In my most humblest opinion I believe there’s absolutely no reason why government spending on corrections should exceed the needs of public schools. It’s like each inmate, or account, whichever term you prefer covers a correctional employees annual pay; which gives credence as to why most, “not all,” but why most correctional employees, institutional vendors and bail bonds agencies are so reluctant to support prison reform measures that seek to reduce the prison population by releasing inmates serving extremely long sentences, but have proven themselves to have been rehabilitated years ago.

The Preschool To Prison Pipeline is just one component of a longstanding sentiment aspiring to place blacks back onto plantations. Although the 13th and 14th amendments were enacted into law in the late 1800’s, the ideology of Lincoln’s killer(s) permeated far beyond the post antebellum period and showed its face through Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, Peonage, and throughout today’s jurisprudence via its practice of streaming blacks, and poor people alike through the judicial system without affording them Due Process nor Equal Protection of the law. This practice has resulted in an overcrowding of the U.S. prison system with an extremely disproportionate number of blacks who’ve been: a) over charged, b) unduly convicted, c) disenfranchised, and d) unjustly denied appellate relief on a state and federal level:


First and foremost before we proceed any further please allow me to say that by no means do I in any way condone the taking of a life. And with the utmost respect I commend all of the detectives, prosecutors, and judges who carry out the complexities of their daily duties with integrity, impartiality, and mindful compassion for all parties involved. Therefore, the purpose of this illustration is to simply show you how someone can be streamlined through the judicial system without being afforded the equal protection of the law nor the process that was due to them as defined by the State and United States Constitutions:

In 2005 I was charged with 1st degree murder by a trial court that did not abide by any of the mandates set forth in Michigan’s: State Jury Instructions Manual, nor the instructional mandates set forth by the United States Supreme Court or federal district and circuit courts in:

a) Berrier v. Egeler, 428 F. Supp. 750, 752 (E.D. Mich. 1975);

b) Berrier v. Egeler, 583 F. 2d 515, 521 (6th Cir. 1978);

c) United States v. Lofton, 776 F. 2d 918 (10th Cir. 1985), and

d) Mullaney v. Wilbur, 421 U.S. 684, 691-704 (1974) which mandated that, “the Due Process Clause requires the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the ABSENCE of heat of passion on sudden provocation when the issue is properly presented in a homicide case.

What must be stressed at this point is that not every killing warrants a charge of murder. I know that sometimes we struggle with this concept, because whenever someone from the black community pulls the trigger they’re usually charged with first degree murder quick, fast, and in a hurry, with absolutely no regard for the mitigating circumstances surrounding the situation.

But whenever Bill, Bob or officer Tom pulls the trigger the process is drastically slowed down. The prosecutor and judge takes into account all of the surrounding circumstances and mitigating factors. Then they consult the corresponding statutes and jury instructions so that they can get a thorough understanding of the elements and legislators intent – making careful not to over charge. And after taking into account all contributing factors rarely does the government come back with a charge of first-degree murder. It’s usually something less.

So as I stood charged with 1st degree murder in Eaton county Michigan, the trial court, over my objection denied me the right to present a complete and meaningful defense. It’s imperative to the following section that I inform you that the right to present a defense is an inalienable right guaranteed to us all under the United States’ 6th amendment, and is integrated into the common law of American jurisprudence. Therefore, this type of error is what’s known as a structural error. Structural errors aka structural defects can be likened to the four legs of a chair; if one leg is broken then the integrity of the entire chair is compromised and it cannot stand.


For the purpose of clarification I would like to say that I was not charged with voluntary manslaughter, but I did request that it be submitted to the jury as my sole defense to the government’s charge of murder; along with the prosecution’s mandated burden of proof as required by the United States Supreme Court, and the trial Court agreed. However, after agreeing to the submission of this instruction on my behalf, the court took it upon itself to abandon Michigan’s mandatory Jury Instructions: “Use Notes”; which instructed the Court that, “If instructions on voluntary manslaughter are being given as a lesser included offense to the charge of murder, use Michigan Criminal Jury Instruction 16:9,” directly after the murder instruction, because instruction 16:9 informs the jury on how to apply the mitigating factors that would allow them to reduce a charge of murder to manslaughter.

