Petition Michigan Parole Board!!

Dear Family, Friends, Supporters & Well Wishers, my name is Archie Lee Thomas, I am preparing to petition the Michigan parole board and governor for a commutation. I have been incarcerated for nearly three (3) decades. I was given a parolable life sentence, 35 to 60yrs and 30 to 50yrs. I am a changed man. I definitely do not have the same mindset nor do I view life as I did in my teens and 20s now that I am in my 50s. I have been on a course of Self-Improvement as I have gained the discipline to control my actions and thoughts. I am ready to get out and live an honest life. I am constantly preparing myself to transition back into society as a law abiding citizen. I have been educated and earned certificates in Food Technology, Custodial Maintenance Training and a few more areas that has been useful to me. I have maintained a work assignment (job) throughout the years in which has allowed me to develop a grit and grind type type of work ethic. I am currently studying the CDL manual to increase my chances of employment. I know that the job market is wide open for people like me who want to work. I’m ready to get out and live my life and justify my existence. No one has become successful without the assistance and help from someone else. I am facing an uphill battle, but with your support I can make it. If you are willing to support my efforts in being released from prison you can log onto my “link tree” at: ( On my. “link tree” you can do one or two things for me: 1. Click a link to sign a petition for my sentence to be commuted. 2. Click a link to fill out a form with all the information needed to create a professional support letter for my commutation. I have a “Reunification Strategist” (Jennifer Szenay) a.k.a. Jenn, that will help critique your letter if you choose to write a support letter on my behalf. PLEASE share this information with all of your followers on Facebook, Instagram, and any media outlet that’s used. I made some bad decisions when I was younger and I live with those regrets. I take full responsibility for my actions. I have served enough time, my perception of reality is totally different then it use to be. With the remaining years of my life I want my good deeds to outweigh my bad deeds. Thank you for your time and support. Archie