steal from the rich & give to the poor.

Which was a unhealthy seed being planted that turned us into a culture who take from each other! becoming our own cowboys & Indians amongst our own who was in the same circumstances. Preventing crime became even more a ferry tale as we seen those who were to protect & serve committing crimes! having a disregard for human life.

Then we fail victim to monkey see monkey do! And was no different than those we pointed the finger at! When we started breaking the law & killing our own! As we are witnessing those protest for black lives matters! We’re still gunning each other down, and stabbing each other on the prison yards.

So ask yourself how can we expect the system to change if we fail to change? How can we expect the police to take our lives serious! if we don’t take life serious?
For to long we have been Misinformed, Miseducated & Mislead and it’s time to wake up! and break the cycle as an whole.

Following the life style of do’s & dont’s in the underground world is where we earn the title criminal, that has reached far beyond the surface of a broken community. As the so-called rules are never sell drugs where you rest at! but you can sell to your neighbors! never take nothing from a working man or woman of your community but it’s o.k to rob the dope man or rich white people.

Which we know there’s no honor among thieves! as well as there’s no rules in the street game! Now to be more clear, everything is done for a reason and the majority would tell you committing a crime is done to help better their family conditions. From selling drugs to robbery! even writing bold checks, all would agree to saying they wanted a better life style than the one they had.

So for crime prevention to even begin we know money is the key factor because those who doesn’t have it, break the law to obtain such monetary in order to better conditions for their family & themselves. Finding a way out! is almost is impossible when No Jobs, Single Parents, Abuse, Child Neglect all play a part to the hindrance to success in poverty strict environments.

So how can a cycle be broke if the problem steady creates more problems before the solution can be applied to the first problem? we find ourselves chasing our own tail in a world built on War instead of Peace! Lies instead of Truth! Hate instead of Love! & Crime instead of Crime Prevention.

If we really want to see crime decrease, we will see more education being established in & out of prisons across Michigan, more self help programs to keep ex-felons free in society. This is a New Era of time and a lot or things have changed from jobs to education and 80% of new convicted felons have never worked a day of their lives and most have very poor education only obtaining a Junior High level of knowledge or less.

The incarceration system is younger! thriving with more youth and they’re not interested in learning because of who’s teaching! and a computer many prisoners have no clue on how to properly use. A vast majority can’t understand the school work due to the fact of not knowing how to read or write! also to mention the G.E.D is taken on computer software as paper testing no longer exist.

So after school attention is needed with the help of an inmate tutor but this is not happening & student prisoners would rather learn from a crook instead of a book. That’s the reason so many prisoners don’t have a valid education far as obtaining a Diploma or GED is because effort is not applied and the surroundings of one’s upbringing plays a crucial role to becoming a gateway to the prison system.

Now the MDOC is not offering much to prisoners who are willing to learn and have obtained there GED and are lifers or have long indeterminate sentences. When it should be mandatory all prisoners receive equal education because one day the lifer could be released from a change in law, their case overturned or granted a commutation.

Returning back to society ex-felons need more jobs to benefit inner cities and help building communities through individuals who believe in the rehabilitated people from prisoner. Everyone wants to live in a safer environment & to create a better life for their children, nieces, nephews and also for their parents!

But as I mentioned earlier most took the route of crime in order to find a way out! so we need more resources & opportunities in our neighborhoods so we can take the right way out!!!!

Exodus from the Democratic Party-Pt 2
By: Richard Dyer-Bey

The threat of military and navel intervention of the power of the Commander-in-Chief to suppress the insurrection as well as the implementation of certain provisions of the Emancipation Proclamation [12 Stat. 1268 (effective January 1, 1868)], both these advents persuaded other rebel states to end their secession efforts and remain in the Union. These former rebellious states were called [Border States]:

1. Maryland 3. Missouri 5. West Virginia
2. Delaware 4. Kentucky

Under the parliamentary law of Congress, while the aforesaid events occurred, Congress adjourned “sine die” [without day] NEVER TO MEET AGAIN at the appointed time “the first Monday in December each year.” Accordingly, Congress ceased to exist as a lawfully functioning government body. The deliberative body of the original Congress lost its constitutional power, and thus Congress has not the capacity to declare war.

Meanwhile, President Lincoln, acting as Commander-in-Chief, issued Executive Order 1 [April 15, 1861] implementing military rule under the pretext of the national emergency. Then, on April 24, 1863, Lincoln commissioned the Lieber Code [“General Orders No. 100 (Section 2, Articles 42-43)] devised by Francis Lieber to effect the desired change in government.

Although President Lincoln was assassinated before he could complete his [Reconstruction Plan for the Union], three military Reconstruction Acts were enacted by the “Radical Republican Congress in 1867”, they were the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1875.