The resulting consequence was that nowhere in the jury instructions did the Court inform nor even suggest to the jury that my sole defense to the government’s charge of murder was that the killing took place in the heat of passion in response to adequate provocation. Nor did the Court or jury instructions inform the jury that the Due Process Clause required the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the ABSENCE of heat in order to find me guilty of murder as mandated by Mullaney, Berrier, and Lofton.

Mental Struggles

By: Joseph Green

In this post I want to be honest and transparent about my own personal mental struggles in hopes of shining the light on the struggles that so many others endure in my situation and even those who are not incarcerated. Yet they are apprehensive to talk about it. Prison is a very dangerous place but it’s main objective and design is to break the mental mindset of everyone that enters its doors.

Coming into this system I had no doubt that physically I could protect myself. I was equipped to handle whatever…so I thought. I didn’t know the amount of stress it would play on me mentally. I was tough on the outside but on the inside I was being mentally broken down. My reality was, I was falsely accused of a murder. I had to watch my beautiful black mother fall victim to her own mental illnesses and drug addiction. My younger brother was also serving a life sentence and it was a strong possibility we would never be face to face again. My niece was growing up without my physical presence. My grandmother was getting sick and had to watch her grandkids grow up in prison. And to top it all off my appeals kept getting denied.

These were my thoughts as the years, months, and days begin to pass for me in this prison system. And I was not prepared for this reality. As my appeals got denied I begin to see people in my life lose hope of my return, write less, visit lesser and financial support became non existent. I was now on my own to face this reality. Not because I wasn’t loved anymore but because when I got sentenced, my life was put on pause.

I never understood or even thought I could have a mental illness. I didn’t want to accept that I was dealing with anxiety,severe depression and PTSD. I tried to numb and mask my pain behind laughter and drugs. If you can relate then you know it only took me away for a moment but my reality was always present. For the first time in my life as a grown man I had to come face to face with Joseph. I had to acknowledge that I was not okay. I was hurting and I needed help. I had to regain control of my mental wellbeing and life.

I wanted and I knew I needed help but I couldn’t trust anyone. I made the decision to talk to a psychologist. This had to be done on the low because I didn’t want anyone to know my business. I knew that in order for me to grow and get better I had to face and address my illness.

Prison is filled with men who strive to keep their street image. Believing that their street rep is what defines them as a man. Yet many are wearing mask pretending to be something they not. Telling war stories and king pin stories trying to validate a image or enhance a ego to make themselves seem tougher, smarter and more important then the next man. And yet we all sit in the same unfortunate position here in prison.

Society forgets that we human beings that have emotions and feelings. I’m in love with a beautiful woman. Many believe that we are absent of such a intense and intimate yearning for another human being. Many men strive daily to express this emotion to their family, friends, children and the woman that sacrifices and supports him with her love and support. Everyone needs support now more then ever with all the stuff happening in today’s world.

Everyone is dealing with something that they may not speak about. If you have a love one or friend incarcerated they have moments of despair, loneliness and flat giving up. Your words of encouragement on any given day may be the spark needed to ignite change, hope, and optimism in a dark and demoralizing condition.

