Fallen Soldiers in the Belly of the Beast (R.I.P.)

Hello, my name is Jerome Walker but friends call me DJ. I want to talk about what’s on my mind.

I am saddened because I had lost a soldier in the belly of the beast. Saturday a guy I knew who was locked up died from cancer. His name was Pauly.

This man had done approximately 30 years in the belly of the beast. Here’s the sad part. He only had 2 years left.

When Covid hit, he was diagnosed with cancer. During this time, Covid had hit the prison hard. Approximately 146 prisoners had died from this deadly virus.

With 2 years left on his sentence, Pauly petitioned the courts and the Governor for a pardon, because he knew he was on borrowed time.

Sadly, they denied his request.

What is a man to do? He done everything to get out, but they didn’t care to listen to his plea or cared if he lived or died.

On 9-11-21 they pulled the plug on my friend and he passed away.

All I could do was put my head down and cried silently as he never got the chance to walk out of these doors into his family arms. 2 years left, and he couldn’t get an early release to be with his family before he passed away.

30 years of hard time, just to die 2 years before your release day.

Rest in power my friend. I miss you. I want to send my condolences to his family. I also want to say rest in peace to Big & Tree who died at Kinross. R.I.P. to Sincere, I lost my breath when u died. R.I.P. to Geeder-El, hustle man. R.I.P. to all the fallen soldiers that had lost their lives in the belly of the beast.

If you reading this, and u lost a love one in prison, Rest in Peace to them as well.

Gone but will never be forgotten.

Sincerely, Jerome BKA DJ the visionary.

I Know Why Thoughts Are Caged


The Picture on the front cover of this book illustrates the state of most people’s mental health. I ENCOURAGE all to read this Book. The Spiritual focus brings enlightenment and I found Joy myself as I read all the spiritual poems and short stories.

An easy read, I KNOW WHY THOUGHTS ARE CAGED is only 100 pages. My favorite poems are entitled; ”My Tree is my witness” and ”Reflections of a Queen Mother.” Meditation on our highest thoughts brings us true freedom.

Happy Momma Monday!

In the heart of everything that is, is the love of, Mother. That is the life line of the universe. That is the energy to be, and be more. This is the divinity of God’s love: you are this force, rejoice. You are always appreciated, even subconsciously. r/l

Noble’Ju sheldonroyce

song: “Thank You” Ashanti

Happy Momma Monday!

“A Sharing moment”:

My Earth; My Mother got to spread her heavenly wings Sept.11.2017; just so happened, I was talking to a friend and I heard her mother’s voice in the background, and, I heard her mother, I heard my mother, I heard what that safety, what that security, what that assurance, what that love felt, meant and is. A vision of how much that really meant and what all that really entails permeated through me. Recalling another significant person in my life, and her plight without knowing the divine dynamic of that feeling—still, raising 3 children, a special needs child and a grandchild of exceptional circumstance. How much do we take for granted, or don’t use our motherly love as our mothers are and have given us directly from God: Love?

From now on, Let us love like that. r/l

As much love our mothers are, as much love as we wished we were, as much love as we wish we could be; we are by divine order. Living. Being. Existing in this moment right now is the proof. Live that love out loud, on purpose and with that reason. real/love

Noble’Ju sheldonroyce

Character Building


First, I would like to thank the organization for providing this platform for me, because my mind has been locked up physically and mentally for almost 25 years. So, I’m forever thankful and grateful for this opportunity, and I will make sure I don’t waste anybody time with this chance.

So with that said, by this being my first attempt at this please allow me to properly introduce myself to the ones who’s interested in how I think and feel. My name is Shytour Williams, and I’m a man who has spent most of his life in prison because I was convicted at 15 years old for murder (in Saginaw, MI). Faced with a mountain that seem unbearable to climb, I decided to detach myself from the reality I was facing, which caused me to become black hearted. With a heart that couldn’t understand what compassion, empathy, or sympathy was, made my way of thinking help me sustained in prison until a little girl (in ’07) gave me the courage and energy to change how I thought and felt. Her unconditional love helped me obtain my GED, develop the passion for trouble teens, and be a spokesman for self-improvement. Also, she helped me notice how to correct the bad habits I had in decision making, and work harder at my anger issues I was showcasing in my behavior. Unfortunately, being housed around the State of Michigan’s most notorious criminals from the age of 16 to 40 (now), the little girl along with my determination to be better man has helped me learn how to grow through reading, writing, and listening while housed in an abnormal environment. Therefore, my mind now is a true testimony toward the rich history of men finding themselves in prison. The spirit of greatness live in everything I do, so I hope you enjoy this journey I’m about to embark on with this opportunity because it can be a building block for future generation to stand on.

