Two Profound Gifts

By: Charles A Jackson Bey

As the days continue to pass us by, many might not see the blessing in having gratitude for anything in life after becoming accustom to what they may take for granted on a daily basis! Rather it be friends, family, freedom or life.

In my case, I have gratitude for spiritual insight and for having the ability to love and not demand love in return! And the reason I chose these two things to have gratitude for, is simply because without having these two we cannot be thankful for having family, friends, freedom or life, etc. without some type of spiritual insight and love in my opinion.

Having these help me see the importance of what life truly represents, because in reality all things cease to be void without love! But without spiritual insight we live day by day! Not having appreciation for the things we take for granted. Which is the oxygen we breathe, waking up with all our mental faculties intact, our physical health, even being thankful for having all our body parts functioning in which they were created for.

We don’t think about things such as these only because we are accustomed to having them! It’s just like losing a love one that’s near and dear to our heart! We appreciate them once they’re gone, instead of while they’re still here. And the same concept applies for the least or greatest things life has to offer us as well. That’s the spiritual insight that gives me the ability to love all and everything within life! By having gratitude for these two profound gifts.