It is a huge stigma placed on mental illness so much so that it is rarely spoke about or addressed. Society tends to avoid or downplay the reality that many imprisoned men and women come from low income or impoverished communities. Where drugs, murder, and violence is a norm which causes us to become desensitized to these hardships and realities of life. We begin to accept these negative things as normal activities of the “hood” and ways of life. But none of these things are normal.
Many men are taught to be emotionless especially when your apart of the street life. Like the soldiers who fight for this country, they are taught to detach their feelings and emotions or risk death. No matter the race, culture, economical or social status we have all experienced some form of mental illness. We don’t have to allow ourselves to be controlled by it. Victor Frankle said,” Suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning such as the meaning of sacrifice.”
We suffer from our mental illnesses because we fail to acknowledge they exist. Being incarcerated and battling a mental illness has caused me much suffering but it has also guided me and allowed me to share my experiences and my story in hopes of helping others going through tough times. Your suffering has a purpose and meaning. Remember everyone is going through something. Be that positive light that helps guide them out of darkness. Listen to their voice and help bring about change. Remind them that they are not alone……Things will get better. Have a blessed and peaceful day.

This is America

Hello!! My name is Terry but guys call me Washington, I’ve been dwn for 5 years so far. I’m 39yo & hve been doing poetry every since I could learn how 2 read, never really took it serious though. Now I use poetry as a way 2 escape, heal, cry, & love. I would love 2 share sum poetry from my poetic archives & I hope my poems dnt come off 2 dark or depressing but know these r my feelings n its rawest form, my life, my words!!!!

B4 I send a few poems I jus want 2 say part of my writing style is the length of my poems. I try 2 make my poems as short as possible so the message can hit hard, but on occasions one might get a little lenthy like this 1st poem. B4 every poem I will give an small introduction, but poetry is so deep each reader will see & feel something different….

Introduction (2-9-20)
N this particular poem I wanted 2 express generations of pain n a softer way 2 show the reader the basic reason of our anger, rage, disappointments & long term mental suffering. I wanted 2 show the reality of our situation.

Most of the people n America r foreigners but whites r the only ones that can call themselves Americans w/o the hyfen n it. We dnt say European American or England American, but we hve 2 label ourselves African-American or Black or Urban. Now I’m not knocking our native land or denying it but rather showing the never ending racism & hatred being shown.

This poem is 4 the people that still doesn’t understand why we r still upset & n pain & filled with rage. Also, I’m allowing the reader 2 see that the writer is finally coming out of denial, finally realizing racism is America & it will never change.. I call this piece, “Thankyou America.”

Thankyou America (2-9-20)
Now I understand. In the beginning when the constitution was written, We, were not n the plan. My great great grandfather was born here and yet we cnt call ourselves American…

Thankyou America. Thankyou 4 destroying our heritage, erasing our native tongue, & killing our native land. All our speeches all our marches, crys & tears has went in vain again, & then, President Trump is the new America while we still cnt call ourselves American.
Thankyou America. Thankyou 4 making a colorless color a race. Thankyou 4 instilling in us Hate, just 2 point the finger n disgrace, wondering why we r so enraged at your diner that publicly discriminate. Thankyou America, we try so hard & hard 2 be accepted & fit in. But no matter how successful, wealthy, & talented we are, we will never be considered an American..

Now I understand. When the Preamble says, we the people, WE, were not in the plan. We were live stock, free labor, sold & traded, beaten, raped & killed but never American.

Thankyou America. Thankyou 4 leaving a seat for us at your table. Thankyou 4 laughing when we tell a joke. Thankyou 4 cheering when we shoot the game winning shot. Thankyou 4 removing those physical chains & putting Us on nice designer clothes… Are we Americans now America, the answer is still No…

N e e d t o b e H I g h

The feeling of being high; the aura of intoxication; the euphoria of being inebriated; the climax of adrenalin, all to the point of weightlessness on multiple levels.

Chasing that high, that exhilaration holds the world in “consciousness without presumption of results or expectations of answers”. Just aloft in the bliss of living in the moment. So much so that, everything flows with you, and you flow with everything. Pure harmony existing as your real life.

There is no need to inhale anything more than oxygen.

There is no need to indulge in any type of spirits outside of the body.

No need to think or ponder a situation, being the true experiencer, the needed actions are lived out onto needed fulfillment.

