Faith is the Foundation

FAITH IS THE FOUNDATION By: Joseph Green “DON’T LET WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH MAKE YOU THINK GOD DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU. HE DOES. GOD IS NOT THROUGH WITH YOU YET, SO NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM. CERTAIN THINGS HAVE TO FALL APART, SO BETTER THINGS CAN COME TOGETHER. NEVER LET YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES SILENCE YOUR PRAISE. GOD GOT YOU! – TRENT SHELTON If you know me then you know i love quotes of substance. This quote spoke to me because in the beginning of this ordeal I thought God didnt care about my injustice. I couldnt wrap my mind around the fact that a person could come to court and unapologetically lie on me. How could God allow this? This environment has a way of making you think that God has abandon or forgotten about you. It will make you think that your family and friends have abandon or forgotten about you. You will equate this to God punishing you for something you didnt get caught for in the past. Day after day i asked the question WHY? And WHY ME? I thought in my mind what did i do to deserve something of this magnitude. Today I see that this was apart of my journey that he had for me. I can honestly say I needed this time of reflection and self discovery. I thought i knew something….I thought i knew myself but I didnt. God had to destroy the parts of me that was holding me back from growth in my spiritual,mental and emotional development. Apart of me had to die so apart of me could live. I have so much gratitude for the journey allah has embarked upon me. Granted its been tough but the lessons and knowledge ive been given has made me a better man for my family and for my community. Look back on the journey of all the great fighters of justice. They had to endure much to cultivate and bring out what God placed within them. For anyone reading this I want to encourage you to trust the journey and process that God placed on you. No matter what your going through God has a plan. There is lessons that we must learn by experiencing certain things. We must be able to see the good in the midst of the tragedy. I trust the process now more then ever. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. More coming soon!!