You’re Free

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My Mother’s Mom died of breast cancer in 2003. After finding out Grandma was at stage 4….. She passed within a year. That experience changed my view of death.

She told me to never let doctors cut on me if that became my fate. Never take chemotherapy, it eats away at the life force left. Never take a day for granted, each day is to be lived.

My Grandma was a Jehovah’s Witness my whole life. Probably her whole life too. No birthday celebrations, no holidays….. Yeah, she exposed truth on Christmas too. I was 5 years old hiding under the table. Afraid that Santa would see me and put dust in my eyes. She assured me that’s not real. It’s only my Mom and Dad. I remember my Mom pissed that all illusions were removed from my brother and I so young. My Grandma kept saying ” they need to know the truth ”. I loved her so much!

On a Friday I was called to leave work. It was nothing left hospice could do. I stayed that weekend in bed with her. Watching life’s final process.

Grandma was so strong…… she fought till the end. I remember her trying to walk on her own to the bathroom. Just too weak to walk alone. I assured her I was there and picked her up off the floor. Stroking the fuzz that cover her head, ” Grandma….. you are not alone ”. Emotions taxed, but I needed to see this through.

She called out to loved ones passed. She fought memories that must’ve been sad. Transitional fight.

It’s now Sunday morning, Grandma not fighting anymore. I took her vitals….. nah…… this can’t be right! I called my Aunt. She asked me to do it again….. She’s on her way. Yelled to my Granddad to hurry, they were married over 50 years. I never heard him yelp like that. Auntie’s coming in the door. We prayed and loved on her. There was a deep breath……. a tear rolled….. defecation….. Grandma not here anymore.
My aunt washed her and we put Grandma in a pretty dress. The Kingdom Hall had just let out so the Congregation was in route. Grandma appeared to be sleeping. The house was instantly full. My Mom yelping too. I had to take off. It took hospice 6 hours to get the body. I went to Belle Island. Sat by the water and blew. You’re free now Grandma! No longer confined to time and space. You’re free now. No more pain of this place……… You’re free.

Tamerra Washington 486364