This intoxication is produced by the manufactured love of living God’s energy from deep inside you, all the way to your pleasure full experience now. The high, is a divine consumption of all ancestry, every available life force flowing now, and the appreciation, to live through the potency of such a magnificent elixir. The fluid of life’s availability, surges was-to-is, celebrating the union of past and present with every drank of the truth; Oneness.

To be so connected to God, that every part of life that ever existed and exists now, is coursing through your being. This aura, this euphoria, this great power, this climax of adrenalin, this weightlessness, is that urge, is that craving, that desire for the Need to be High. Above the intent to belittle, flatter, or stagnate. Beyond the situations and circumstances that persist to harbor and ground any moment of elevation.

The Need to be High is so much more than elevation, it is the being free from all and being free to experience all, without boundaries or restrictions to or from being free. The Need to be High engulfs every portion of your being and opens you up to experience, being. Seeing life in the light of being so you, that you experience God in everything. Everything that you see, do, think, and experience is godly. Realizing, you are this High, you have always been this High, all you have to do ever, is be, and you maintain and evolve in your Need to be High. Flying in the space of God, alone, but with everything and everyone you need, under the influence of the power of divinity. Knowing, the highest you can get, is the God in you. This operates your Need to be High.

“Know thyself” Ralph Emerson
Keep your eyes wide mind wise while Ballin’ thru it All…
Noble files *****Realla Journals
Mstr.SheldonRoyceMarch #192522

Race and Racism in American Prisons, and America Herself

Jerry Metcalf #251141
Thumb Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Drive
Lapeer, MI 48446
email @ jpay.com

As I sat thinking about how and what to write on such a sensitve topic, I kept asking myself where to begin.

Do I start with the fact that although blacks in America only comprise about 12% of the population, they also–stunningly–make up damn near 50% of America’s prison, jail, and detention facility population?

Or do I go further back and begin with the fact that anyone who lives in American inner cities (mostly blacks) is seldom afforded their Constitutionally guaranteed right to a trial by a jury of their peers, because when a poor person goes to trial in these United States and is found guilty, he/she is punished harshly (well beyond the norm) to make an example. That way, when the next young, poor, often black or brown, man or woman find themselves standing in a courthouse they capitulate. Because regardless of whether you are guilty or innocent of your crime, if you are poor and black in America they want you so terrified of that supper-long prison sentence that you take whatever “deal” they offer.

And the reason for this evil scheme is simple: nobody gives two turds about our most underrepresented communities. No one cares whether there is enough money to guarantee little black kids an education, let alone whether they receive the right to a fair trial.

So when those black kids grow up and are locked away for years and decades and lifetimes, they remember how they were treated their whole lives. They remember how the white–or mostly white–government held them back. They remember how the white–or mostly white–teachers in their overcrowded inner schools lacked the ability and the time to help them learn, yet passed them anyway. They remember how the white–or mostly white–police officers harassed them, beat them, and murdered them. And then, after all that, when they finally find themselves imprisoned in a world where they are the majority, all that anger and frustration comes boiling out on the new minority, the very same white people (or so they think) who screwed them over their entire lives. Only now those white people are also convicts.

To add fuel to the flames, the minority whites, not really understanding what is going on, and how this viscous cycle is so deadly, grow even more racist, or, even if they’d never had a racist bone in their bodies, they find themselves forced to mingle with racist individuals and gangs because they fear the black inmates so badly.

Luckily, over the last several years, I’ve noticed that as many of the level-minded convicts (black and white alike) start to mellow out and mature, they have begun to realize the truth. That the idea of white and black in American prisons–and across America herself–is a deceptive illusion. In prison there are really only two opposing teams: Team Prison Guard, and Team Convict. There is no Team White or Team Black.

And Team Prison Guard already always has the home field advantage, so we of Team Convict need to get our act together and realize we are all playing for the same team reguardless of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else that sets us apart.

That’s why I am calling on all white Americans to join the Black Lives Matter movement. Not because they are black and we are white, but because here is a fight we can all get behind. Here is a fight that can unite us onto the same team.