My First topic is, “CHARACTER BUILDING”.

I was told that life start with a good question, because it allows what you know to be challenged. A challenge that’s going to ask your input or for you to step outside yourself. For me everything started when I asked myself “why is the building of character so important?” At first I thought the importance was centered around finding out who I am, but then I begin to look at “the building of” in the asking of character. And this way of thinking provided me with looking at what a character is made up of, which helped me identify the many names that’s attached to character. Names like virtues, morals, principals, qualities, attributes, personalities, and characteristics. They all change from a usage standpoint when used, but when all of them are used in a noun sense, they all mean the same thing identically. So to keep us with the same mindset during this spill, I like using “QUALITY” as the reference toward what makes up the consistency in character. Now, why the building of character is so important, it allows individuals to know who they are along with how they got there, but the “key” in doing so is, being provided with the tools to overcome or undo any obstacles life throw at you through the built qualities you’ve stored within your character.

So my next question to you is, what’s the difference between “QUALITIES” that are built verses ones that’s given (from birth)?

To be cont… (From: Signs of Hope)

Pease & Blessings

Peace and Blessings to the Thoughts Beyond the wall readers?

I Always make it my duty to Greet You all In Peace because Someday’s Because what is Life If its not in Peace For The First Question That was posed to us I would Like to share with you all whose I would like to Sit Down with One More Time That’s Not Alive in this Physical Realm actually Its More Then One But Mainly My Father His Name Is Douglas A.X(Brown) i Put The X Because Brown Isn’t His True Last name. i Choose My Father Because Growing Up I was raised Majority By My Mother and The World around me i never really Had A Close close connection but it was Fair he loved me i loved him even though i did have my father around and sometime in my life it was difficult understanding why wasn’t he around and it was a disconnect like i needed him to be My Father wasn’t A bad person or a horrible father he just was insufficient in area where i need him the most this year 5/22/21 i lost my father to him not taking care of him self Physically, an abusing his body with eating all the wrong foods mentally and Spiritually also Taking that Vaccine. years of not taking care of your health will give you a early death. If i could have one Conversation with My Father I would ask Him How did He feel when his Father wasn’t Around and abandoned him and his Siblings?

If i had a ship or A vehicle that could take me any where Well This Vehicle and ship I have can take me all over the World and I am speaking of Our Minds The Mind is One of the Most Powerful Ships you can Ever have use and possess we all have one Vehicle that the creator gave us and if we use it to its highest potential. we could go all over the planet even out into the universe if you know History The Dogon peoples of Mali with their lineage to ancient Egypt and reportedly accurate knowledge of the star Sirius and its neighboring celestial systems They didn’t Have No Hell Cat, No range Rover they Didnt Have No srt8 They Had There Minds and traveled So My Focus Is getting My Vehicle Prepared for that type of travel because this world is nothing and material things is No Where near more Valuable then the one Thats within The ship That controls everything is Your MInd!

If i could create any new law what a question well me being a lifer it would have to be To abolish the Death Penalty and Life Sentence America Justice system should be the last Government to have laws that kill people and don’t give them a second chance at life when they go around the World killing women and children with bombs, Chemical warfare how could you condemn anybody else to death when you are the pale horse who they talk about in Revelation who’s rider was Named Death So My Law would be to abolish The Death Penalty and Stop Giving People Natural Life.

Darius Lewis# 781780

Momma Monday!

