Fear Produces Murder-LeVar Perkins
My heart mourn for George Floyd, along with every other black man, woman and children that have died from the hands of law enforcement, whom we trust to protect and save us.

Black men and women have experienced over 400 years of constant beating and killing. Communities are in an uproar because of the injustice. What every black man and woman is experiencing isn’t just, injustice, but murder! How can you justify, a man getting choked, shot, and then rest your knee on his neck with no regard for life? What we’re seeing is murder. Law enforcement is getting away with murder.

As a believer, the bible say respect those in authority. How can we respect authority when authority is killing us? Fear casts out Love! When you posses the Love of God, you see life in all of God’s creation. What we’re experiencing is spiritual immaturity. An immature person reacts according to their flesh, not the spirit man that we are. If we don’t commit to the commandment to love, we face the consequences in 1 John 2:10-11. 
-LeVar Perkins
MDOC No. 252894