Lacking Physical Connection

The lack Of Physical Connection affects Us In ways We could Never imagined. Being Deprived Of A Hug. Being Deprive Of A Conversation With You Mother, Brother, Sister, Children. Teaching And Speaking And Leading By Example is Very Important in The Moral And Spiritual Development Of The Family. The Lack There of Removes the bonds that You Would Have Cultivated if you Was Around. There Present Being A Way Form My Family For these Past 8 years Has Been Discouraging At Times Not being able to Have a Family Of my Own Not Being There for My Mother When She is In need Or My Sister The man Is Suppose to Be The Maintainer Of The Family And Should Protect, Provide and guide And Being Behind A Wall, A Gate, A Bob Wire Destroys Those Connections And Like Meek Mills Say If you Ain’t Got No Money You Ain’t On Line..But This Is not New In Amerikkk Snice are Forefathers Been Hear We Have Been Cut Off From Are Language, Culture, Religion, Intentional, To Destroy The Black Family The Unalike Knows That The Real Power is Rooted and Family Life That’s Why Every Negative Vice is Put before us Now So We Can Destroy are Own Self, Gambling Smoking, Drinking, Vaccines, Dope The Government Has Had His Hands in It all to Deceive Us So in My Conclusion This Past Year for me Has Destroyed My Connections, and Communication With My Family 15 Minute Calls For 3.60 A Call, Commensary Is going up Everyday on The Process food Its Just Been All Bad But In The End I am Thankful Because I Do Not Take the Bad Side of thing that Appears to be bad There is allways a good side and That Good Side Is Life its Self!

In What way Have I Seen The Prison system Take advantage Of People in The Prison System Like I Said In The Last Question They Suck Every Penny They Can From Us By Giving These Unproductive, Men Stimulus with out a Plan Or way to Show them How to Create and do for then self the money Just goes back to The Blood Sucker And The Rich.
By Rasieing Prices and Not Giving These men Who Is poor a way to Create with Real money and wealth those Penny’s That Really Been Due For the blood sweat And tears Our Ancestors Gave Amerikkk But Like The Late Great “George Jackson Said prison is one of the most outregeous forms of Economic Exploitation in Exsitance!!!!!!

Prison Has Changed Me ForEver This Place Of Unnaturalness Don’t Change You I don’t Know What Will It Can Either change You Negatively Or Positively Its on You And Its Your decision Mine Came when I went To The Box aka (Solitary Confinement) For Punching A C.O. For Put His Hands on me It was a Life altering Experience That Year in The Hole Where I Had to Get to know my Self I also Met With Allah and Put me on the Path iam on today The Teachings Of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad And Honorable Minster Louis Farrakhan Has Ressurected Me Spiritual, Mentally And Morally Before i Lacked Self confidence, Good decision making, Trust in gut feelings, Optimistic outlook Influence over others, High self-esteem, Ability to turn Desires into actions, Ability to Overcome Obstacles Now I Don’t I Have All Those qualitys, and I give all The Praise to Allah Because Without him There is No Me, Spirituality Has Made me Have more Compassion For Others and My Self I Understand Spirit is Energy The Energy You Give out You Get Back Spirituality Is Something Most Men Who look like me Lack Because Thy Have Been Taught The Wrong Way About it But when You Truly Get The true Knowledge of Self you Will Realize Where all The True power comes from Within And In Order To Cultivate That Power you Have To Take A New Form Of Spiritual Medicine because its More to Us That Meets The Eye What occurs externally is a manifestation of what occurs internally and vise versa.