Magical Things Still Happen

It’s been a super stressful Pandemic years and twenty one years of incarceration. Yet, I’m grateful magical things still happen.

Enter flower gardening, one of many things that helped me get through some of the toughest times. Something about it as a LIFER that’s really beholding for me.

Most likely because it’s my opportunity to be artistic, share moments with others and reflect on the importance of being redeemed for my wrong choices.

Also, other prisoners assist with the upkeep creating unity and community. Then the flowers bloom in increments over the spring and summer. During this process I collect the numerous different flowers and press them in books.

Then in the fall I start preparing for the Prisoner Creative Arts Project (PCAP). Every year, I appreciate the several magical moments this creates for me and others. To include but not limited to: growing flowers, sharing spiritual conversations, pressing flowers, mounting them on plaques, selling the pressed flower arrangement at the PCAP art fair and donating one to PCAP.

Year after year, no two plaques are the same. Thus, providing another human being outside the razor wires to be grateful during their stressful years. Last year during the pandemic my pressed flower plaque sold on the PCAP site for $25.00. Since, I make a $1.31 a day, I was again grateful someone purchased the plaque. Thus, providing me extra money in my prisoner trust account.

I’m thankful for flowers and creativity to do magical things with old pains and scars. My gratefulness comes from heartfelt peace and hope for freedom as magical things still happen.

By: Sybil Padgett #325532 @
Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility