Treating People More Fairly

By: Charles A. Jackson Bey

Treating people more fairly has so many perspectives when it comes to the ideology of others, and this topic could be discussed well beyond the surface. In regards to my perspective of treating people more fairly has to start within the root of a person’s heart. We tend to lean on the saying: Do unto others as you want to be done! But in reality, how many people live by that?

Yes, you might say “I treat people with respect” or “I’m polite to everyone”, but to treat people more fairly has a deeper meaning. Which is to extend more help to those you really don’t want to help, or to take time to understand instead of rushing to judgment when it comes to others we may fail to learn about.

It’s easy to respect those you choose to respect, or to be polite because a person might seem people friendly and has a nice smile. But what about the trouble teen who has to steal to feed himself because his parents are on drugs? Or the homeless woman who turn dates just to provide herself an income? Or the young lady who has been molested by family her entire childhood and is told it’s her fault for not saying anything?

What about the people who served a significant amount of time in prison and have turned their life around? But looking solely at the charges of their past you see just another criminal. So now my question is: who’s willing to treat these individuals more fairly? Which to start is how we mend the broken wires to help repair lives of others as a whole and how we begin to see a better community.

For me, to treat people more justly is sharing the knowledge I have obtained as a rehabilitated Man. Because I would be doing an unjust deed to just up and turn a blind eye to the many problems that need to be addressed. When I know the solution is Unity along with many other factors. I know that knowledge is the key that unlocks many doors for people! But as long as those who know keep the ignorant ‘Death, Dumb & Blind’ we’ll keep entering into revolving doors! As the saying goes: “History Repeats Itself”, only because we refuse to break the cycle in this present moment as we proceed into our future.

Education is my way of changing the lives in schools, because as we know, certain knowledge can’t be obtained in classrooms simply because it is not taught. Which could save so many potential students from dropping out or continuing their schooling well after receiving their high school diploma. If only they were actually taught a curriculum that dealt with real life issues.

As I know, this is how the community is affected on a positive level when you have more children that are properly educated. When it is proven that communities are run down by those who have no proper education, jobs, or any additional outlets to obtain resources to help better themselves. So to be humane is doing better for those who don’t know better! And not just saving those you desire, but those individuals who you really don’t want to acknowledge as being worthy of your helping hand.

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