The police in America have begun to kill people in unprecedented numbers, and are seldom held accountable. True, for every two young black men killed by police, there is only one young white man whom is killed. But this number, as lopsided and demented as it is, proves two things: One; that the police really are racist. And Two; that they are actually murdering people, whites included.

The only question I have, Dear Reader, is this: What are you going to do about it?

My name is Jerry Metcalf, and I wish to make the world a better place. If you do too, please join me @ Facebook.com.

“Man Cave”

When you hear the term “man cave” the first thing that may come to mind is a place where men have created a safe haven, a getaway from his wife and kids. A home away from home sorta speak. You envision the largest television one could ever imagine mounted on the wall, perhaps two. Video games and controllers litter the room. His refrigerator indispensably rests in the corner. Sports memorabilia copiously line the walls creating the perfect ambiance giving evidence this is indeed a man’s place of residence. The man cave has famously been deemed a place he can go to drink as much as he wants, eat whatever his heart desires until he’s beyond full. There is no dress code and tawdry becomes the standard. The man cave is sacred and only chosen ones are allowed entry. Rules are implemented that only makes sense to those who are part of this elite highly touted “man cave.” A sense of adoration soon sets in.
On the surface there appears to be nothing wrong with a man having such an environment. It helps him unwind, relax, gather his thoughts in order to be more effective in his role as the head of the family. When considering it in this manner many are partial of the man cave.
But there is another “man cave” that each man possesses whether he lives in a house, apartment, car or a cardboard box. This one doesn’t come with decorative attractions filling a secluded room meticulously tucked away in the basement. There are no pool tables, flat screen televisions, or a bar stocked to please. Rather, this man cave is self-made and lies deep within.  
Just as a man will hide out in his luxurious man cave, numbing himself to the stresses that life presents, this same man will conceal himself inside his self-made man cave filled with past failures, character indiscretions, and hidden secrets connected with them. When this man is in his cave you will see lack of emotion, disconnect from loving others or being loved, identity issues and an abundance of pain. 
This same man will stand roughshod blocking the entrance to the cavern of his heart allowing the skeletons of his past to continue rotting away, festering, trapped inside while he masquerades through life as a man with no worries or fears, compromising his integrity, violating not only man’s laws but more importantly God’s laws.
He becomes more crippled and emotionally damaged with the continued neglect of his wounds. Each time a person tries to gain entry into his self-made man cave of emotional carnage he will lash out, berate, threaten, ruin relationships destroying the family unit, losing everything all for the sake of that rotting festering skeleton who remains locked up in the confines of his wounded heart, desperately wanting to be freed, but his cruel captor continues to hold him hostage afraid of the exposure, embarrassment, and ultimately, rejection by others if his skeleton dares to get out the closet. He’d rather remain scarred and maimed unable to make progress in his life.
I once lived in a self made man cave afraid to exit it and face the shameless looks, judgmental comments and the barrage of criticism that comes with taking another’s life. The transition one has to make in order to come out of this self man made cave is not an easy process. One must be willing to acknowledge his past failures and ultimately enter a relationship with God. Accept your past experiences and take responsibility. Gain power and control over yourself, and forgive yourself. If not for the acknowledgment of my past failures and dedication to Jehovah I would still be living in my cave protecting those skeletons. Allowing those skeletons the freedom to leave my cave has allowed me to live with purpose on purpose unafraid to pursue my purpose which is to share my past experiences with young men who are living in their self made “man cave” so they can release their skeletons before its too late!! 

Submitted by: Connell L. Howard #234626 @ jpay.com

Kelly Farris


A young woman in her twenties named Kelly Farris was sitting in her car when the police approached her vehicle and began questioning her about an argument that she had with another female. When the police told her to get out of her car, she informed them that she needed help getting out because of her leg injury. The police responded by snatching her out the car and dragging her to the police station.

