This morning I read this inscription on the inside cover of The International Yoga Guide, and I am urged to share this with you for this MommaMonday moment….. song: ”Spirit” by Beyonce’
listen while reading

Yoga Research Foundation
Miami Florida, USA
”Blessed Self,
Live to be united with God! Bask in the sunshine of satsanga(the company of the truth/good). Be good. Do good. Exercise your self-effort. Enjoy the shower of Divine Grace and flow on to God-realization! 
Be lofty in your wisdom, sublime in your thoughts, Divine in your feelings and gracious in of good deeds.
Live to serve and adore God. Enjoy the Nectar of Divine Love. Be immersed in the ocean of Love! Light! &Bliss!! Hari Om!
May God shower His choicest blessings on you!
with Prem and Om”
Swami Jyotirmayananda
*************HAPPY MOMMA MONDAY**************
Noble’Ju. sheldonroyce