True LOVE Comes Through Understanding

We are called the United States of America, the land of the free & home of the brave and there are individuals brave enough to escape there country to take advantage of the benefits and enrich there lives with opportunity. So if they make it here safely and they are abiding by the criminal law, then they should be free. That’s what makes us the greatest nation in the world, people of different colors, shapes, sizes, intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, & understanding come together to create true Unity.

Over 90% of citizens of America were migrated to this country, within that percentage some were forced. The only true citizens of this country are Native Americans. Which is weird because, the people that are creating the laws and statutes or the decisions of who and what are allowed to come into the country are the ones that took over something that didn’t belong to them in the first place.

The end to Racism, Prejudice, and Stereotyping could never END as long as we see differences. It is true that Black Lives Matter, when you say that though your implying a difference in the life. Its in a Human Beings DNA to feel better or lesser than someone else at something, so when you apply color to the perspective, of course your going to create a idea that one particular shade of a person is better. There is no such thing as a minority if we truly believe that we are equal. You can’t ask for equality when a difference is implied, there is only one race that God created and that is the Human Race.

Its also true that God created each and everyone of us differently, but those differences were meant to be unified through fellowship in Love, Loyalty, Integrity, Honesty, and Righteousness. Which is supposed to happen through our beliefs or religious preferences.
Troy Oakes #891671

Race and Racism in American Prisons, and America Herself

Jerry Metcalf #251141
Thumb Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Drive
Lapeer, MI 48446
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As I sat thinking about how and what to write on such a sensitve topic, I kept asking myself where to begin.

Do I start with the fact that although blacks in America only comprise about 12% of the population, they also–stunningly–make up damn near 50% of America’s prison, jail, and detention facility population?

Or do I go further back and begin with the fact that anyone who lives in American inner cities (mostly blacks) is seldom afforded their Constitutionally guaranteed right to a trial by a jury of their peers, because when a poor person goes to trial in these United States and is found guilty, he/she is punished harshly (well beyond the norm) to make an example. That way, when the next young, poor, often black or brown, man or woman find themselves standing in a courthouse they capitulate. Because regardless of whether you are guilty or innocent of your crime, if you are poor and black in America they want you so terrified of that supper-long prison sentence that you take whatever “deal” they offer.

And the reason for this evil scheme is simple: nobody gives two turds about our most underrepresented communities. No one cares whether there is enough money to guarantee little black kids an education, let alone whether they receive the right to a fair trial.

So when those black kids grow up and are locked away for years and decades and lifetimes, they remember how they were treated their whole lives. They remember how the white–or mostly white–government held them back. They remember how the white–or mostly white–teachers in their overcrowded inner schools lacked the ability and the time to help them learn, yet passed them anyway. They remember how the white–or mostly white–police officers harassed them, beat them, and murdered them. And then, after all that, when they finally find themselves imprisoned in a world where they are the majority, all that anger and frustration comes boiling out on the new minority, the very same white people (or so they think) who screwed them over their entire lives. Only now those white people are also convicts.

To add fuel to the flames, the minority whites, not really understanding what is going on, and how this viscous cycle is so deadly, grow even more racist, or, even if they’d never had a racist bone in their bodies, they find themselves forced to mingle with racist individuals and gangs because they fear the black inmates so badly.

Luckily, over the last several years, I’ve noticed that as many of the level-minded convicts (black and white alike) start to mellow out and mature, they have begun to realize the truth. That the idea of white and black in American prisons–and across America herself–is a deceptive illusion. In prison there are really only two opposing teams: Team Prison Guard, and Team Convict. There is no Team White or Team Black.

And Team Prison Guard already always has the home field advantage, so we of Team Convict need to get our act together and realize we are all playing for the same team reguardless of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else that sets us apart.

That’s why I am calling on all white Americans to join the Black Lives Matter movement. Not because they are black and we are white, but because here is a fight we can all get behind. Here is a fight that can unite us onto the same team.

The police in America have begun to kill people in unprecedented numbers, and are seldom held accountable. True, for every two young black men killed by police, there is only one young white man whom is killed. But this number, as lopsided and demented as it is, proves two things: One; that the police really are racist. And Two; that they are actually murdering people, whites included.

The only question I have, Dear Reader, is this: What are you going to do about it?

