Then Keep on Fighting

I do not know anyone who is battling this horrific disease, so I can’t say that I have intimate knowledge of this affliction. Yet, as with any affectation, I would encourage any who has had the unfortunateness to have experienced or is experiencing this terrible affliction to remain Strong in hope and courage for this is not the end of the line. This will serve as a testament of your Faith and your strength in God and Yourself. Show you how strong you are. You need not show any other how strong you are (unless you have children. Then you must be strong and steadfast for them), just show You. Belief in you IS belief in God. I encourage you to fight. Then fight some more. Then keep on fighting. You will win. Just trust God, trust Yourself and you will win. I love you and I pray that God Blesses you with His Mercy. I have a friend named Tameka and I just found out that she has contracted this unfortunate malignancy. I pray for her daily. Here be a Beautiful Black Woman who sought real Love from a Man. Yet what she ended up with, through a very unfortunate series of events, which had her following the wrong Man down the wrong road, and when finally found and brought home, she found out that she had Breast Cancer. I humbly request of God that she be forgiven and shown His Supreme Love and Mercy. I ask that He give unto Tameka another opportunity to show and prove that She is Worthy of His Mercy and Forgiveness. In His name I pray, Amen.

Thanks for this chance to express my most heartfelt condolences to my Friend Tameka, whom I haven’t spoken to in about, almost a year. Nevertheless I still Love my Friend and I pray that she will be able to overcome this tribulation and move forward with life as God intended for her to do. I send this message to any and all Women who have and will face this terrible reality. Stand strong and know that God has a plan for you. So give not up on yourself nor on God, nor on me for that matter, for all three of us is in attendance for YOU.