I Can’t Tell You What I Don’t Know

By J.C. Riley #288310

I can’t say that I know much at all about Breast Cancer. It’s hard for me to offer someone words of encouragement when I know you are facing something entirely foreign to me. I can’t say that I know your pain and I can’t say that I know any words that can comfort that pain.

But I can say that I know the Potential within the Human Spirit. I can say that I know that God gave to each one of us the single greatest gift ever given in all of His Creation, and that is the Power of Your Own Mind. A Wise Man once said, “The Mind of Man is Infinite, capable of achieving anything it can comprehend.”

I can say that Life is fecund, capable of surviving some of the most severe obstacles our Road to Eternity has to throw at us. I can say that the severity of Life’s Obstacles sometimes supplies us with the greatest of Life’s Lessons, for ourselves, and others.

I know that as Life changes You and I must change as well. Like a snail, we must sometimes seek out another shell. Our shell would be the life we live. And it would behoove of us to find a shell that provides room for our Body, Mind and Spirit to Grow. So when we are faced with impregnable road blocks we can separate ourselves from the pack of conventional thinking and do what many men and many women fail to do, the Absolutely Impossible.

I know that nothing in Life was ever done before, that is, until it was Done. You never walked before, until you did. You never talked before, until you did. You never drove a car, or went to school, or swam in the deep end of the pool, until you did. You never Survived Breast Cancer, Until You Did.

The Universe around us is aglow with the wonder of New Things being created by the moment. So the mind of a determined Human being is capable of reflecting that same creative element, for we are all made of the very same elements of the Stars. You and I have the ability create reasons and ways to survive, whatever we are confronted with.

I have to admit that I can’t express, with clarity, the depths of stress and angst that must be on the mind of someone faced with the life or death struggle of Breast Cancer, or any other form of Cancer. But I have been in prison for many, many years now, and there’s a fundamental truth that I can share with you. A Wise Woman once said, “The Self must find its own reasons for Being.”

Condition your mind Today to be a Survivor. Shape your Life today with Wisdom and Forethought. Seek ways to Benefit your World, Your People, and watch the profound effect it will have in your Life. Consider the Consequences of all your actions, recognize the Natural Laws of Cause and Effect, and minimize the harm you do to yourself and others, daily. Ask questions, seek answers, Learn, Teach. Pray.