My name is Jerry Metcalf, and I wish to make the world a better place. If you do too, please join me @

The Truth

The other day I was approached by this guy named Joe. He asked me a question that I found I couldn’t answer quite as accurate as I should have been able to He asked “what is your perspective on the George Floyd situation.” And I stopped and thought, for the first time, about the situation. And the answer hurt me, I told him the truth. I said that I am certainly knowledgeable of what’s going on but that the situation did not affect me like I know it should. Although I’m white, I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood in Flint, Michigan, and most of my close friends are Black.
This sudden coming to realization that the things that are going on in the black community that I’ve witnessed growing up in Flint And being in prison since I was 15 has not motivated me to get educated and try to help, hurts. It hurts it took this long and so much pain from my fellow peers for me to finally open my eyes. And it hurts to know that there are so many more people in the state of mind I was in out there still, and that needs to change.

I would just like to thank Joe, for asking me what he did. And challenging me to make a difference. I only ask the same for who ever reads this!
-Isaac L. Bowling

Kelly Farris


A young woman in her twenties named Kelly Farris was sitting in her car when the police approached her vehicle and began questioning her about an argument that she had with another female. When the police told her to get out of her car, she informed them that she needed help getting out because of her leg injury. The police responded by snatching her out the car and dragging her to the police station.

At the police station, the Oakland County Sheriffs treated her like trash. They put a sack over her head, twisted her arm and began choking her. While she was screaming that she couldn’t breathe and pleading for them to stop because she was pregnant, the officers slammed her face against the wall and ordered her to get naked. Ms. Farris begged them to not make her strip in front of a room full of men. Ignoring her pleas, they cut the clothes off her back until she was completely nude in a room full of male sheriffs. Humiliated, Kelly curled her shaking body into a ball and tried to conceal her naked body.

Immediately, after being choked, beat, and humiliated, Kelly Farris learned that the Oakland County Sherrif had killed her baby. WOW! And to add insult to injury, they never ha enough evidence to charged her with a crime.

What type of country do we live in where the police can treat a pregnant Black Woman worst than a dog and get away with it? Our tax dollars pay their salaries, so we are actually paying them to abuse woman and murder people, including unborn children. And their “officers union” protects them. The police are out of control, and no one is holding them accountable for their abuse.

Seeing those men brutilizing that young woman and ripping her clothes of reminded me of a how slave holder used to beat and rape Black Women, and cut babies out of their stomachs. There were no consequences for slave holders and there were no consequences for the officer who violate Kelly Farris. They were not charged nor suspended. They kept earning their huge salaries with not even receiving a slap on the wrist for the murder of the child.

The police in this country are untouchable. They have qualified immunity. For generations, society has blindly trusted the police and treated them like they had inherently high moral qualities. However, the police are no different than lying politicians, crooked lawyers, and shady businessmen. The police are fallible human beings just like anyone else, yet we have given them free rein to take away a citizen’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. And we have no way of adequately monitoring their absolute power.

Why is it that In this country we hardly ever hear about the police murdering a White Man or violating a White Woman? Why do the police believe that it is okay for them to kill a Black Woman’s unborn child and not be punished for it? Why do White politicians claim that there is no systemic racism within the police force?

The answer is because Black People are powerless to defend themselves against them. Knowledge is power. Until the Black community comes together and learn how to force politicians to change laws and punish police who abuse their power, the police will continue to openly terrorize Black Americans.

Ernest Hall


The following is something I had began writing awhile back, I decided to finish it tonight. This is my first time sharing my thought’s as I myself have been mentally distracted. I have been dealing with responding to trial court’s refusal to obey the law and follow the Supreme Court order that recently instructed the court to reconsider there denial of my Motion For Relief From Judgement. Then on May 22 I fell and injured my foot in which was due to the facility I’m located at not having ladders in the rooms. I have to use a chair to get up and down from my top bunk. During my attempt to get down the chair slid and I fell. The fall has resulted in a 5mm spur at my Achilles tendon attachment of the calcaneus. I was also told I have nerve damage referred to as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Typically treated with NSAIDs, unfortunately I have allergic reactions to NSAISs, therefore I’m unable to take the treatment. In have been told to contact a lawyer because because there was a lawsuit in the past for this and an apparent order to install ladders. The damage could heal I have been told but it does not talk about it in the information I have been provided. So I am in constant pain the more I walk the worse it hurts and it can be impossible to get comfortable to sleep as like tonight. If anyone has an information or input feel free to contact me. 


