Name: Ahjamu Kalifah Baruti

Slave Name: Richard Lee Carter

Hostage #: 178539

The best piece of advice that I can give to someone I’ve placed in this Poem entitled: “Life”

Life is a challenge—-meet it.

Life is a gift—accept it.

Life is an adventure—dare it.

Life is a duty—perform it.

Life is a sorrow—overcome it.

Life is a tragedy—face it.

Life is a mystery—unfold it.

Life is an everyday struggle—fight it because it will strengthen you.

Life is a goal—achieve it

Life is about making decisions—obtain all the knowledge (information) you can it will assist you in making better Life decisions.

Most of all Life is a puzzle—we solve it by using our God given minds to the fullest of our abilities. A mind is a terrible thing to waste! If you do use your own mind—then someone else will use it for you, and the outcome might not be to your liking.