My Forever After

Roughly edged, yet fragile. Welcoming smile, a stare that slices to the core. A grown woman in all her glory, my baby. All at the same time….. It’s her Piscean nature.

She magnetized my heart….. Some would say, love at first sight. 2007 I was just passing through. She understood my plight. No hard feelings, right???

2011 The magnet activated her way. A bonding conversation about cats and puppies. Love magnified that day. She’s my forever after. Have you ever felt peace, happiness, and contentment in a dialogue?

Something happened to me that day in court, hearing 32-50 years for crimes I did not commit. She survived approximately 28 at that point. Sentenced 40-60 years…. I needed to know how to make it thru. Under her wings she nourished the best version I could possibly be. Advising me in a way that promoted peace. Showing me that focus, faith, and Hope gets me to the other side all while maintaining sobriety.

She cooks creatively, infused cuisine for the soul. Bringing together the community with a spork and a bowl. Those potato logs I’d never forget! Chicken, bacon, noodle bread is magnificent!

She skates with a glide so smooth, on the block she’s labeled the best. Visionary! If you ever seen her crafted journals you’d better understand. It’s amazing the crafts that come to life all by her hand. She’s so talented.

It was a blessing to have entangled with her 8 years and going strong. Lawanda Hollister you are the closest person to me and my bestest friend. I love you.

Tamerra Washington #486364