How a slave master treats their slave…

By: Charles A. Jackson Bey

The question was posed in what ways have I seen the prison system take advantage of prisoners receiving stimulus money? And I would simply say: How a slave master treats their slave!!! unfair, cruel, and inhumane.

We all know that the slave master never wants to see the slave on equal footing! as them because this Intel’s that they recognized them as being accepted as human beings. When in reality they do not! because of the mentality of being superior to someone they label as inferior and beneath their feet and for prisoners we all are considered wild animals in the eyes of those who think we are unredeemable.

The prison plantation owners has not accepted the idea that we to are apart of the economy and have been tax paying individuals as well. Especially if they consider the facts of every prisoner who has been paying tax on items off the prisoner store such as for, Over the Counter Meds, Vitamin Supplements, and Hygiene Products etc.

Which is how we play apart of the economy, not to mention our $5.00 co pay we have to pay for every trip we take to health care, rather it be for dental, optimal or medical services. Since the former President Donald Trump issued every American Citizen $1,200 and then $600 along with the Biden administration issuing out another $1,400 hundred dollars. Price inflation took control to seize the funds back immediately!!! throughout America from every citizen who really needed the cares act relief.

Prisoners have already been getting fleeced! way before the pandemic took place! this just gave plantation owners an even greater excuse to capitalize on their selfish greed & cunning ways. This allowed them to raise prices! even higher on everything! prisoners buys the most! of off the prisoner store! along with them not even raising prison wages which has not increased over the last 30years!

Which the pay scale for kitchen workers was 17.5¢ for unskilled 23.5¢ for semiskilled & 32.5¢ for skilled prisoners per hour. Then they just added another half cent to justify price inflation.

Another way the prison system took advantage of prisoners getting stimulus money is seizing the funds for debt collection either institutional or for court cost & restitution that was owed or any other debt obligations. The only people who was fortunate to at least see the money was those who were not in debt.

The sad part is that the IRS contacted the Michigan Department Of Corrections (MDOC) informing them that on December 27, 2020, the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) of 2021 became law. This law provides for second round of stimulus payments up to $600 dollars per qualified individual to be issued by January 15, 2021 to most people. That incarcerated people are eligible for these payments, also that State Jails & Prisons are Not allowed to take portions of the (CAA) stimulus payments to pay off any debts.

Now due to the $600 dollars being exempt from debt collection MDOC didn’t process any of the debit cards the $600 came on and sent them back to the IRS. But if it came in check form the facility process the funds for these individuals which were very few! considering most funds came in debit cards.

Now this is the corruption aspect of everything on a greater scale! for every prisoner whose 1040 tax form was filed in a timely manner, the (IRS) was unable to process all claims in time. So prisoners who did not receive any of the funds had to file the Tax Rebate Recovery Credit.

Upon the third round stimulus payments coming from the Biden administration the Michigan Department Of Corruption issued out messages, the first stated:

MDOC is currently receiving tax refund checks for prisoners who filed a 2020 IRS tax form and are eligible to receive Rebate Recovery Credit The (IRS) advised the MDOC that all tax refund checks are subject to debt collection, including all Rebate Recovery Credit funds.

Legislation exempting the $600 Second Economic Impact Payment does not extend to tax refunds.

Then the second message stated: MDOC is currently receiving (EIP) funds for third round stimulus payment to prisoners. Some payments are being received from the IRS in the form of a check and some as a (debit card). EIP (debit cards) received for the 3rd stimulus payment will be (activated), (processed) through the (GTL kiosk) and deposited to prisoners accounts.

Which could of been done for the $600 that came on debit cards but since it was (exempt from debt collection) MDOC didn’t process them out of their selfish greed & hate for prisoners. Which was a discrimination act towards all prisoners who had to refile under the tax rebate recovery credit. Simply because some prisoners did get funds unmolested into their accounts & others didn’t and the IRS is a key factor to this discrimination. 

So when you take into account the price inflation that has took place and the prisoners who can’t afford these items from a lack of financial means. Due to penny earned prison wages & not receiving a dime! of any of the stimulus payments. We suffer from not being able to provide ourselves with basic necessities such as hygiene products, over the counter medicine, vitamins, as well as nutrition foods etc. 

This is how I saw the prison system take of advantage of me and many other prisoners, not realizing many of us intended to send money home to help our love ones in need and to survive in this crisis just like everyone else! but yet we continue to witness the rich get rich! while the poor stay poor, suffer & die!!!

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