Tremendous the price paid, so many young men in early graves. The government should be ashamed, treating men and women as cattle in a cage. Department of Corrections, what are they correcting, giving no option’s, no direction. Talking about jobs know there pretending, 17 cents an hour a truth there’s no bending. No cares as long as the families keep sending. Food rations so poor, you need store. Secure packs now necessity. Facilities altering and manipulating the menu, recycled veggies and spoiled potatoes every bite has you guessing. The state don’t care as long as the check keeps cashing. Always talking inmates down mentally bashing. We’re already fighting depression. Separating inmates from their families has them all collapsing. Visits you can drive 9 hours for maybe two. Teens and young adults intermixing, that will never fix them fighting for the power of position. Many of the young are follower’s, what they see influences there decisions. Technology don’t exist in prison, this is foolish and impairs them from the beginning. Technology is the future, this is prison conditioning. They’ll be back because you deny everything they lack. When they express dreams and desires, the lack of opportunity puts out their fires. When they set goals reaching for their dream, you laugh at them calling them obscene. When they lash out because they can’t take anymore, you throw them in a hole. What dose the word correction even stand for, it seems to me it should be department of control.

Derek Rainbolt

What is “Defunding the Police”?

Don’t be alarmed by Black Lives Matters call to “defund” the police. Defunding the police means that we set up community security to protect us. Community officers will still have the power to make legal arrest and perform the same duties that police perform right now. However, the “Peace-Officers” will be people who come from our communities, not infiltrators who come in and murder us.

Under the present system, police officer have “qualified immunity” that protects police officers from law suits even if they intentionally murder someone without good cause. Why can doctors be sued if they accidentally kill a patient in the operating room, but the police cannot be sues for murdering someone in cold blood.

The reason that police officers get away with murder and still keep their jobs is because the “Police Officer’s Union” has too much power. The Police Union has tens of thousands of members who stick together. They lobby the government and use their voting power to get politicians to make laws in their favor. More importantly, Police Officer Unions use their negotiation power to force cities and states to expand the rights of police officers. For example, it is hard to fire a police officer because the Police Union negotiated a deal that makes it mandatory that fired police get many opportunities to appeal their job loss. And there is a high burden of proof to uphold the firing of a police officer. That is why most police officers get their jobs back.

The Police Officer’s Union negotiated deals that protect police at the expense disregard for citizens.

By Defunding the police, we can take the power away from the Police Union. We can reinvest tax money into community based law enforcement, crime prevention, education, community recreation and other programs that will uplift the community, instead of destroying it.

We are intelligent enough to find good people within our communities to protect us. There is no need for outsiders to come in and occupy our communities. Police officer are coming in and intimidating, exploiting and murdering black people. White People commit three times as many crimes in this country and they are arrest three times more often then African Americans, yet the police kill three times as many Black People than White People. This is nothing new, it has always been this way. So it let’s you know that white police officer’s don’t value Black Lives. They kill us like were dogs in the street and don’t lose an ounce of sleep over it.

We need to stop spending our tax money to pay police officers who have immunity to murder Black People. And don’t be fooled. If police reform does not get rid of qualified immunity that protects murderous police officers, then it is not dealing with the systemic part of racism in the police department.

P.S You can write to me at
Ernest K. Hall El #196363
Thumbs Corr. Facility 
3225 John Conely Dr.
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Racial “Cold War” in America

There is a racial “Cold-War” going on in America. In the past, White people openly lynched, torchered, and exploited Black People. Times have changed. Now, racists disguise their true intentions behind laws designed to allow police officers and vigilante White People to legally murder Black People. Not all White People are racist; many of them have fought with us to end Black suffering in America. Nonetheless, the U.S. Department of Justice statistics prove that racial discrimination infests the American education system, work force, housing market, incarceration, and every other area in American society.

What do I mean by a “Racial-Cold-War?” A cold-war is a conflict that uses tactics designed to destroy your adversary without using military action. In this country, systemic racism has been used to deny African Americans their rights to political equality, social equality and equality of opportunity guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Systemic racism refers to white discrimination against African Americans that is built into the institutions of America. Some of the results of systemic racism are as follows:

*In this country, on average, a white person without a highschool diploma earns more money than an African American with a college degree.

*According to the U.S. Department of Justice, White People are arrested for 70% of all violent crimes, 70% of property crimes, and 70% of drug offences; whereas, African Americans are arrested for 27% of all crime categories, but there are more African Americans in prison than White Americans (429,000 African prisoners, 403,600 White prisoner).

*On average, White American households have ten times the wealth of African American households (White American households =$170,000; African American households =$17,000).

29% of African Americans dropout of highschool; only 12% of White Americans dropout. (See The World Almanac And Book of Facts, 2019)

Many White Americans will claim that there is no “systemic racism” in America. But the evidence is clear. White people prefer to hire White Americans without a college degree before they will hire an African American. And they will send an African American to prison three times more often than a White American. White People discriminate against African Americans in every institution this country, the facts don’t lie.

