“Man Cave”

When you hear the term “man cave” the first thing that may come to mind is a place where men have created a safe haven, a getaway from his wife and kids. A home away from home sorta speak. You envision the largest television one could ever imagine mounted on the wall, perhaps two. Video games and controllers litter the room. His refrigerator indispensably rests in the corner. Sports memorabilia copiously line the walls creating the perfect ambiance giving evidence this is indeed a man’s place of residence. The man cave has famously been deemed a place he can go to drink as much as he wants, eat whatever his heart desires until he’s beyond full. There is no dress code and tawdry becomes the standard. The man cave is sacred and only chosen ones are allowed entry. Rules are implemented that only makes sense to those who are part of this elite highly touted “man cave.” A sense of adoration soon sets in.
On the surface there appears to be nothing wrong with a man having such an environment. It helps him unwind, relax, gather his thoughts in order to be more effective in his role as the head of the family. When considering it in this manner many are partial of the man cave.
But there is another “man cave” that each man possesses whether he lives in a house, apartment, car or a cardboard box. This one doesn’t come with decorative attractions filling a secluded room meticulously tucked away in the basement. There are no pool tables, flat screen televisions, or a bar stocked to please. Rather, this man cave is self-made and lies deep within.  
Just as a man will hide out in his luxurious man cave, numbing himself to the stresses that life presents, this same man will conceal himself inside his self-made man cave filled with past failures, character indiscretions, and hidden secrets connected with them. When this man is in his cave you will see lack of emotion, disconnect from loving others or being loved, identity issues and an abundance of pain. 
This same man will stand roughshod blocking the entrance to the cavern of his heart allowing the skeletons of his past to continue rotting away, festering, trapped inside while he masquerades through life as a man with no worries or fears, compromising his integrity, violating not only man’s laws but more importantly God’s laws.
He becomes more crippled and emotionally damaged with the continued neglect of his wounds. Each time a person tries to gain entry into his self-made man cave of emotional carnage he will lash out, berate, threaten, ruin relationships destroying the family unit, losing everything all for the sake of that rotting festering skeleton who remains locked up in the confines of his wounded heart, desperately wanting to be freed, but his cruel captor continues to hold him hostage afraid of the exposure, embarrassment, and ultimately, rejection by others if his skeleton dares to get out the closet. He’d rather remain scarred and maimed unable to make progress in his life.
I once lived in a self made man cave afraid to exit it and face the shameless looks, judgmental comments and the barrage of criticism that comes with taking another’s life. The transition one has to make in order to come out of this self man made cave is not an easy process. One must be willing to acknowledge his past failures and ultimately enter a relationship with God. Accept your past experiences and take responsibility. Gain power and control over yourself, and forgive yourself. If not for the acknowledgment of my past failures and dedication to Jehovah I would still be living in my cave protecting those skeletons. Allowing those skeletons the freedom to leave my cave has allowed me to live with purpose on purpose unafraid to pursue my purpose which is to share my past experiences with young men who are living in their self made “man cave” so they can release their skeletons before its too late!! 

Submitted by: Connell L. Howard #234626 @ jpay.com

Conservative Movement Pt 2

Modern day Conservative thinking never was nor has it ever been about equality for the minority, only — tolerance due to the new era of time, but now with Trump in office, they no longer have to tolerate the minority. They are saying to the minority; you have been over-stepping your boundary for far to long. Why? Because of “liberal” laws as conservatives put it. Pay close attention to their language brothers and sisters and as you have noticed, “liberals” are no longer in power!, and it’s not just geared toward the minority, but Anyone who does not share their conservative way of life. The invisible Jim Crow System is Now In Full Effect! Wake-Up Young Brothers and Sisters, It’s Your Time! VOTE!

I wish to tell you a story about a slave who had gained his “Freedom”, and every time he entered a town or seen on the road, he was noticed immediately and questioned. Why? Because slaves could not travel alone, anywhere, and when on a road or in a town, a slave was with his master, and if not, he was approached by a Slave Master so-called [White man] and questioned — [where are your papers?] and he would become submissive, with eyes to the ground still being treated and looked upon as a slave, although he was a “Free Man.” If he did not humble himself, he would be Murdered!
This is still true to this very day. When you are driving in your nice expensive car that you’ve worked hard to buy, headed home in your upscaled neighborhood, you are pulled over and questioned. What is demanded of you? [Where Are Your Papers?] Once again, you MUST humble yourself or you might be Murdered! Ask the Rapper (T.I.), what happened to him in (March? 2018) — when he left his keys and tried to enter his upscale [a gated community]. He made it home to his family that night, but Breona Taylor, George Floyd and many others did not. What historical events does these actions resemble?