So, now you know that, the only lawful Amendments are [The Bill of Rights of 1791]. The First Ten Amendments to the Organic United States Constitution of 1789.

And, as Andrew Johnson a former Democrate from Tennessee succeeded Lincoln as president, under Johnson, certain Confederates was pardon and so-called Negroes wasn’t offered a role in the reconstruction process. Under Johnson’s plan of 1865, allowed the state government to pass a series of laws called [The Black Codes], and a century later called [The Jim Crow Laws], that guaranteed white supremacy, economically, regulating the labor of race, jailing the “new class” of citizens, so-called Negro / blacks for being unemployed, then hiring them out to pay for their fine. Socially, investing in negro, black legal status to remain lower class and submissive to so-called whites, and politically keep the “new class” of citizens, so-called negro out of the halls of power.

Theses Blacks Codes are still in effect today. Regulating labor, over looked for certain jobs, jailing so-called Negroes / Blacks people, a minority race but majority in prison, black legal status, given the so-called negro a record whether it be criminal or financial delinquency to keep them in the lower class and dependent. How?

For 70yrs. the so-called black / negro was a faithful supporter of the Republican party until 1930, (the Great Depression). Democratic president, Franklin D. Roosevelt attracted the so-called black voter to the Democratic party with the NEW DEAL — (I call the “ABC’s” — [ADC, SSI, etc]), which included economic relief, recovery, reform, housing and employment, which led the so-called blacks / negro to switch party allegiance. And they use the same tactics today to keep you voting for a fallacious promise of economic relief — (which keeps you dependent upon them), yet, you still struggle to this very day.

Since switching allegiance to the Democratic party, here are the historical facts of repayment for you loyalty. In 1915, Democratic president Woodrow Wilson played the first movie in the While House — [Birth Of A Nation], a Ku Klux Klan movie, lynching of Negroes. After the showing, he (Woodrow Wilson) stated: “It’s like lighting in a bottle, because the fact is, it is all so true.” In 1921, the Ku Klux Klan continued openly lynching and terrorizing the so-called blacks. In 1954, the so-called blacks had to fight for equal schooling, Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka. In 1955, Rosa Parks had to give up her seat to a so-called white man. And all through out the 50’s and 60’s, so-called black people have been harassed at the voting poles, church booming, segregation, attacked by dogs and killed by the Dixiecrat citizens, and the police. Once again, lets not forget Bill Clinton’s crime bill that allowed mass incarnation, and during the 90’s, Michigan built 12 additional prisons. This is the party so-called black people vote for? People, the black codes are still alive and well. Remember the Democratic governor from Virginia, Ralph Northham openly admitted that it was him in the black face next to his Klansman buddy and he is still governor today. Democrat? Right!!!

So-called Black people are still being lynched today by so-called white people (LOOK AT WHAT JUST HAPPENED IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA [JUNE 2020], TWO BLACK MEN WERE HUNG (LYNCHED))!!! Now, I wish for you to ask yourself why haven’t the Democratic party passed a bill that will stop gang violence in your community? Shut down a whole countries army with tanks and missiles. Send billions of dollars to other countries to fix roads and build schools, but they tell you there is no money for your children’s education or schools. These are just a few examples.

Conclusion: This is just a perspective from a historical point of view and remember, Donald J. Trump is a Democrat and just recently Bill and Hilary’s friend. He only switched to the Republican party to try and become president, knowing this could not happen running as a DEMOCRAT.
In my next article, we will address what I have been hinting and alluding to in this writing: [The Emancipation Proclamation; 13th, 14th, & 15th Amendments, Confiscation Acts of August 6, 1861 and July 17, 1862 and the Reconstruction period [1865-77]. I also will be repeating some of my thoughts from this writing to fill-in areas I did not go deeper into.


Richard D. Dyer-Bey
True LOVE Comes Through Understanding

We are called the United States of America, the land of the free & home of the brave and there are individuals brave enough to escape there country to take advantage of the benefits and enrich there lives with opportunity. So if they make it here safely and they are abiding by the criminal law, then they should be free. That’s what makes us the greatest nation in the world, people of different colors, shapes, sizes, intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, & understanding come together to create true Unity.

Over 90% of citizens of America were migrated to this country, within that percentage some were forced. The only true citizens of this country are Native Americans. Which is weird because, the people that are creating the laws and statutes or the decisions of who and what are allowed to come into the country are the ones that took over something that didn’t belong to them in the first place.

The end to Racism, Prejudice, and Stereotyping could never END as long as we see differences. It is true that Black Lives Matter, when you say that though your implying a difference in the life. Its in a Human Beings DNA to feel better or lesser than someone else at something, so when you apply color to the perspective, of course your going to create a idea that one particular shade of a person is better. There is no such thing as a minority if we truly believe that we are equal. You can’t ask for equality when a difference is implied, there is only one race that God created and that is the Human Race.

