Q & A with Ahjamu Khalifah Baruti

Name:Ahjamu Khalifah Baruti
Slave Name:Richard Lee Carter
Hostage No.#178539

Question: How has the lack of physical connection with family affected you over the last year?
Answer: March of 2020 all visits was temporary suspended due to the pandemic of the covid-19 virus here in the MDOC prison system. The visits have recently been restored and the effect was not to have that bond with your family and friends during a contact visit.

Qustion: In what was have you sen the prison system take advantage of prisoners getting stimuls money?
Answer: By rasing the prices of the items in the prisoners commissary(store).

Question: Do you feel this experience(prison) has changed your life? how?
Answer: Yes; Adversity does not make or break a individual it only reveals your true character, which is what this prison experience of 37-years have done for me with aquiring the knowledge of self through decades of studying and reading of my Glorious Afrikan history and applying it to my self etc…

Question: How has spirituality changed your perspective on life?
Answer: learning that I AM a spiritual being only experiencing a physical existence because spirituality is not meant to be separate from the physical body. at every stage of spiritual growth the greatest al you have is your physical body.