The [Gestapo, a secret police force of the Germany Nazi state, notorious for its terrorism, brutality and murder tactics], and there’s nothing you can do about it. The United States has now become “THE RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH,” meaning: “Internal Secret Police Forces” under the guise of protecting the American people and “The Department of Homeland Security,” has made the U.S. a Militarized Police State: Totalitarian / Authoritarian Rule. Can you see Trump now? And what is Congress doing about it? NOTHING!
To deepen my point; in an article written by Keith Johnson: Federal Grants Pay to Militarize Local Police. And since September 11, 2001, thousands communities across America have taken advantage of more with $34 billion in central government grants to equip police and sheriffs’ departments with assault rifles and exotic military weaponry.
In 2011 alone, approximately $2 billion in grants were awarded by the Department of Homeland Security, along with $500 million more allotted to existing programs. The accounting for this expense was recently compiled by the Center for Investigative Reporting and detailed in a report, America’s War Within: Homeland Security and the first 10 years of the war on terror. After reviewing records from 41 states and interviewing over two dozen officers and terrorism experts, researcher G.W. Schultz concludes that police departments have transformed into small army-like forces.
Federal grants are just one avenue police are using to get weaponry like armored vehicles, grenade launchers and M-16 assault rifles, suited to use on a battlefield. In 2011, the Department of Defense gave away a record total of more than $500 million worth of military surplus to local law enforcement through its little-known to the public 1033 program.
Passed by Congress in 1997, the 1033 program was created to provide law-enforcement agencies with tools to fight drugs and terrorism, writes Benjamin Carson in a article for The Daily. Since then, more than 17,000 agencies have taken in 2.6 billion worth of equipment. . . paying only the cost of delivery.
These are not given to the cops to fight terrorism, and the National Safety Council notes: . . .”You are eight times more likely to be killed by the police than by a terrorist.”

Do you now understand this article? Some may Not. Why? Because you have to be Black to understand. Its a cultural thing and even with some of our own people, they don’t have a clue, they would have to live one of these episodes first-hand to get it, and some still may not — saying; “he was just doing his job.” Just ask [CARLTON FROM THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR]. Need I say more? Yes!

Question? What is the answer? One answer is:

We need to raise the consciousness of our men and women, at the same time making them aware of our plight. How? By teaching them how to think for themselves and who they are, how to Love Instead of Hate. And we too of like-mindedness need to live close together and share our resources. Now our goal and meeting our objective should be?

The Goal: The ultimate objective is to address the educational needs of Our people, to endow an institution of learning that would compliment the general education provided by public and private schools and colleges.

The Objective: To prepare highly skilled, committed men and women and youth who would serve the community; to effectively recruit and prepare them to become productive citizens of society and ready for full participation in life, growth and development; and to ensure community vibrancy by effectively preparing those who have live through experiences and are now ready to give back.
We must now get out and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!


Richard Dyer-Bey
Contact Info: JPay.com, or written letter, place return address inside at top of letter.

Richard D. Dyer-Bey, #186882
Thumb Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Drive
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Supposed to be-Sheldon March

S u p p o s e T o B e

When you see things through your God eyes, the more beautiful the view, the greater the experience for your mind in seeing the divine design the way it is “suppose to be”. This world has times, life has moments, where circumstances, events and tribulations comprise experiences that test connections and/or consciousness of our divine sight.

Some things appear beyond our understanding at first sight. Some things are so heavy that they pressure our focus into a great concentration. The understanding we do not see appears in just being the experience it is “suppose to be”. That concentrated focus can be misguided by the weight being allowed to rest on a single point instead of balancing with the whole being, as it is “suppose to be”.

As we learn more of things are how they are “suppose to be”, the more we appreciate the purity in each moment. Even when things are in their “suppose to be” present, the perfection in that is so things can be seen exactly how they are. If not for this, what, when, why, and how to do better wouldn’t have a where to begin. The evolution of all things will manifest. This too, is how things are “suppose to be”. How things are is how they are “suppose to be” until changed, evolved, blossomed, grown, manifested, constructed into something else. And then, at that moment it exists, that’s how it is “suppose to be”. To appreciate things as they are is the essential view. It all begins with yourself. You being you, your greatest source of God Energy. So when you look, appreciate the blessing of being and able, to see every experience as it is “suppose to be”.

“High thinking in the most advanced sense implies possessing a mind free of all egoistic complexes. Such a mind becomes a fountain source of sparkling thoughts that nourish all that is wonderful in this world…. Possessing such a highly elevated mind while living a life of utter simplicity has been the ideal of all Saints and Sages. That ideal is there before you to adore, strive towards, and realize.”

Swami Jyotirmayananda: “Essays for Self-Improvement”
Eyes Wide Mind Wise, while Ballin’ thru It All
Sheldon Royce March