My name is Prisoner Sybil.

You’ve never felt my pain.

But, you’ve heard of my name.

I live with constant shame.

I’m glad you all came.

Even though, people think we are

Oh, if I had the opportunity,

I would create a new fame.

Now, I walk with a cane.

Peers and Staff see me as lame.

Thank God I’m tamed,
a redeemed Prisoner Jane.

By: Sybil Padgett #325532
@ JPAY.com
Women’s Huron Valley Corr. Facility
3201 Bemis Road / HU#2B-103L
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

In 1962, I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I love to be around family and friends, always wanting to know what is going in their lives. As I offer a listening ear, moral support and prayers.

I enjoy gardening, listening to different birds sing and music. I’m creative with dried flowers and crafts. My compassion in prison has been being actively engaged in releasing the elderly and Lifers’. Thus, remaining “Safe on Crime” while increasing funding for education and the state and local law enforcements.

Since 2001, I have witnessed firsthand the injustices in the female living conditions and the criminal justice system. Clearly, it’s been mentally exhausting even with my continuous mental health care.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed with the numerous Prison Advocacy Organizations, Religious Mentors, and peers see the burden I bear from the harm I’ve caused others. I am proud to fight the good fight of faith, because how do you know who you are if you can’t reveal who you’ve been?