At the police station, the Oakland County Sheriffs treated her like trash. They put a sack over her head, twisted her arm and began choking her. While she was screaming that she couldn’t breathe and pleading for them to stop because she was pregnant, the officers slammed her face against the wall and ordered her to get naked. Ms. Farris begged them to not make her strip in front of a room full of men. Ignoring her pleas, they cut the clothes off her back until she was completely nude in a room full of male sheriffs. Humiliated, Kelly curled her shaking body into a ball and tried to conceal her naked body.

Immediately, after being choked, beat, and humiliated, Kelly Farris learned that the Oakland County Sherrif had killed her baby. WOW! And to add insult to injury, they never ha enough evidence to charged her with a crime.

What type of country do we live in where the police can treat a pregnant Black Woman worst than a dog and get away with it? Our tax dollars pay their salaries, so we are actually paying them to abuse woman and murder people, including unborn children. And their “officers union” protects them. The police are out of control, and no one is holding them accountable for their abuse.

Seeing those men brutilizing that young woman and ripping her clothes of reminded me of a how slave holder used to beat and rape Black Women, and cut babies out of their stomachs. There were no consequences for slave holders and there were no consequences for the officer who violate Kelly Farris. They were not charged nor suspended. They kept earning their huge salaries with not even receiving a slap on the wrist for the murder of the child.

The police in this country are untouchable. They have qualified immunity. For generations, society has blindly trusted the police and treated them like they had inherently high moral qualities. However, the police are no different than lying politicians, crooked lawyers, and shady businessmen. The police are fallible human beings just like anyone else, yet we have given them free rein to take away a citizen’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. And we have no way of adequately monitoring their absolute power.

Why is it that In this country we hardly ever hear about the police murdering a White Man or violating a White Woman? Why do the police believe that it is okay for them to kill a Black Woman’s unborn child and not be punished for it? Why do White politicians claim that there is no systemic racism within the police force?

The answer is because Black People are powerless to defend themselves against them. Knowledge is power. Until the Black community comes together and learn how to force politicians to change laws and punish police who abuse their power, the police will continue to openly terrorize Black Americans.

Ernest Hall

“Profile of a Juvenile Lifer”

“Profile of a Juvenile Lifer”

My name is Duval Newsome, and I have been confined within the Michigan penal system for over 43years. 

On February 4, 1977, I joined a brother and sister team (Leonard & Henreitta Armstrong) to rob a weed dealer that lived within her aparement complex. At that time, I was 3months pass my 19th birthday.

It would be helpful here to give a little history on the relationship I shared with Leonard. I met Leonard when I was 13years old; he was the best friend of my eldest brother, Jerome. With my mother as the only parent in the household, the two of them became my role models and I looked up to them both.

When I turned 16, Leonard disappeared, Jerome joined the Army and I signed up for Job Corps (following Jerome’s earlier example). Three years later (December, 1976), Leonard showed back up, and confessed he had been in prison. I was overjoyed to see him, and as I recall, impressed with his prison “war stories”. I was now taller & bigger than Leonard but I still looked up to him. When he suggested that I help him and his sister rob the weed dealer in her appartment building (wanting to show him that “Little Sput-Nick” had “grown up”), I agreed.

The plan was: She would gain entry into the dealer’s basement level apartment, buy some weed, and on the way out, stand in the doorway talking if he were alone. She did … Leonard and I rushed in! Leonard (the only one armed) put the gun in the dealer’s face and ordered him to the floor. I used the phone cord to tie his hands behind his back, while Henreitta stood in the hallway as lookout.

Leonard and I gathered all the weed, money, jewelry, etc. and placed the items in a sack (except the money, Leonard put that in his pocket). I was then told to take the loot upstairs to Henreitta’s third floor apartment and send her back in. On the way out, I told her Leonard wanted her inside; she asked: “Is Johnny Dead”?; and I told her no. Her roommate let me in and we waited for them to come back up. They arrived about ten minutes later. We all drank beer & wine mixed and smoked some more weed.

