Stand for the Man that I Am

As I read the latest missive from Thoughts Beyond The Wall: “Men believe in themselves because that is what propels them to do something for themselves. If you are going to be a man, you’ve got to be willing to take your own name, your own place, your own definition of reality and accept nobody else’s unless it is compatible and synchronized with your own.” by Na’im Akbar. That was chosen to spearhead the email, I am reminded of the pursuit of mine to lessen or not participate in unethical business practice and procedure. As in; the pricing of store items that continue to rise, and the many items that are so unavailable. As well as the JPay system that refuses to refund for purchases that can never be used, kiosks that are down as much as they are up, so many songs that are not available, mostly the arrogance of this company to not value their customer. As well as the chow hall that forces prisoners to beg for the food items that are listed as mandatory for a meal, the teaching of prisoner chow hall workers to exclude items with a direct order, fans that blow every particle in the chow hall air into unmasked patron’s face and food, having to beg and/or miss meals because I have a 7 day a week work assignment that I am on detail for when chow is called. This is a rough draft of the issues and the stance that I am taking. As you can notice, I probably will not be eating much, limited onto no chow or store. My communication with business, friends and family will be limited as well, not funding JPay religiously as usual. r/l

More water, meditation and yoga exercises should pull me through. I’ve talked myself hysterical to have my brothers inside these fences stand up for themselves. All that I can do is stand for the man that I am, by not funneling my money and myself into these disrespectful departments as much as physically, mentally and spiritually possible. r/l

Thank you for listening. I had to say something out loud so it can be documented in someone else’s file other than my own. real/love

Noble’Ju. Sheldonroyce