Jerry Metcalf

Jerry Metcalf is a self-taught writer and artist who has spent the past 25 years behind bars. At the age of 20 he shot and killed a man. For that deplorable act of violence he is truly and deeply sorry. He is now a pacifist who has devoted his life to making the world a better place. He trains service dogs for Paws With a Cause (please visit, and donates his time to helping those whom suffer from mental illness. He is also a contributing writer for and

During his time in prison he has learned several trades, has read thousands of books, and has grown more in touch with the Universe than he ever thought possible. He loves dogs, nature, and people. And can’t wait to get back out into society where he believes he can help make a difference.

In his spare time he meditates, paints abstract art, and exercises vigorously to maintain his health.

If you wish to read more of his work (including his fiction and poetry), view his art, buy one of his poetry books, or purchase some of his art you may do so by visiting him @

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