Leonard had taken the dealer’s car keys and I drove the three of us to my mothers home across town, where we split the loot and I learned that Leonard had killed Mr. Williams to protect his sister from any possible retaliation. A few days later, after taking two of her girl friends back into Mr. Williams’ apartment and showing off one of the stolen rings, Henreitta was arrested and told on her brother and myself. We were subsequently arrested at my mother’s home a couple days later. They both took plea bargins to second degree murder and placed the blame for Mr. Williams’ death on me. I turned down the plea offer, and made a full statement admitting my role in the robbery. I subsequently went to trial, where I was convicted of First Degree Felony Murder, and sentenced to Life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Due to a recent landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, much attention has been focused on “Juvenile Justice and the Adolescent Brain” as well as the “Science” behind it. It has been through this case and several published articles, that I have gained valuable insight and a deeper understanding of “why” I made the decision to engage in the criminal act that removed me from society 43years ago. For example, Scientist now know that at age nineteen, the “Adolescent Brain” is still developing and is highly subjected to reward-and-peer-influence. Prior to ths insight, I’ve always reflected on those events and concluded that “I should have known better” than to go with Leonard; but I never understood “why” I went, until now. As a juvenile, I was literally incapable of making decisions based on sound logic & reason, although (at that time) you couldn’t have convienced me otherwise. 

I have always taken responsibility for my role in the robbery of Mr. Williams, but I didn’t kill him, nor was I present when he was killed. Prior to the commission of this crime, I had never met Henreitta or Mr. Williams. I have exhausted all my Appeals and have been denied several times when seeking a Commutation from different Michigan Governors. My story is not unique regarding men being convicted, as Juveniles, under the old Felony Murder Rule, which allowed for malice and the intent to kill, to be inferred from the robbery alone. This practice was abolished in November, 1980, by the Michigan Supreme Court, (without retroactive application) stating that: “All First Degree Murders must show individual culpability with malice no longer being inferred from the underlying felony.” I am one of 20-25 men that remain alive in the system, who will die in prison because of this unjust ruling, and Michigan Governors failure to use their power of Commutation.

It is my continued hope and prayer that Michigan will follow the current trend being set Nation wide regarding Juvenile Lifers and the non-principled killers in murder cases prior to November, 1980, and give men like myself, a second chance in society and the reunification with humanity.

Respectfully submitted,

Mr. Duval Newsome El #149982
July 12, 2020

What is “Defunding the Police”?

Don’t be alarmed by Black Lives Matters call to “defund” the police. Defunding the police means that we set up community security to protect us. Community officers will still have the power to make legal arrest and perform the same duties that police perform right now. However, the “Peace-Officers” will be people who come from our communities, not infiltrators who come in and murder us.

Under the present system, police officer have “qualified immunity” that protects police officers from law suits even if they intentionally murder someone without good cause. Why can doctors be sued if they accidentally kill a patient in the operating room, but the police cannot be sues for murdering someone in cold blood.

The reason that police officers get away with murder and still keep their jobs is because the “Police Officer’s Union” has too much power. The Police Union has tens of thousands of members who stick together. They lobby the government and use their voting power to get politicians to make laws in their favor. More importantly, Police Officer Unions use their negotiation power to force cities and states to expand the rights of police officers. For example, it is hard to fire a police officer because the Police Union negotiated a deal that makes it mandatory that fired police get many opportunities to appeal their job loss. And there is a high burden of proof to uphold the firing of a police officer. That is why most police officers get their jobs back.

The Police Officer’s Union negotiated deals that protect police at the expense disregard for citizens.

By Defunding the police, we can take the power away from the Police Union. We can reinvest tax money into community based law enforcement, crime prevention, education, community recreation and other programs that will uplift the community, instead of destroying it.