Today, I am excited to be able to live in the comfort of my own peace. I am unapologetically being me in everyway that I display. I am strengthened by every action that I make, whether in motion or in conversation. I am the epitome of who am suppose to, grown from and evolving into. I am sharing this with you, because, this is what I know a mother means with her love. I will continuously show my appreciation with the honor of living this in my every breath and step. real/love
Noble’Ju sheldonroyce

If I could talk to someone…

If I could talk to someone no longer alive I’d want to converse with Harold Waldwin Percival. His book ”Thinking And Destiny Being the Science of Man”….. there are no words to really describe it….the closest I could possibly come would be magical. I experienced an awakening to the truth of who I really AM, unlike any Spiritual awareness I have ever experienced. For all the ‘great’ books, this one made life make sense to me. The ‘Aha’ moment of all aha moments! To become conscious of Consciousness? What?! Absolutely amazing! My encounter with the book was magical. Just the way in which the book found me, is a testament to the power of synchronicity when my thoughts, words and actions are in alignment. It literally called out to me in response to my sincere request for revelational knowledge, as someone was moved in my unit with it, just to introduce me to the book and in a week she was released. The Spirit moved her to turn it over to me, even though she had every intention on taking it with her. 

I know for sure that at this point in my life….. I can do anything, but wrong. I would definitely like to speak with the author just to get a first hand account of his experience of applying the truths he speaks of to his own life lived and the difficulty or challenges he was faced with and how they reflect my own.

-Tamerra Washington


This morning I read this inscription on the inside cover of The International Yoga Guide, and I am urged to share this with you for this MommaMonday moment….. song: ”Spirit” by Beyonce’
listen while reading

Yoga Research Foundation
Miami Florida, USA
”Blessed Self,
Live to be united with God! Bask in the sunshine of satsanga(the company of the truth/good). Be good. Do good. Exercise your self-effort. Enjoy the shower of Divine Grace and flow on to God-realization! 
Be lofty in your wisdom, sublime in your thoughts, Divine in your feelings and gracious in of good deeds.
Live to serve and adore God. Enjoy the Nectar of Divine Love. Be immersed in the ocean of Love! Light! &Bliss!! Hari Om!
May God shower His choicest blessings on you!
with Prem and Om”
Swami Jyotirmayananda
*************HAPPY MOMMA MONDAY**************
Noble’Ju. sheldonroyce

A B e a u t i f u l A l o n e

There is such a place, such a state of being where, you can, and really experience the omnipotence of being absolutely blessed in being yourself! Oh the magnificence of being so emblazed with the divinity of the universe all on you and through you! The contentment structures assurance with so much momentum. In just being yourself, in just being everything that has given you the time and space to continuously refine this You you have beautifully become.

As you become more and more filled full of that same breath of God particle, the same aura and the same energy flowing through and sustaining you as is maintaining life itself, the more beautiful you see, feel, and live it. All that I am saying is, the peace that sets you free from the past and present ills of the world is so exhilarating. That feeling of being secure, of being content, of truly being at peace with and within yourself is magical. Wanting to give what is permeating from you to every one of your loved ones to experience for themselves, is a dynamic punctuation of reality.

Clearly realizing that everyone has to complete their own journey within themselves onto this euphoria. Even in all of the alone time and space you find yourself in, you find that, it is the most beautiful discovery, this, finding of your self. This ambience affords you peace in the midst of the circus, the parades, the quakes of challenges and/or anything that could possibly coax you to participate instead of truly resonating in peace. This place of peace, this serenity, stipulates that it’s yours, and yours alone. This is a beautiful alone indeed. Where just being you, just being yourself is good…is great enough to fulfill the capacity of any moment. Feeling so grand that, you know what the power of God actually means, is and articulates because every molecule of your being has God in it. So awe inspired by the strength and the delicate resolve that encompasses your ideas, thoughts, and actions. It begins being less than necessary, but an innate ability to be honored with the opportunity of solace, in your own space of universe.

Being the sole proprietor, you live comfortably unapologetic for residing here, finally. Be thankful. Keep living according to your ideal self. Everything that you have willed yourself through has prepared you for this piece of peace. This is a sanctuary that you have afforded yourself by being yourself. It is so powerful standing on, and walking on, your own. Discover and keep rediscovering a beautiful alone.
n o b l e f i l e s ****** r e a l l a j o u r n a l s

keep your eyes wide mind wise & ball thru it all
Mstr.SheldonRoyceMarch. scroll:.09.06.2021