How do we solve this problem? History has given us the blueprint of how to stop racial discrimination. In the 1960’s, civil rights leaders learned that we have to use consumer power to force change. When African Americans boycotted the bus system, White people stopped forcing African Americans to go to the back of the bus and give up their seats to White People. 

Today, the African American community has to come together and stop spending their money with companies in order to force them to change. African Americans are the number one consumers in this country. All we have to do is to financially punish companies. African Americans should stop buying new cars, or stop going to fast food restaurants until White People stop sending Black people to prison three times more often than Whites, start hiring Black People, start improving the quality of education in public schools, etc. In order for us to start spending money with those companies, this country has to end racial discrimination. Money is power in this country. As long as white people don’t fear any consequences for their racial discrimination, they have no reason to stop.

Protesting is a powerful tool, but we must combine boycotts with our protest. When they stop getting our money, they will stop discriminating against us. History has taught us that.

Racism continues to choke the life out of the African American community. Racism is dead serious. If you don’t want your son or daughter to grow up in a world where they have a hard time getting a good job and a good education, then we have to boycott. If you don’t want to have to worry about your son or daughter being murdered by the police or stuck in a prison cell, then we should boycott. If you want your child to get a good education, then we have to boycott. When we come together and stop spending money with those who seek to do us harm, then they will realize that we mean business. Where there is unity, there is strength.

Written by: Brother Ernest K. Hall El #196363

P.S you can write to me at
Ernest K. Hall El #196363
Thumbs Corr. Facility
3225 John Conely Dr.
Lapeer, Michigan 48446

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Thoughts Beyond the Wall

What up doe? I am bringing you these raw “THOUGHTS” from “BEYOND THE WALL” at Thumb Correctional Facility in Lapeer, Michigan. I’ve done over 22 calendar years on this prison-bit, and I can tell you that these wall closed in on me time and time again. Closing in so tight I couldn’t breathe- George Floyd. Making me feel I’d be better off dead than to not try and stop the pain and get away- Rayshard Brooks.

My mom died 12 years after I entered these gates of hell. During that time, she lived in approximately 17 different places, mostly homeless shelters. We believed that God would bring us back together in this life time but it didn’t happen. My pain isn’t that mom died, but that she never truly lived. I’d left my mom all alone to fend for herself in a cruel world. Not only did I have to deal with the pain of regret but also the pains of prison.

Everyone behind these walls have their own unique horror story to tell. We are all under extreme pressure from the sky-high walls of pain, shame, and despair. No one leaves here without battle scars of war; either on their bodies, their mind, or both. Often times, it feels like family, friends, and society have written us off for dead. Behind these walls, we are constantly devalued, dehumanized, and made to feel less than.

Some days, the oppression would get so thick that negative thoughts karate chopped my mind like Bruce Lee on meth. No matter how hard I tried to better my condition, I couldn’t stop the walls from drowning out success. However, after years of coming up short and self-destructing, I made up my mind to want better. A light bulb went off and I realized that no matter what anyone did or didn’t do for me, I had the power to think “THOUGHTS BEYOND THE WALL”.

Notice that thoughts BEYOND the wall is completely different than thoughts BEHIND the wall. When we only think thoughts that focus on our pain, shame, and despair, we remain in the same condition. But when we use our power to think thoughts BEYOND the wall, we see ourselves in a new light as God intended. That remains true for both those in prison or society. So ask yourself, are you thinking thoughts beyond or behind the wall?

RANDAL LEFEVRE is the curriculum co-creator of HELPING THOSE LEFT BEHIND, and he is currently working toward a social worker degree with MOTT COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Despite having been incarcerated over 30 years in 2 states, he is dedicated to making a difference in this world. 

RANDAL LEFEVRE can be reached electronically or via snail mail @Randal LeFevre #289197; Thumb Corr Fac; 3225 John Conley Dr; Lapeer, MI 48846, and be sure to include sender address on the actual letter and the envelope.

