Spirituality Changed my Perspective

Spirituality changed my perspective of life by acknowledging the collective Oneness. Raised with Jehovah’s Witness values I always had questions. I’d been to church before, but nothing really stuck. Being railroaded with this wrongful conviction I sought out my Higher Power. I needed something bigger than me to make it through…… or so I thought. I went on a spiritual journey.

After 7 or 8 years I was told about Messianic Judaism and how they study strictly from the Bible. A small intimate setting where I could ask questions and get answers. My question that no one has been able to answer was…. if God made man in His image…” male and female He created them ” on the 6th day…. His works were good. On the 7th day He rest. No man to cultivate the ground. From the dust He created Adam and later Eve from Adams’s rib. Well????? Who did He create on the 6th day? That ignited my spiritual journey. I prayed and prayed for TRUTH. I asked for GOD to reveal Himself to me. I needed to know about Jesus and why he came here. I studied Judaism about 6 months, then Covid happened. I was led away from religion and engulfed in Spirituality. I needed to know His name and I found who I AM. I understand my Triune Self. 

I always thought the point of life was to be happy… it’s not. The point is to wake up. Wake up to the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

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