Its also true that God created each and everyone of us differently, but those differences were meant to be unified through fellowship in Love, Loyalty, Integrity, Honesty, and Righteousness. Which is supposed to happen through our beliefs or religious preferences.
Troy Oakes #891671

This is America

Hello!! My name is Terry but guys call me Washington, I’ve been dwn for 5 years so far. I’m 39yo & hve been doing poetry every since I could learn how 2 read, never really took it serious though. Now I use poetry as a way 2 escape, heal, cry, & love. I would love 2 share sum poetry from my poetic archives & I hope my poems dnt come off 2 dark or depressing but know these r my feelings n its rawest form, my life, my words!!!!

B4 I send a few poems I jus want 2 say part of my writing style is the length of my poems. I try 2 make my poems as short as possible so the message can hit hard, but on occasions one might get a little lenthy like this 1st poem. B4 every poem I will give an small introduction, but poetry is so deep each reader will see & feel something different….

Introduction (2-9-20)
N this particular poem I wanted 2 express generations of pain n a softer way 2 show the reader the basic reason of our anger, rage, disappointments & long term mental suffering. I wanted 2 show the reality of our situation.

Most of the people n America r foreigners but whites r the only ones that can call themselves Americans w/o the hyfen n it. We dnt say European American or England American, but we hve 2 label ourselves African-American or Black or Urban. Now I’m not knocking our native land or denying it but rather showing the never ending racism & hatred being shown.

This poem is 4 the people that still doesn’t understand why we r still upset & n pain & filled with rage. Also, I’m allowing the reader 2 see that the writer is finally coming out of denial, finally realizing racism is America & it will never change.. I call this piece, “Thankyou America.”

Thankyou America (2-9-20)
Now I understand. In the beginning when the constitution was written, We, were not n the plan. My great great grandfather was born here and yet we cnt call ourselves American…

Thankyou America. Thankyou 4 destroying our heritage, erasing our native tongue, & killing our native land. All our speeches all our marches, crys & tears has went in vain again, & then, President Trump is the new America while we still cnt call ourselves American.
Thankyou America. Thankyou 4 making a colorless color a race. Thankyou 4 instilling in us Hate, just 2 point the finger n disgrace, wondering why we r so enraged at your diner that publicly discriminate. Thankyou America, we try so hard & hard 2 be accepted & fit in. But no matter how successful, wealthy, & talented we are, we will never be considered an American..

Now I understand. When the Preamble says, we the people, WE, were not in the plan. We were live stock, free labor, sold & traded, beaten, raped & killed but never American.

Thankyou America. Thankyou 4 leaving a seat for us at your table. Thankyou 4 laughing when we tell a joke. Thankyou 4 cheering when we shoot the game winning shot. Thankyou 4 removing those physical chains & putting Us on nice designer clothes… Are we Americans now America, the answer is still No…

N e e d t o b e H I g h

The feeling of being high; the aura of intoxication; the euphoria of being inebriated; the climax of adrenalin, all to the point of weightlessness on multiple levels.

Chasing that high, that exhilaration holds the world in “consciousness without presumption of results or expectations of answers”. Just aloft in the bliss of living in the moment. So much so that, everything flows with you, and you flow with everything. Pure harmony existing as your real life.

There is no need to inhale anything more than oxygen.

There is no need to indulge in any type of spirits outside of the body.

No need to think or ponder a situation, being the true experiencer, the needed actions are lived out onto needed fulfillment.

This intoxication is produced by the manufactured love of living God’s energy from deep inside you, all the way to your pleasure full experience now. The high, is a divine consumption of all ancestry, every available life force flowing now, and the appreciation, to live through the potency of such a magnificent elixir. The fluid of life’s availability, surges was-to-is, celebrating the union of past and present with every drank of the truth; Oneness.

To be so connected to God, that every part of life that ever existed and exists now, is coursing through your being. This aura, this euphoria, this great power, this climax of adrenalin, this weightlessness, is that urge, is that craving, that desire for the Need to be High. Above the intent to belittle, flatter, or stagnate. Beyond the situations and circumstances that persist to harbor and ground any moment of elevation.

The Need to be High is so much more than elevation, it is the being free from all and being free to experience all, without boundaries or restrictions to or from being free. The Need to be High engulfs every portion of your being and opens you up to experience, being. Seeing life in the light of being so you, that you experience God in everything. Everything that you see, do, think, and experience is godly. Realizing, you are this High, you have always been this High, all you have to do ever, is be, and you maintain and evolve in your Need to be High. Flying in the space of God, alone, but with everything and everyone you need, under the influence of the power of divinity. Knowing, the highest you can get, is the God in you. This operates your Need to be High.

“Know thyself” Ralph Emerson
Keep your eyes wide mind wise while Ballin’ thru it All…
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