My Voice – R. Carter

BY:AHJAMU KHALIFAH BARUTI(a.k.a.-Richard Carter) HOSTAGE NUMBER:#178539 I was married before my incarceration, held a full time job as a maintenance man at a health club in Southfield Michigan.

I’ve never drank any liquor or abused any type of hard drugs. I’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle: into martial arts, distance running, etc… I’ve engaged in criminal activity, but I’m not a criminal! I’m presently living out my truth taking it one day at a time. I’ve gone through my “redemption” of my past mistakes that brought me to prison and learned from them to “transform” myself.

I’m striving every day to be a better portion of myself than the person I was yesterday, and a better person I’ve yet to become in the future. I’m striving to become the man that the creator created me to be, a “righteous” man, and to be an “example” for the youth to emulate by sharing my own personal experiences with them to give the youth some guidance and direction into their own lives.