My Drive Doing Life

Hello (world)!

Being locked up come with so many obstacles mentally, physically, and spiritually, that leave ones either guessing or wishing for change most of the hours. Until the mind feels the pressure of being frustrated at lying dormant, and that’s when one starts finding ways to grow out the space they in. So, my thoughts are the reflection of the pain it grew from.

..”My Drive Doing Life”… My mourning view starts with a room filled with concrete walls that leaves me wishing and hoping days like this change in the near future, bcuz life is so much better when a person’s purpose is in motion. But as of right now, the vision of mine is blurred! After a few shakes I focus back on the reality I’m living in, which leaded me to facing a mirror that showed the reflection of a man that is blessed in being able to see him(self) in it. In that moment is where I notice what I am, that produced the thoughts of being thankful and grateful for having God’s grace on me. My heart begins to fill with faith that ultimately will help me show who I am and what I’m all about in prison along with giving me the drive of being GOD’s purposes. This way of thinking provides me to be GOD driven, which is the best way to walk around earth. Amen!!

From: Shytour (Signs Of Hope)