Name: Ahjamu Kalifah Baruti
Slave Name: Richard Lee Carter
Hostage #: 178539

The closet person to me in my life without a doubt would have to be my Beloved Mother.

She gave birth to me at a very early age, 15-years old, in Mound Bayou, Mississippi on July 18, 1955.

My father was 17-years old at the time of my birth, and my Beloved Mother and he got married a couple years later.

I am the oldest of three other siblings. I am my Beloved Mother’s first born.

My Beloved Mother is not only my mother, but my friend who I grew up having conversations about life, etc…

My Beloved Mother has a caring heart with people in need and very loving towards all her children, and other people that come into her life.

To share a brief story about my Beloved Mother: I recall her telling me if I ever run from a fight home after a bully is harassing me at school, then I would have to deal with her. This gave me the “courage” to stand my ground at school when I encounter a bully at school. I rather fight a bully than deal with my Beloved Mother.

I still have that same “courage” as a grown man today to continue to be a fighter when an obstacle enters my life to fight (struggle) through it. Never let it defeat me!