L o v e. I s. F. o. r. e. v. e. r…

If there is an image of what the expression of what God is, feels, or where a Divine entity will reside, all that I can see is, love. In the most challenging of life’s moments, we result to love. Whether we would love to exact some form of retribution or perform a most grief stricken rising, the feeling of wanting to prove how much we love life is prevalent. For the greater use of this significant energy/power source, we maintain a course of betterment. At times, there are occasions where the discernment to go on with or without new experiences, must be lived. I have lived the result of; the coldest thing, is to lose someone, who is still alive, from so many, seemingly unfulfilled relationships. I used to believe that was such a terrible thing. Still quite painful, and that tolerance has birthed, awareness. Now, reality teaches that these things happen. And reality also defines that, you never ever lose anyone that you love. That experience, that love, remains, in use, in you, and working. Just as those that have fulfilled their journey, and have ascended, still remain. Experiences are constant, we are ever becoming anew. I have absorbed the beauty of living every experience which are now my allies, which is now strength, which is now comfort. We must all live in our own space, in our own truth we will reside. I live in the love of all of my experiences and I am blessed and thankful for each one; however permanently, however fleetingly experienced. No matter what level of love you have or are experiencing, you feel so much life in those moments of love. I believe, where love is God is also. Therefore, since there will never be a syllable of God that does not exist, in every element that represents God, love lives. It is always alive in you…Love is forever… real/love

N o b l e. f i l e s *******R e a l l a. J o u r a l s
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spiritual motivator: Noble’Ju
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