We are intelligent enough to find good people within our communities to protect us. There is no need for outsiders to come in and occupy our communities. Police officer are coming in and intimidating, exploiting and murdering black people. White People commit three times as many crimes in this country and they are arrest three times more often then African Americans, yet the police kill three times as many Black People than White People. This is nothing new, it has always been this way. So it let’s you know that white police officer’s don’t value Black Lives. They kill us like were dogs in the street and don’t lose an ounce of sleep over it.

We need to stop spending our tax money to pay police officers who have immunity to murder Black People. And don’t be fooled. If police reform does not get rid of qualified immunity that protects murderous police officers, then it is not dealing with the systemic part of racism in the police department.

P.S You can write to me at
Ernest K. Hall El #196363
Thumbs Corr. Facility 
3225 John Conely Dr.
Lapeer, Michigan 48446

Please put your return address on the letter itself because the prison does not give me the envelop, or you can go to J-Pay.com to send me an email. I will respond to all messages.

Racial “Cold War” in America

There is a racial “Cold-War” going on in America. In the past, White people openly lynched, torchered, and exploited Black People. Times have changed. Now, racists disguise their true intentions behind laws designed to allow police officers and vigilante White People to legally murder Black People. Not all White People are racist; many of them have fought with us to end Black suffering in America. Nonetheless, the U.S. Department of Justice statistics prove that racial discrimination infests the American education system, work force, housing market, incarceration, and every other area in American society.

What do I mean by a “Racial-Cold-War?” A cold-war is a conflict that uses tactics designed to destroy your adversary without using military action. In this country, systemic racism has been used to deny African Americans their rights to political equality, social equality and equality of opportunity guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Systemic racism refers to white discrimination against African Americans that is built into the institutions of America. Some of the results of systemic racism are as follows:

*In this country, on average, a white person without a highschool diploma earns more money than an African American with a college degree.

*According to the U.S. Department of Justice, White People are arrested for 70% of all violent crimes, 70% of property crimes, and 70% of drug offences; whereas, African Americans are arrested for 27% of all crime categories, but there are more African Americans in prison than White Americans (429,000 African prisoners, 403,600 White prisoner).

*On average, White American households have ten times the wealth of African American households (White American households =$170,000; African American households =$17,000).

29% of African Americans dropout of highschool; only 12% of White Americans dropout. (See The World Almanac And Book of Facts, 2019)

Many White Americans will claim that there is no “systemic racism” in America. But the evidence is clear. White people prefer to hire White Americans without a college degree before they will hire an African American. And they will send an African American to prison three times more often than a White American. White People discriminate against African Americans in every institution this country, the facts don’t lie.

How do we solve this problem? History has given us the blueprint of how to stop racial discrimination. In the 1960’s, civil rights leaders learned that we have to use consumer power to force change. When African Americans boycotted the bus system, White people stopped forcing African Americans to go to the back of the bus and give up their seats to White People. 

Today, the African American community has to come together and stop spending their money with companies in order to force them to change. African Americans are the number one consumers in this country. All we have to do is to financially punish companies. African Americans should stop buying new cars, or stop going to fast food restaurants until White People stop sending Black people to prison three times more often than Whites, start hiring Black People, start improving the quality of education in public schools, etc. In order for us to start spending money with those companies, this country has to end racial discrimination. Money is power in this country. As long as white people don’t fear any consequences for their racial discrimination, they have no reason to stop.

Protesting is a powerful tool, but we must combine boycotts with our protest. When they stop getting our money, they will stop discriminating against us. History has taught us that.

Racism continues to choke the life out of the African American community. Racism is dead serious. If you don’t want your son or daughter to grow up in a world where they have a hard time getting a good job and a good education, then we have to boycott. If you don’t want to have to worry about your son or daughter being murdered by the police or stuck in a prison cell, then we should boycott. If you want your child to get a good education, then we have to boycott. When we come together and stop spending money with those who seek to do us harm, then they will realize that we mean business. Where there is unity, there is strength.

Written by: Brother Ernest K. Hall El #196363

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