Where Have Our Neighborhoods Gone? Pt 1-Richard Dyer

In the wake of the George Floyd’s death, I have once again sat in dismay at the destruction that some protestors have done to their own neighborhoods. I then had to sit back and ask the question: “Why do we destroy our own neighborhood?” Then I began to analyze this question in the sense that; in most American black neighborhoods today, they do Not feel like our neighborhood. Why? Because of OVER POLICING!
For example: When you have a stranger / foreigner enter your neighborhood and use unnecessary force and abuse that goes unchecked for many years, this neighborhood no longer seems like your very own.
I remember growing-up in my community–neighborhood of New Orleans (17th Ward) in the 1970’s, when the police came into our neighborhood, the elders came out and needed to know what was going on, and if the police were going to arrest someone, they (the police) was either from our community or the elders knew them. They walked our neighborhood streets or drove around and talked to us, some of them even coached our little league sports teams, so we also came to know one another. And even then, they (the police) could Not take one of us to jail without someone following them to “make sure” this is where they were taking us. . . The elders policed the police.

Our elders understood that the police motto was Not the fictitious one first used in Los Angeles — [“To protect and serve.”], because we still did Not trust the police, we know what they really stool for. And if they caught you outside the hood, they would kick our butt, so it was Not all good as one may think because there were some dehumanizing events that took place that are unspeakable, but what I am saying is, we took care of our own community and did not call the play police. The moral of this article is showing that we have “lost” our sense of community due to foreigners invading our neighborhood. Why? Because your next doors neighbor who you grew-up with that became a cop no longer lives in the hood due to the (Crack Epidemic) of the 80’s, and the “You know whose” have invaded. Long gone are our elders. Now you find a thirty-four year old as our grandmothers, and the grandfathers are either dead or in incarcerated, so you tell me, what’s wrong with this picture. That’s another article to come, but this article is about; “Where Have Our Neighborhoods Gone?” Brothers and Sisters, We need Our Elders Back. . .
We are being treated by the police for what they were originally created for in the 1700’s for; “LABOR CONTROL.” Get the point? They do Not know nor do they understand Our Culture.
Now, in all that I’ve stated, I do Not wish for anyone to think or get the impression that it is okay to destroy your own neighborhood no matter how bad things may seem or to destroy anyone else’s property, because the few elders we do have left in the community will have to go on the other side of town to shop and buy medication, some may not be able to, due to age, illness, etc., so you now have to take on that responsibility of assisting them. At the same time, I understanding the looting and burning is telling America, “WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES!” And yes!, some of the looters are from these communities, let’s keep it real. Why? Because the more cornered one becomes the more ill-rational one acts. Until my next post.
This article was written about me understanding your plight and bringing it to your attention, showing my support, and to tell you, it is now time for our youth to step-up and Dare To Do Wondrous Things. I believe in you and no that you are more then capable of fulfilling your obligation, so let’s take back our neighborhoods and make them a Community once again. How? Register and VOTE!, VOTE!, VOTE! Take a Friend or two With You And Make A Difference, For ONLY YOU Can Change You Conditions. REMEMBER THAT! Your Elders Need You Now, For They Have Sacrificed Much For You, their Blood, Sweat and our women, many, many tears. And before endings this article I would like to give you two words:

[Disenfranchisement]: It is the “taking away” of a peoples human and legal rights; in this case, (the right to legally discriminate against the created Black man or African American), by creating a system that would incarcerate him and give them the label (Felon or criminal). This way you can legally discriminate against them and deny their right to VOTE where a real difference can be made. These things are also called:

[Social Contract]: In this manner, we are talking about, the government using punishment as a tool to control the urban communities. Meaning; the Government decides how much punishment they will implement, and these decisions are in no simple way related to crime rate. The stark and sobering reality is that, for reasons largely unrelated to actual crime trends. And the American penal system has emerged as a system of social control unparalleled in world history. And while the size of the system alone might suggest that it would touch the lives of most Americans, (the primary target of its control can vividly be seen as directed toward us).

These phrases has been defined to give an understanding of what is being discussed / related to you in this article. Although, we will be discussing these topics in articles to come, I just had to post this brief writing as a question posed to self. I wish to know, how do you feel or see this question from your perspective?


Richard Bey

Contact Information:
Email at: ( or (by mail): Please make sure you include name and return address inside top of letter.

Richard D. Dyer-Bey, #186882
Thumb Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Drive
Lapeer, Michigan 48446-2987

Dear Friends, Family, and Followers…-Quentin X

Dear Friends, family and Followers,

From behind these walls. From the depth of our souls. From the place where GOD lives within us…., We chant so that our Ancestors hear US! “BLACK LIVES MATTER”.

May our voices echo loosening the Earth’s foundation where our ancestors are buried. We ask that they come and be with us, give us strength, purpose and direction. Because, if we live, it is only by the grace of GOD!

Sincerely, Your Son, Brother, Father and Friend

Quentin-X (Betty)