Titus Banks #316657
Muskegon Correctional Facility
2400 S Sheridan Drive
Muskegon, MI 49442 http://www.jpay.com

My name is TITU$. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and I am looking forward in meeting and corresponding with new people as well as experiencing different ideas, opinions, and cultures. I aspire to be a bestselling author that will entertain, inform, inspire, motivate, empower, and add value to all those who wish to correspond and read my material.

I am currently working on three novels, a poem book, and an autobiography. When I was younger I unconsciously sabotaged my happiness by investing my time and energy into the wrong people. Now that I am older I want to invest my time and energy into the right people that will be beneficial to my future. For information about me and upcoming projects, contact me. (Mentor Needed)

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