Your Actions

Name: Ahjamu Kalifah Baruti
Slave Name: Richard Lee Carter
Hostage # 178539

Dig deep to identify and explain how you personally can treat people more justly:

Response: By treating the people how you would like to be treated, with Love, Respect, Kindness, Understanding and Balance it with Justice.

Describe what treating people fairly and humanity looks like to you.

Response: No matter what a person’s race, religion, etc. may be, treat them as a human being first and foremost. This is what humanity looks like to me.

How might your actions make a difference in schools and communities?

Response: We as people have been lied to by politicians, etc. for so long. We have to be real (truthful) in our words and actions when dealing with the children in the schools, and the people in the communities. We must lead by “example”; Also being active and going out and engaging in certain economic activities, which would develop the communities and schools.